Rejected By My Mate

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Chapter 7

"It's weird..." Tristan mumbled while looking at the deer.

"What's weird?" I asked eyebrows furrowed together.

"The deer have no blood." he deadpanned.

"What? Let us see!" Anna said, then stood up and walked closer to Tristan who had the deer. Anna gasped when she saw the deer.

I have to think of a quick explanation.

"Look there's a bite on the deer's neck!" Yvette said eyes widened when she looked a little closer to the deer. Then they look at us questioningly.

"Oh, we haven't noticed it. We were starving so we didn't take a look. It didn't smell bad, so we thought someone killed it not long ago." I said calmly and shrugged. They don't have to know.

"It looks like they sucked all the deer's blood," they mumbled and swallowed their saliva. I can hear their heartbeats became irregular. They were scared.

I caught Layla taking glances at me and grinned secretly. She knew I did that. "Do you still want to eat it?" Tristan asked me. I nodded even though I am still full right now because I sucked all the deer's blood. But Layla is starving, she hasn't eaten for almost 3 days in a row because of me.

"I'm starving. We haven't eaten for days. I think the deer's meat is good." Layla said. Tristan sighed and nodded then started grilling the meat. And we waited for it to cook.

When we already cooked a few slices of meat, we devoured it. The group just watched us and didn't eat with us. Said they were already full. And I also know the reason why they don't want a bite. I just shrugged my shoulders.

After we ate and talked, the group decided to go home and tag us along. We walked for 20 minutes before we reached the entrance of the forest. Then I saw the truck beside the small road.

"That's your truck?" Layla asked.

"Yep!" they mumbled.

Yvette and Anna rummage their bags and take something out. But before they let us in the truck, Yvette and Anna handed us their extra clothes because we were so dirty. We changed at the back of the car while the boys looked away. Yvette and Anna were hiding us while we changed and their backs facing us.

"We're done!" I mumbled and smiled.

They smiled and turned around to see us, then ushered us to go inside the car in the backseat together.

"How many hours will we reach the city?" I asked after I settled in.

"Hmm, about five hours," Tristan answered. I hummed and looked outside the window. "You can sleep." he mumbled while starting the engine. I just hummed.

But I don't want to sleep. I want to know the direction, in case I'll decide to come back.

An hour later, I feel uncomfortable. My hearing was still clear and suddenly I heard plenty of footsteps running in the forest. F*ck! There are too many of them!

"Tristan! Faster!" I yelled as I heard the growls of wolves running behind us.

"What?!" he asked dumbfounded. The others woke up because of my yelling.

"Damn. Wolves are behind us!" I said and suddenly the truck screeched into a halt. Uggh, damnit!

The girls yelled in horror and were breathing heavily because of fear. Layla grip my arms tightly.

Wolves were blocking our way in this broad daylight. F*ck!

I closed my eyes and let it glow. I don't know but my mouth said something foreign. Just like that, the groups, and Layla fell asleep. I quickly jumped out of the truck then locked it and faced the hungry wolves. The group of Rogues!

When they saw me, they growled. I can feel my power flowed in my veins. My eyes glow brightly and my body releases a strong aura. The wolves roared while stepping backward as I stepped forward.

One black wolf ran faster towards me but with just one motion of my hands, he flew away into the trees. The other growled and attacked me all at once. But I ran faster into the woods and made sure they all followed me. They were following which is good because I want them away from humans and Layla.

Now, they were surrounding me. Looking at my glowing body and eyes. I am now glowing with golden-white with eyes of golden blue and golden green.

I stare at all of them, eye to eye contact. They look like a lost puppy now. There were a total of twenty of them, which came from one pack. Rogues. They are the attackers of every pack, but why are they hunting me?

They growled and their long fangs showing, ready to attack me. The black wolf runs towards me and his claws ready to scratch me but I quickly control him. It was like everything was in slow motion, the black wolf stopped mid-air as my hands did their work. Using my left hand, I moved it away and the black wolf slammed through the trees hard then fell unconscious.

The other wolves stare at the black wolves flabbergasted. They growled again angrily and attacked me all at once. But I managed to control them all, just like a while ago, everything was in slow-motion and they stopped in mid-air.

I heard faint footsteps coming my way and saw a man who's wearing a black cloak. What surprised me was his fast moves. He looked at me eye to eye and his eyes were bloodshot but his face was so pale, his lips curved into a thin line and I gasped when he sucked the neck of the one black wolf. I stare at the wolf that was falling into the ground lifeless. My eyes glowed more brightly.

I was just looking at the man. And I realize what he is.

A Vampire. I can't help but gasp. I have never seen a Vampire personally and now I did.

Then I heard laughing, the voice echoed through the forest. It was coming from a girl. A few seconds later, a girl in black clothes showed up. I saw her long claws that have a black color. Her eyes were jet black and she has a dangerous aura. I swallowed my saliva. A witch?

Wolves, a Vampire, and a Witch were in front of me. Am I just dreaming? Was it real?

And in just one snap, I slammed my back into the ground and the Vampire man choked my neck. I gasped for air and wiggled. F*ck! he's so strong. His grasp on my neck became more tight and I was almost out of breath.

I tried to release from his grasp but he was just too strong. I stopped wiggling and stared into nothingness. Suddenly, my vision became jet black. And I didn't know what happened anymore. I was stuck in the darkness and I was sobbing.

"Mom? Dad? Are you there?" I mumbled but nothing showed up. I wipe off my tears and walk into darkness. I couldn't see anything. What happened to my glowing eyes?

"Wake up, Alex..."

I gulped. Who was that?

"Wake up, Sweety."

"Mom? Dad?" I called out but the voices were gone. I run through the darkness trying to find the door to get out of this dark place.

Suddenly, I gasped and woke up panting for air so hard like I ran a mile. I stood up and looked at my surroundings in horror. Blood was scattered everywhere. Did I pass out again? I stood up and all the wolves were dead. The Vampire man was nowhere to be found. But I saw the witch upper body, she was gasping for air and on the verge of dying.

I walk closer to the witch and she looks at me in horror.

"W-what a-are y-you??" the witch managed to ask blood oozing in her mouth. I feel nauseous so I covered my mouth.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "What happens?" I asked and gulped when she coughed more blood.

But then I noticed my clothing was full of blood. I was drenched in blood! Oh my god! What happened?

My breathing hitch when I stare at my hands. It was full of blood-red blood.

"Y-you a-are an m-monster!" the witch uttered while breathing hard and heavy. Her eyes bulged out and passed out completely. She's dead.

Did I do this? But why didn't I know? I don't remember anything at all! All I remembered was when the Vampire man choked me to death.

I cringed when I saw the witch's lower body. It was whacked up. Then, the witch suddenly vanished into thin air like dust.

But where's the Vampire man? Is he also dead?

I looked around and saw again the dead bodies of the wolves that were laying in the ground lifeless and also whacked up. It's like there's a big monster that was attacking them and they have no chance to fight their lives.

What happened?

No! I didn't kill all of them! It was the Vampire! Yes, it was the Vampire!

I started to panic and my chest tightened. I ran as fast as I could while my tears were blurring my vision. I saw a lake and jumped into it. I swam deeper and deeper and sat into the stone while curled up and buried my head in my two knees. The sight of dead bodies of wolves and the witch make me cringe in horror. I was alive but they are all dead. I didn't kill them, did I?

I feel nauseous again.

"Alex! Alex! Where are you?! You cannot leave me, Alex!! Huhuhu" I heard Layla calling from a distance. She was crying and her voice was too far away from me. I think she just woke up in that truck because I heard others murmuring to calm her.

Layla! Oh my god! How did I forget about Layla?

But I am a monster, Layla can't see me like this. I sobbed continuously and never wanted to get out of the water.

But, what the h*ck? I can breathe underwater? Who am I? What am I? I hope that witch was lying!

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