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The villain grabs the hero by the neck and crushes her body against the wall with immense force. "Why are you fighting against justice?" The villain spat angrily. "Justice?" The hero coughed, barely able to speak. "Justice?! So many lives have been lost because of your so-called justice!"- A punch on the hero's jaw sent her slamming on the floor, spitting blood with her whole body throbbing in agony. "It was the same before but none of you fucking noticed."

Fantasy / Romance
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001: Plumpy Caught Me Tripping...

After everything that’s happened, I’ve come to the conclusion that humans indeed think differently, society impacts our thoughts on what we think is right or wrong. It reminds me of that one quote Shakespeare had told:

Nothing is either right or wrong, it is our thinking that makes it so,′

Maybe we lost a few things but that’s better than losing ourselves.

The seventh of January, I was going to the stores to find the book on how to make friends. I wasn’t planning on making any, I just needed the psychology behind what people liked and how things around them impact their thoughts.

Although I wasn’t planning on making any, I wished I had some. I just stay home and train the whole day while my mum and dad go out and patrol, awaiting some crime.

Our world, Meraki hasn’t been struggling with crime since the great five heroes came to be. It makes me ten times happier to know that my parents are two of them- or shall I say one?

Haha- that was a pun since my parents are the two famous morphing heroes, Anwyn Venus and Natzu Venus. They can morph into one huge human and their superpowers combine and become two times stronger.

Just thinking about all the people they’ve saved makes me so proud to be their daughter.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve looked up to them but I’ve never thought of becoming a hero too despite the number of times I’ve been told my superpower was powerful enough to get me into the great five.

But I’m sure by the time I grow up, they’ll be close to retiring and maybe there’ll be a new great five.

For now, I’d rather relax and enjoy the peace and quiet our world is in-

“Hurry up you idiots!” Hard leather shoes stomped hastily on the mall floor, my eyes widened in fear, trying to scurry off somewhere to hide because I knew it was a stampede of people approaching.

Turns out I was right. From the looks of it, I would estimate that there’s twenty of them and that maybe they were in a gang considering all the dark clothes they wore.

I sighed in relief and came out of my hiding spot, glad I didn’t get caught in that crowd. People need to be considerate to strangers, sure you may not know them but they’re human too so treat them how you would want to be treated.

Yet no matter how many times that message would be taught, no one will ever listen properly.

A few policemen rushed by and I caught a familiar scent that stopped me in my tracks. Sweet like candy, not too strong. For a second, I could make out a person that I used to know. Though I brushed it off, the smell still stuck with me.

That was five years ago... I wonder where he is now-

“It was her! She took it!”

Before I could enter the book shop, a strong grip on my shoulder spun me around out of nowhere, sending me into a defensive frenzy. I grabbed their hand and twisted their arm, my breath caught in my throat when I realised I had just twisted the arm of an officer.

“I-I’m so sorry!- You just grabbed me out of nowhere and it scared me so I thought I should”- I continued to blurt useless information and continuous apologies, my face red in embarrassment and shame.

The officer turned around, his glare clear from under his hat. Although I couldn’t see his eyes, I knew too well that he was too young to be an actual police officer. It takes them five years to train for the job and the ones in our area were usually middle-aged men with beer bellies except this one seemed to be my age with a slightly muscular build.

I stopped talking and gulped, awaiting his response but he only seemed to be holding back anger. His fists rolled into a ball, the blood drained from his muscles and the veins clear on his light tan neck.

“Sir...?” I observed him some more, finally realising why he was an officer at such a young age. He was a beginner, just training. Those ones were given badges that had their names on. If only I could get closer to read the name...



No way... that isn’t... Plumpy Pluto?! No wonder I could smell him! It was him!

Just as I was about to burst out in shock and happiness, he snatched the cap off his head and as I had suspected, it was indeed plumpy Pluto. Except he wasn’t plumpy anymore.

“Plumpy...” I smiled like an idiot, happy to see my elementary school friend. “You really- AH!” I shrieked when he lunged at me with a red face, his frown deep as it always was.

Reflexively, I ran as fast as I could to get away from him. He looked like he was itching to murder me. “Pluto! I’m- I’m Mazu, don’t you remember?!” I said in between heavy breaths,

We were frienemies and though we made it seem like we hated each other, we were always out to protect one another. I’m sure Pluto felt the same.

He had it worse than me. All that bullying just because he wanted to be a hero, everyone laughed and would make fun of his weight. Still, he stayed true to himself and by that I mean he was always grumpy.

He still is now, though he’s more aggressive.

No matter what I told him, he still wouldn’t stop. It was as if his anger was blocking out every word that came out of my mouth.

Because of his relentless chasing, we already made it out of the mall. Even though I was extremely tired by now, I had been planning something in my head. What if I enter a secluded area like the park and pin him against a tree so he could just listen.

In spite of that, strangers stared at us, mostly at me. I didn’t blame them considering I probably seemed like a criminal. I’m surprised he hadn’t caught me yet.

Passing through the gate of the park, I endured my aching lungs and pushed myself harder, finding a good spot. A tree with an isolated field surrounding it.

Trying to take a peek at him, I shifted my gaze to the corner only to be tackled to the floor violently. “OW! WE MAY STILL BE TEENAGERS BUT CALM THE FUCK DOWN!” I yelped, my chest crushed against the floor.

All I could focus on was his heavy panting, trying to catch his breath back. Well, that idiot did run for a whole five minutes just to catch me and I still didn’t know why!

“Plumpy Pluto... just look at yourself...” I tried to breathe properly, his hand pressed my wrists on the wet green grass.

"Don’t call me that...” He spoke, his deep, husky tone catching me off guard. He hasn’t grown up fully and he already sounds like that?

Damn it, I shouldn’t be thinking about the way he changed! I have a ton of questions like:

Why are you a cop?

What the fuck happened to your chubs?!

Is your mum doing good?-

“The daughter of the great morphing heroes, working with a gang? Who would’ve thought?” What?!

“I- how dare you?! I was in the mall trying to buy some books, not play cops and robbers with your dumbass!” I cussed, my blood boiling. “Say that to your parents when they collect you from the station”-

“You’re new to the job, you aren’t allowed to arrest or physically assault people you fucking moron!”

That was it, once someone annoys me, it was over for them. Usually, you weren’t allowed to use your power unless it was an emergency and that was the law but I’m going to become a hero soon so why not?

While he was taking out his fake cuffs I closed my eyes and felt the energy gather in my chest before releasing it and soon, the wind got violent and the sky rumbled. If I got irritated some more, I could make a tornado but that would take most if not all my energy.

“Dumbass... don’t tell me you’re the one doing that...?” He barely said. “Let me go before I make a fucking hurricane!” I bluffed, still sounding believable.

I heard a scoff come out his mouth and I clenched my fists. “As if you have the power for that, the only thing you could do back then was lift one leaf.”

“That was when we were ten! It’s been five fucking years!” Somehow, I found the strength to force myself up and out of his hold.

Flipping him onto his back and pinning him to the floor with a frown I growled, wiping the wet grass juice off the side of my face. “So it really is you, huh?” He smirked, not at all surprised that I managed to get him off.

“Shut the fuck up. You had no evidence that I did whatever you thought I did. Let alone tackle me to the floor like that! Do you even want to become a cop?!”

A villainous laugh left his lips and I had to restrain myself from punching his face. “No this is so I could get into the sidekick school.” That was right, you’d have to have experience in a job that was somewhat heroic to get into the sidekick school.

They’d get your strength up, teach you basic crap and train you so you could get chosen as either a sidekick or one of the great five. However, no one has ever been strong enough to get to be a part of them.

I stayed silent and only stared at him. His messy blonde hair and captivating purple eyes stayed the same as always, the only things that changed was his weight and strength.

Without knowing, I found myself gazing into his eyes. Why was he so beautiful? Why was such a cute face wasted on a stubborn idiot like him?

“Say... you glowed up from when I last saw you, those kids were wrong for underestimating you.” I barely said aloud.

“Glowed up? You’re talking as if you didn’t find little fat me attractive.” He snickered, giving me his signature scoff. That look of his was clearly trying to remind me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

All I could say was a simple, ‘huh?’ yet I got no reply from the idiot. He just went slightly red. “As if you didn’t kiss me on the last day.”

I stumbled off of him and warm blood rushed to my face. “So what? We were dumb kids.”

Seconds passed and he hadn’t said a word. Pluto sat up and slightly softened his eyebrows, the glare in his eyes still there. “You have low standards, dumbass.”

Was that an insult to himself? Is he trying to say that he’s better now? The fact that the only expression he ever had on was rage didn’t help me read his emotions and it pissed me off.

He may seem like an open book but the words were jumbled up. “Pluto...- you’re going to the Heracles Training school!?” I stuttered, gulping the knot in my throat. We may have just argued now but I wanted to catch up with him even if I knew he wasn’t the type for soppy shit.

“And what about it? You think I won’t make it?!” He roared, his eyebrows deepening again. I sighed and shook my head in defeat. “No, I know you’ll make it... Plumpy always does.” I chuckled lowly, my mood ruined.

We met but this could be the last time if he goes to sidekick school. He’ll be sent off to dangerous missions, forced to train in viciously inhumane ways. Some kids die at that school, some come out with permanent injuries.

“I’m going to let you off just this once and hey,” He paused to stand up and pat his uniform clean. “Stop calling me plumpy.” He gave me one last smirk before walking away.

I let go of the air and soon after, the wind calmed down. I sighed in regret. I could have asked for his number but he probably wouldn’t have had his phone on him, he doesn’t care about anyone else, only about his dreams.

Despite how I longed to speak to him like old times, I found the courage to forget about it and go home. At this point, I didn’t want the book anymore I just wanted to check the news to see if anything about that so-called war was going to happen.

Unconsciously, my gaze shifted back to where he left from, wondering what he was going to do when he got home. And so, the whole way home, I was mentally slapping myself for not asking for his phone number.

Finally, I got to the front door of my home, not too small but not too big. The birds hopping on the top of the brown painted roof, the white stone wall still clean.

A sickening feeling shot up my stomach and I held my breath, it was a gut feeling. I leaned my ear is closer to the door, only to hear glass shattering and a familiar voice scream.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hello there! Welcome to The Heroes Descendants! I think out of all my books, this one contains the most planning.

A lot of things inspired me into writing this and I’ll add all the details after I have completed this fiction.


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