The Dead Dog That Still Lives

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A dog named Lily/Lilliana goes threw a roller coaster of different owners but sadly..every owner a new death arrives for little Lily. But she is the first dog that lives FOREVER!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Lilliana Gimnasta Long’s Past

It was a cold morning. Everyone’s power was out in the whole town! I lived in a small town so it may not Ben much but how is a dog like me supposed to know?! Anyways it seemed that everyone forgot about my breakfast! I was practically starving! I barked and barked and barked until finally Alissa came and poured some kibble into my bowl. I ate it all up. Everyone started baby talking to me. That was annoying. There was one girl that wasn’t she wasn’t even watching me! That girls name was Sasha Brooke Long. Sasha was very rude. I hate her! She always does nothing for me. But she loves Willow Je. We call her Willow Je because her middle name is Jeisletet. No one knows how to say it. So we shortened it to J.E. Sasha picked Willows middle name out. She got it off the internet for “GOOD car names for girl CARS.” So it was originally for a CAR not a CAT. But then Sasha saw that you can’t CHANGE a cats name or you will get cursed! But you can shorten it. So I feel bad for that poor cat. Just because of a wrong search and a stupid fake rumor that Sasha believes.
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