Bound By Darkness: Blood Lust

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Wolfgang was finally dead. Cursed from Within set their sights on Ireland as they kick off their European Tour. Scarlett Landon never thought that the band would come this far but they have. She was excited even though it was the band's decision to come to Scotland, nonetheless, something inside of them were calling them here or could it be someone was calling her? While she sleeps, Scarlett could hear him call to her as they make it to Scottish Highlands. The tall shadowy figure was not only mysterious yet hypnotic as he knew how to draw her in... What did all of this mean? Who was this man that haunted her dreams? Scarlett knew once he drew her close, she couldn't be able to resist the thirst for lust that stirred deep inside of her soul.

Fantasy / Action
Shemekia K. Brown
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Dark Counsel of the Fallen

He received the report about Wolfgang's demise. Nothing did not surprise him in the least. He waved his servant farewell as he thanked him for the latest information. Opening the black leather folder in front of him, he looked down at the picture that the western world called it, which displayed five beautiful women from left to right. He looked at each of them as he felt the souls of the witches.

So...the ritual was a success after all. The reincarnated spell succeeded and the five witches lives in the souls of five beauties. It did not stop crossing his mind that he will see her again as he saw her inside of the red-haired twin standing next to her sister, Trish Landon.

Scarlett Landon was absolutely gorgeous.

The young woman hid so much of the deepest and darkest of scars that he could see and feel that she has never told no one else not even that stupid ass that she called a boyfriend. Scarlett could not hide it from him especially within her dreams as he heard her voice echoed throughout his mind calling him to come to her.

Smiling as he looked back up towards the bright moon, he enlarged his fangs as he felt with the tip of his tongue. He enjoyed being Dark lord of the Dark Counsel. The counsel has chosen him to take over after Wolfgang tried to take the throne from underneath his feet. Amazing that he was the one to fall to prey to his own plan which has backfired in his face, literally. Holding the picture in his hand as he burned it to ashes, the dark figure sat back down on his throne chair as he faced the remaining four demon lords of his counsel.

"Wolfgang has failed," the demon lord, whom was second in command began to say as he had his pet crow sitting on the top of his shoulder, "I must admit that it has to be humiliating dying by the hands of five vulnerable women."

"That is the thing, my friend," that figure said that was surrounded by the dark elemental energy began as he bought an important details to the counsel's attention, "Those five young beauties are not weak at all as they carry the souls of a coven in within them. The witches along with guardians that has sworn to protect them it seems that they are far from being weak."

"What are our next moves going to be?" asked the violinist demon lord, whom was swaying the bow of his instrument in such a fluid manner. "The new generation of the Coven of Light are now upon us and they are fierce. If they could quickly get rid of Wolfgang, we need to come up with a plan, my lord?"

"No matter what could have been said or done, Wolfgang was going to die eventually, if not by the witches but by my own hands." replied the dark leader as he stood up facing the moonlight outside of the window, "I will take care of this myself."

It was only a matter of time until he met her face to face, everything will come together as his slowly set his plans in motion...

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