Deadly Sins of Eellendra

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Cover Art by Inge_boehm Artist Languages Spoken within this story are English, Gaelic, and Latin. A Mythical Fantasy. Eellendra is of an other-worldly majestic realm, Supernatural creatures roam this extraordinary place, It would certainly take your breath away Within this Kingdom resides a ravishing goddess called Qadira Her spirit and charismatic nature are beloved by all who grace her presence, Qadira possesses another major endowment passed down from her ancestral generation as The Keeper of the 7 Deadly Sins, These special orbs set in a protective ancient box have the most extreme force within them, If placed in the wrong hand's catastrophic ruination of all living things is imminent, Time is of the essence as they venture through the Forbidden Veil where the earth is before them, Qadira, Nica, and Sakari The Trinity are earthbound trying to figure out their next move WILL EVIL PREVAIL WILL THEY SURVIVE TIME WILL TELL.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Land

Eellendra is an invisible realm next to the human sphere. A true body of air, free from pollution. Amorous of age and devoid of any scarring. The lands are surrounded by forests of light and shade. Comprising animated trees with branches of vibrant beauty that are intertwined with the undergrowth.

The flurry of air makes the leaves dance in perfect synchronization. The exotic plants interact like a pack of wolves with their own lingo. The crimson sun hovers above in the blue air space, with it an iridescent sheen of colors filtering through the ancient majestic trees. Which, in turn, penetrates the soil.

This land is overflowing with luscious woodlands as far as the eye can see. Viridescent grass so soft and feathery, almost like walking on cotton candy. It really is an amazing domain for whoever is lucky enough to inhabit it.

Fairies occupy the vistas of sylvan magnetism, hidden within secret thickets. They venture out to captivate their audience as the sun is setting and dusk creeps along the skyline creating a purple hue, Fireflies illuminate like tiny lanterns flickering through the vicinity.

The bright expansive moon lingers skyward, blazing through the towering stems of eccentric branches, rhythmically swerving with the momentary gentle movement of the nocturnal breeze. Bands of stars like micro crystals cover the atmosphere, which reflect down on the entire terrain, nightfall is definitely upon them. Contrasting pathways filled with sweet aromas, mystical creatures roaming unaffected by the dissimilar features of each other.

The woodland and meadows comprise multicolored, dazzling, and clusters of exotic bloom. The petals descend slowly, landing with complete accuracy. The petal covered trails, like a roadmap with precise directions to whatever area one would like to venture towards. The entire area is such a marvelous place with heavenly sounds echoing throughout. It truly is a wondrous province for all who are blessed enough to occupy it, and there are plenty more remarkable areas to explore within this territory.

Continuing on the winding paths marveling in all its splendor as this extensive area has lots of hidden gems and secrets to be revealed if you’re lucky enough to find them Everyone holds this kingdom in high regard so let’s pray it stays that way, one would hope?

An intricate network of babbling brooks flows through jumbles of rocks along with the territory. The arched bridge which is composed of a timber stairway, stone and a gold trail of twisted transition metal. This bridge connects the beautiful area towards Lake Redona. As you reach the foot of the bridge, you can see the splendor of a cyan blue waterfall cascading energetically and swishing like a songbird. It’s so captivating any being would revel in its beauty.

There at the edge of the lake stands a stunning weeping willow. Strong living bark withstanding the elements which are controlled by Mother Nature herself. Elegant branches hang downwards as they shelter from the light that would surge through. They dangle slightly above the transparent liquid, showing a mirror image.

This stunning tree is at the edge of the lake overlooking the ruffling water. Qadira would often sit underneath reading a book or writing in her journal. She liked the fact that it acted as a barrier against the blazing sun. It also saves her skin from getting sunburnt. There were times she would sit alone under the shade and daydream of times gone by.

A bench is situated next to the tree. Made up of mixed metals with spiraling armrests at each side. Ancient inscriptions are beautifully carved into it. Ornamental butterflies and flowers affixed to the back and the Crest of Eellendra placed in all its glory upon it. A well-crafted piece of artwork indeed. Created by the most talented blacksmiths of the provinces.

This specific place is important to best friends who call themselves The Trinity, Goddess Qadira, Nica The Unicorn and Fairy Princess Sakari, three different creatures, personalities, and special powers. They seem to fit like pieces of a jigsaw perfectly together. This is their retreat from reality. They are together in their bolt-hole, safe from outside influences,

This lake is special to them as they reveal all their hopes, secrets, and dreams to each other. This is their place and no one can take it away from them. It has a very special place within their hearts for eternity.

Her life without them would be a sad existence undoubtedly; she is a princess of an enormous kingdom and occasionally she feels suffocated by all the rules and constraints of the palace life She will have to find herself her true self.

Everything will ultimately come to pass and she will have to choose down the line, but for now, she exists as the 17-year- old teen. She has so much on her plate that her conscious mind is masking her subconscious desire, Will her mind win the battle or her soul? Is she as powerful as they proclaim? Time is of the essence for her extravaganzas, everything needs to be faultlessly executed or else.
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