A Stranger in the Night

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Luna never understood why she never connected with the other girls her age. Maybe it was because she felt older than them, or her life experiences thus far were more darker than her peers had ever considered in their wildest dreams. Whatever the case, she knew something was about to happen that would change her life forever. Thanks to Jess taking her out one night and a chance meeting at club, Luna's world is tipped upside down when she meets Alex Ventrue, an heir of a Vampire clan.

Fantasy / Romance
RaRa L
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Chapter 1

Luna's POV

"Another!" Shouted the tall, gorgeous, blonde haired, blue eyed bombshell beside me. "Another shot for me and my friend here, we are celebrating tonight! Cause tonight, I am finally free!". Her loud cry heard by several people, mainly the men around us, as we stood by the bar preparing for the next shot. I wasn't usually a drinker but tonight I was here to support and celebrate with her. It wasn't every day that your best friend leaves a toxic and abusive relationship and I wanted to be there for her in any way I could. I prepared myself for the next shot, my stomach already curdling from the mix of drinks and shots we had consumed over the last couple hours. I stood tall, counted to 3 in my head, lifted the small glass to my mouth. My nose filled with the scent of orange and Irish cream, not knowing what concoction the bartender had made, I just gulped it down, held my head and tried to steady myself as the room began to spin a little.

As I leant back on the bar and observed the scene in front of me. The club was packed with people, from all different walks of life and lots of random smells, that occasionally made you hold your breath as people walked past. The room was dark, with red velvet drapes scattered around the walls, that reached from the ceiling to the floor. Like most clubs, it was quite dark and half the time, I couldn't really make out anyones faces. There were lots of little booths, where people were sitting, laughing and drinking. I wish we sat there, tucked away, but Jess was dead set on us being the centre of attention tonight.

There was a DJ in the corner of the room, who's taste was very eclectic, playing lots of random music from all different genres but definitely couldn't read the crowd and changed the songs at awkward moments, it was quite funny to watch. The dance floor full one minute, empty the next, then packed once again. Jess tried to get me to dance several times with her, but I never really liked dancing, too many people in such a small space, and people I didn't know constantly bumping into me. I'd always shy away from people's touch, something to do with their energy and how they felt.

I admit, it's been a while since I have been out on the town, and whilst I was enjoying being here, I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched. Mind you with the attention Jess was bringing to us, it was no surprise. She was loud and making a scene. Not only had she gotten in a squabble with a girl about looking at her man, she had already kissed the bartender twice, flirted with countless other men, but hey, who am I to judge, not like my whole 2 serious relationships left me any room to make judgement on how to deal with what she's been through.

I climbed up onto the bar stool and leant my head down onto the bar, using my jacket to cradle my head. "DON'T TELL ME YOUR ALREADY QUITTING ON ME! IT'S STILL EARLY LUNA!" Jess screamed in my ear, hoping to be heard above the music playing in the background. I looked up at her, room still spinning and stomach still churning and shook my head. "No! I just need a break, maybe some water and fresh air.". Jess took my hand and pulled me off the chair. I grabbed my jacket and followed her as she led me out to a small courtyard in the back of the club.

When we got there, I assumed she had led me to the smokers area. The courtyard was filled with people, some standing and chatting, others seated at little bistro tables, a small wall ledge holding a group of drunken young men, that I couldn't help but giggle at as one slipped off the wall, falling on his ass and spilling his drink all over him. His friends were in hysterics as well. "Do you want one?" She asks, offering me an open packet of cigarettes. I shake my head and continue to observe the area, hoping to find somewhere to sit down.

I spot a small ledge seat that becomes available after 2 girls move away to go back into the club and point it out to Jess. She nods in agreement and we begin making our way over. "Jess! What the hell are you doing here? And without the asshole in tow?" A voice calls out from behind. Jess spins on her heels, turning and almost leaping at someone I assumed she knows. The two continue to chat and I make my way over to the ledged seat.

I continued to watch Jess and her friend chat and continue to observe the area. I don't know if its the alcohol but I still have that feeling that someone is watching me. Its probably nothing and dismiss the thought in my head as I begin rummaging around in my tiny purse for my lipgloss. A moment later I find it and begin to apply it, as I'm looking back up to find Jess, who is now no where to be seen. Typical. She used to do this all the time when we went out. I get up and begin to search for her in the courtyard but she's gone. I head back into the club and to the edge of the dance floor, looking for the tall blonde girl I came with, who definitely isn't there. Even though everyone is jumping up and down in time with the song, you would notice her. With her heels on, she's almost a foot taller than everyone else. I begin to push through the crowd to the bar and ask the bartender if he's seen her. He shakes his head. I begin searching for my phone. Maybe she's gone for a walk to get something to eat, maybe she's out the front. I dial her number but it rings out. She may still very well be in here but can't hear it. I send a text, "Hey! Where the hell are you? Don't you dare leave me by myself!"

I hang my head in my hands on the bar, when I suddenly feel the presence of someone behind me. I spin around, believing it to be Jess finally finding her way back, only to be confronted by the most piercing emerald green eyes I have ever seen. My heart creeps up into my throat, I can feel tiny beads of sweat creep over my brow, my heart begins to race and I am taken back by this man standing in front of me is. He must be reading my reaction as the corner of his mouth turns up and into a smirk, his eyes lighting up for a split second as if a lightning bolt shot through them. He tucks his shoulder length dark hair behind his left ear and begins to lean in....oh my God! What is he doing? He's close enough to me now, that I can feel his warm breath on my ear and take in the scent of him. Its deep, earthy and magical. It does something to my core that I have never felt before. It might be the alcohol in me, but I wanted to grab him, pull him close and have my way with him just from the smell of him. The smirk reappears on his face as he lightly brushes his cheek against mine and whispers in my ear "You look like you've lost something my dear".
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