The goddesses daughter

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we all know the myths and legends of the white werewolf but what happens when myth becomes reality and all what we thought we knew gets tuned upside down ... meet 17 year Lyla Dustin a young girl who has spent most of her life in cage she has been beaten and broken, used and abused, tormented and tortured all her life.. all for the power she has within her, the power that everyone wants including her parents .. the problem is Lyla doesn't know why everyone turned on her and locked her away but she dreams everyday of freedom but with her 18th birthday fast approaching its a fools hope as she'll be locked in her cage....but the goddess has plans for her .................................................... Ryan Black is a 23 year alpha of the Blue moon pack the largest pack in Alaska he has spent his life defending the pack and looking after his family he has built strong allies and built the state of the art warning system that is in place in the pack lands .... however its not all been an easy life for Ryan most of his friends have found their mates and are happy, but for Ryan its torture and emptiness, he longs for his mate but after 5 years of searching he is starting to lose hope that he will find his true mate. but a chance encounter changes everything . and before long a threat like no other looms on the horizon

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I awake to the sounds of chains being dragged across the floor I don't how long I've been out cold, the last thing I remember is staring into those eyes, those dark black eyes filled with hate and disgust, then a sharp shooting pain going across my chest and a fist coming to my face then nothing. That's been the same routine for years ever few days he comes and does the same thing to me I'm punched, kicked, whipped and cut so the while they say they need me weak not dead, they want my blood but I don't know why, sometimes they take so much from that I feel like I'm slowly dying, some times I really do wish I would die anything has to be better than this.

I used to be happy, I was brought up by my grand parents after I was removed from parents at young age after I don't remember why, but my grand parents were loving and kind gentle people and every year on my birthday my grandmother would always braid my hair and take me to dinner then the movies I loved her so much one night coming home from the movies a man jumped us and shot my grand mother she fought hard but lost her battle. Not long after my grandfather went mad and couldn't bare, it broke my heart he got really drunk one night while I was upstairs in my room, I was getting ready for bed when a man came through my window and grabbed me the was the last I saw of them.

I look around the room that has been my home for the last 5 years its not very big in fact its not even a room, its a prison cell with no window. I cant see the stars or the moon at night or the sun during the day the only light is from the lamps that are outside my door, and its not much as there is only a small hole on the door which is covered by bars. There is a small toilet that sits in the corner and then on the floor in the other corner is where I sleep its an old lumpy smelly mattress covered in a ripped blanket that barley covers me. On one if the walls hangs a small towel that is for me to was my face but I am very rarely given water to wash properly.

My life has been this room no visitors ( friendly ones that is ) the only one I see is him, him with the black eyes and when I see him it never ends well for me. I never see his face only his eyes and let me tell you they are terrifying, the smell is awful having such good sense of smell isn't good when he always smells like burnt plastic and it burns my nose.

However this time instead of coming and opening my door he walks past, the sound of chains dragging across the floor are louder and muffled voices are coming from the other side. I cant make out what's being said even with my hearing he carries on walking and then the sound of keys rattling makes me jump and my legs begin to shake. I try my hardest to hide in the corner of my bed, the sound of steel dragging across the floor tells me that another cell door has been opened and the next thing I heard was a loud thump before the door is then shut again. I gaze up a little to see him and he bangs the door so loud a small gasp escapes my mouth "your not to speak unless spoken to freak" he grunts then bangs the door again before walking away.

After a while there is silence, and I let out a breathe and cover my legs with my blanket the pain in my chest is agonizing but I'm used to it, I go to close my eyes but then I hear a voice its muffled at first but then becomes a little louder "hello can anyone hear me". It shocked me I never hear any one down here I shuffle off my bed and closer the wall and I hear it again "hello can anyone hear me, please help" its takes all my strength to open my mouth to speak for the fear of being heard engulfs me but I try "it- its no use " I croaked realizing my mouth is dry.

"what do you mean " the voice says again. its only now I realize its a girls voice.

"no one ever comes to help, only to cause pain" I reply.

"how long have you been here ?" she asked.

"Over 5 years now."

"No my pack will be looking for me, my mate will be looking for me". she answered back.

pack... mate what was she on about

"They will find me" was the last thing she said be darkness took over and I fell asleep.

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