Rejected By My Mate

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Chapter 8

I kept hearing Layla calling me nonstop. She was still looking for me. I sighed and decided to go up to the surface. I walked out of the water and sighed while looking at my wet clothes. Still, there were bloodstains on my clothes. It didn't wash off completely besides staying in the water for long. Uggh, I need to change. I should find Layla.

I close my eyes and track Layla's scent. She's now in the middle of the woods. But f*ck! I also felt another scent around Layla. I run as fast as I would like a flash.

My eyes darkened when I noticed a brown wolf staring at Layla. My anger rises and quickly pinned the wolf into the ground when the wolf is about to attack Layla. The brown wolves were strong and managed to scratch my skin. Blood oozed in it but it healed quickly that made the wolf flabbergasted. I feel like my eyes change color and now it's dark red. I growled then I felt my fangs growing long and the wolf stare at me in horror, still wiggling from my strong grasp. I lick my lips and suddenly I crave blood. What was happening to me? F*ck, I'm thirsty.

"A-Alex!!! Noo!" I gasped and looked at Layla who had eyes widened in shock. She's shaking her head while saying don't.

I hesitantly released the wolf and he was gasping for air. I stare at the wolf deadly and he runs off fast away from us never looking back. When I look at Layla, she flinches and steps backward. I look at her confused. "Layla?"

"A-Alex... your e-eyes... it was r-red and y-you h-have f-fangs!" she mumbled, stuttering.

I gasped and I noticed my eyes were still red. I closed my eyes and tried to compose myself. When I opened my eyes, it came back to normal again. And I couldn't feel my fangs anymore.

What am I? A Vampire?

Shock at my realization, I look at Layla nervously. "L-Layla... I-I'm not a vampire, am I?" I stammered while my lips were trembling. Layla didn't reply.

I sat on the ground and tears streaming down my face. I was f*cking confused at myself. All I know I was different but I didn't know I was that different. Like what the hell? I am a wolf then I am also a vampire? What am I?

"Alex, what happened to you? Why are you soaking wet? And is that blood in your clothes?" she asked nervously.

I didn't look at Layla. I shook my head. "I am a monster, Layla. I... I probably killed them!" I said and sobbed again. I heard Layla walk towards me and I gasped when she hugged me.

I sniffed. Layla's scent is so tempting. I lick my lips and my grip on her tightened. F*ck, what was wrong with me? Why was I craving blood? Gosh, I don't want to be like blood-sucking creatures!

But... but I think I already am. What am I going to do now?

I pushed Layla away and she looked shocked. I shake my head. "Stay away from me, Layla. I c-can't get near you... I-I'm dangerous..." I said and looked away because all in my mind was blood. I want blood. F*ck! My eyes turn red again.

I stood up and ran as fast as I could while looking for some animals to hunt. I heard Layla shout my name but I didn't look back. F*ck! I have to control myself when I am around her. Uggh, why would I have to be a f*cking vampire? A f*cking blood-sucking creature?!

Ouch. That hurts.

Who is that? Who is that voice in my head?

I'm Val.

I gasped. Suddenly, my pace became slow.

Who are you??

I'm your vampire spirit.

What?? Are you serious?

Yes, Alex. I only come out when Vorges touches you.

Who is Vorges?

The vampire man that was choking you.

Tsk. That blood-sucking creature. Where is he anyway?

Tsk. Stop saying, blood-sucking creature. But anyway, you don't have to know. But he is alive, I can assure you.

I hummed. Tsk. I won't forgive that vampire for choking me.

Not long after, I spotted a deer and tackled it. The deer wasn't able to escape because of shock. I sucked all the deer's blood right away. The deer's blood is terrible but I have no choice. Damn, why am I so thirsty?

Because, your power was showing gradually, Alex.

Will I be able to control it? I can't harm, Layla.

Yes, you can. Bu, you should suck animals' blood every four hours.

I will do that even if it sucks.

I sighed and stopped sucking the deer's blood. I wipe my mouth for the excess blood. I burped. Then, I heard laughing in my head.

You're now a bloodsucker, Alex. my wolf Xandra said while chuckling. Val also laughed. Tsk.

I just chuckled.

Hey, Alex.

Who is that again?

Oh, sorry, I am Willow.

What the f*ck? How many are you in my head?

They all laughed in unison.

Relax, there's only three of us.

Now, I'm f*cking more confused. Why do I have three spirits? Can you explain why?

Sorry, Alex but we also didn't know.

I sighed. I got up and walked towards Layla. I spotted her running towards me, worried evident in her eyes. She was huffing when she stopped in front of me. "Y-you run so fast," she said while panting for air. I can't help but chuckle.

"I'm sorry, Layla for worrying you," I said guiltily.

"What happened to you, Alex? You know I was looking for you for hours after I woke up inside that truck with the humans," she said while her eyebrows furrowed together. I release a long sigh.

"I will explain everything to you, Lay. But where are the humans?" she nodded then sighed. "I have to leave them to find you. They wanted to come but I said it was dangerous for them. After convincing them, I ran fast towards the forest. The humans were probably still afraid because of the wolves and they left hurriedly." She shrugged her shoulders and walked towards the big stone and sat. But stood up hastily while she's eyeing me.

"You need to change your clothes first. You are soaking wet." I nodded. I feel uncomfortable in my clothes. It stinks.

She took her backpack and rummaged through it. Then she handed me a blouse and a pair of shorts. I gladly took it from her and started undressing in front of her. She's just staring at me the whole time but her mind was wandering somewhere. I know she has a lot of questions. So, do I.

When I'm finished, I sat across from her. She keeps sighing though and looks bothered. I know I am the cause of it.

I sighed again and started to fidget. "Layla, I'm sorry for leaving you with the humans," I whispered and she looks at me with curiosity.

"Why, Alex? Why did you leave me? I am so scared when I can't find you beside me." she said in a cracked voice. Tears were streaming down her face. I frowned. "I thought I lost you," she said while wiping her tears away with her fingers.

I look down in my hands as I sighed. "It wasn't intentional, Layla. I have to lure away all the wolves from humans and you. But something happened... the wolves, a vampire, and a witch were surrounding me. I have no escape. It's like they were after me." I look up to see Layla's face, her mouth ajar opens maybe by the mention of vampire and witch. I continued, "And then the Vampire man was choking me to death, after that, I passed out and when I woke up I found the wolves and the witch lifeless in the ground full of blood. What shocked me was I was drenched in blood. I couldn't even remember why I have blood all over me. I freaked out and ran away from that horrible scene. I ended up jumping in the lake and swam deeper. I feel really bad because I thought I killed them, so I stayed under the water. I didn't know I was sulking for hours."

"Oh my god, that explains why you were soaking wet!" she exclaimed and I nodded chuckling. "But you didn't remember what happened to the wolves? Why would you think you killed them?" she asked, eyebrows furrowed again in confusion.

I sighed, "Because I was drenching in blood, Layla. So I thought maybe I killed them without me knowing because I am the only one alive. And before that, the witch told me that I am a monster before she passed out completely dead." I deadpanned.

"You didn't remember killing them, Alex. So it wasn't you, okay?" Layla said, convincing me. I sighed.

Or maybe I didn't kill them?

You did.


You killed them all, Alex. Because you were out of control. We tried to stop you but like you, we're also getting out of control.

I frowned. Why didn't I remember it, Willow?

I don't know, Alex.

I rubbed my temple because of stress and too much confusion. Uggh, I need answers. I need to know what was happening to me. But who will help me?

Wait, dad mentioned before that if I am seeking answers, all I need to do was go to Tibbertan Mountain.

Yes, I will go to Tibbertan Mountain. But the problem is, where the f*ck Tibbertan Mountain was located?

I groaned and Layla looked at me while raising her eyebrows.

"Layla, I need to go to Tibbertan Mountain. Do you want to come?" her eyes widen.


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