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Chapter 1


The Two Friends

“Please come to the Angamaly Gundam junction, at about 9 pm. I’ll be there. We go to Joyce Theatre as we have planned for the late-night film show.” Durga Lal reminded Sathya Prakash.

“So, we shall go to the cinema on foot, right?

Oh, Sathya, have they changed that film ’Dracula” in the theatre?” Durga Lal asked.

“Ya, I checked. It’s not yet changed. They continue to show.” Sathya confirmed.

Kottackal/THE Power that.../ 2 Sathya Prakash and Durga Lal were wonderful childhood and college friends, and they started working in two different places, but close by. It’s very interesting to note how these two became friends. When they were studying in class eight, both were fighters. Abdul, who was a close friend of Durga Lal could never reach close to Sathya in studies. Abdul had cultivated hatred towards Sathya, caused by jealousy because Abdul could never study well as Sathya did. So he designed a plot to harm Sathya through Durga Lal. As Abdul was very close to Durga, Abdul knew whatever he told Durga, he would believe. Abdul took advantage of this trust to harm Sathya. Durga was a hot tempered type of person, well built body, but fight for truth and justice. He can tolerate nobody telling a lie or committing an untruthful action. Sathya Prakash, also well built like Durga, but Durga was stronger. Sathya was quiet, intelligent and very pious. Abdul could not bear his piety. So Abdul acted and did his homework. Abdul knew that Durga had a 100 rupee currency note in his bag. He waited for an opportunity to take that note with nobody’s notice and hid it in Sathya Prakash’s bag, and then went to meet Durga.

“Hi Durga, I have something very important to talk to you,” Abdul said.

“Yes buddy, what’s that? “Durga asked.

“I never thought Sathya Prakash was such a thief. Today, I saw him taking money from your bag. Did you bring a hundred rupee note today?” Abdul said.

“Did Sathya do that? Did that holy boy do that? Come, let’s check where he has kept that money,” Durga said.

Abdul opened Sathya’s bag and took out the 100 rupee note he himself had kept. Seeing this, Durga was blazing with anger, his eyes burning, ears like two furnaces. Sathya was playing outside. Both Abdul and Durga ran to him and started fighting with Sathya. Abdul was shouting at Sathya, saying,” a thief.” Other children also joined in accusing Sathya. Terrible

Kottackal/The Power .../ 3 fight followed. Durga gave a punch to Sathya’s face and his tooth came out. The bleeding frightened both Abdul and Durga. The Principal called both of them and they gave urgent treatment to Sathya in a hospital. Sathya recovered from his injuries and came back to class. Meanwhile, Abdul had an accident and his leg was fully broken and was hospitalized for treatment. During the recovery period he started thinking about his accident as a punishment from God for doing such wicked thing and hurting a pious and honest Sathya. He repented so much and cried a lot.

Then one day, when Durga had gone to meet him in the hospital Abdul revealed the truth and begged Durga for forgiveness for misleading him and causing that fight in the school with Sathya Prakash. Durga understood what prompted Abdul to behave the way he did. Durga knew Abdul was very poor at studies and his father was an alcoholic and a fighter cock. There used to be no peace in his house when Abdul’s father came back home in the evening. He used to hide from his father who used to be over drunk. The words his father used to utter

you could never find in any dictionary. Abdul could never study at home in such an atmosphere. So Durga empathized with Abdul and showed special concern for him. He felt his trust in Abdul was breached and felt full of remorse and guilt over thrashing Sathya and humiliating him before all the students in the school. Guilt started torturing him for calling Sathya, ‘a thief.’

Durga controlled his emotions and cried over the harm he committed against Sathya. His repentance started producing a feeling of love and compassion towards him. He met Sathya and talked things over.

“My heart was so much pained by what I did to you Sathya and for believing someone who spoke a lie to me against you. Please pardon me.” Durga said.

Kottackal/ The Power.../ 3 “Now I understand why you acted so. You were misled and you misunderstood me. Durga, from the depth of my heart, I forgive you.” Sathya said embracing Durga in reconciliation.

“Sathya, let’s be friends now on.” Durga requested.

Sathya was very understanding and accepted Durga’s invitation to be friends.

“I feel very happy that you did not show any hatred towards me, but you showed forgiveness and kindness towards me. I can’t believe how you could be such a lovely person towards me when I had hurt you very badly and accused you as a ‘thief’ before other students. I humiliated you. How could you forgive me? I thought you would hate me Sathya.” Durga said.

“I was certain that I had done no wrong to you. I would tell you what happened to me that day morning at home. We have a habit of reading the Holy Bible every day morning at home. That day’s reading was about how the enemies accused Jesus falsely and how they tortured Him very cruelly after the arrest. But Jesus was innocent. He did only good to others and

healed the sick and raised the dead. He gave dignity to people who lost their dignity in their life , and the society rejected them. Whoever went to Jesus, He accepted them and never rejected them. I loved Jesus very much. When you punched my face and my tooth fell down I was thinking that I was sharing little with Jesus’ sufferings. This memory of what I read in the morning gave me a strange strength to face that situation calmly.” Sathya said.

Hearing his words, Durga cries.

“Then, when I was sleeping in the hospital bed at night Jesus came to my room and kissed me. At that moment, my negative feelings I had towards you disappeared and I felt forgiveness in my heart and peace in my mind. That day onward, I was very happy and no anger or dislikeness of you Durga. Yes, let’s be friends now on. By the way, who spoke to you such a lie and who kept that money in my bag?” Sathya inquired about.

Kottackal/ The Power.../ 4 “Sathya, I do not like to tell you because I do not want to break your relationship with him.”Durga said.

“But, I know it was Abdulla and I have already forgiven him and have decided to be a friend to him.” Sathya said.

In class IX something happened that had a great impact on Durga Lal’s life and his relationship with Sathya. Durga met Sathya just outside their classroom before the school assembly.

“Good morning Sathya” Durga greeted his friend.

“Good morning Durga, how are you?” Sathya responded.

“Hi, buddy, I’m fine. What happened to you today? Something great has taken place with you. Your face is so bright, something very extraordinary?” Durga said.

“Nothing extraordinary, but something has taken place. You know I come to school on foot and I do it for exercise. Today, while coming to the school I found a leper and he asked me for some help. I usually bring my lunch in a small packet. When I reflected on his sufferings I was filled with so much compassion for him. I looked around whether anybody was watching me. Few students were behind me and they were far away. So I gave my lunch packet to him.

His face was so brightened up in gratitude. I saw tears rolling down from his eyes. When I reflected on making him happy I had a mysterious joy welling up within me. That’s all.” Sathya shared.

As it was time they both went to the school assembly. But Sathya’s action stirred up Durga’s emotion. He had never practiced any sacrifices for others’ good. Durga then started reflecting very seriously about self sacrifice and helping others. Sathya’s sharing affected Durga’s reflection and his thinking process. It made him reflect on sufferings of people in the world.

Kottackal/The Power.../ 5 Sometime later on that day Durga asked Sathya how he got this idea of sacrificing his lunch for a suffering leper.

“Sathya, could you share with me how you could do that without thinking about your lunch? When I tried to share with you my lunch, you gently avoided and told me if you did, the fruit of your action would be less valuable. This is very noble of you.” Durga appreciated him.

“ I learned it from my catechism class.” Sathya said.

“What is catechism class?” Durga asked.

“Catechism class is meant for learning our Christian religion, various prayers and the value system of Jesus. Jesus presented a new way of living our God given free gift life, where social justice, forgiveness, caring for others, brotherhood, truthfulness are practiced. We came from God and we have to return to Him one day.”

“ Yes, I see.” Durga acknowledged what he said.

“Connected to what I did on the road I want to tell you something very important Durga. When we were created and sent to this earth, Go had placed with us an angel to guard us. This angel is called guardian angel. This angel wrns and protects us from all dangers and guide us to do good to others. When I saw that Leper, it was my guardian angel who prompted me to do that kind action. When I obeyed, I felt very joyful and satisfied and I did not even feel hunger at noon when all others were having their lunch.” Sathya said.

“Oh, this is wonderful, great and consoling for me Sathya.” Durga appreciated the new way of living Jesus presented.

Since that time these two, Durga and Sathya started building up a very good friendship and became very thick friends and both of them together did wonderful things for others’ good, both in their school and college. The years rolled by and both of them got appointed for their

Kottackal/ The Power.../ 6 future survival. Sathya was a professor at a local college and Durga Lal joined a locomotive company as a supervisor.


Two opposing spiritual forces

Both Durga and Sathya Prakash were having their jobs in the same city where they used to enjoy outings together. Thus, one day, they planned to go for the last film show of the Cinema Theatre by foot. The film was at 9-30 at night. The Joyce Theatre in Angamaly town, in Kerala, used to show English films. They planned to go to the horror movie ‘Dracula’ that was still running there.

Durga had a very vague idea about this film, but he knew it was something to do with evil spirits.

As he was leaving home for the Gundam junction he began to refresh his memory about what evil spirit is that he heard from Sathya Prakash during their evening walks in the past.

‘I am excited to watch the film “Dracula”, it’s better to refresh all that my Christian friend Sathya had told me.’ Durga said to himself.

In a flashback, he recollected all interesting things about Satan and evil spirits.

“ In short, what I remember is something like this. From the beginning of creation of human beings, there had been an experience of two opposing spiritual forces at work among human beings, and in the whole universe. In the Holy Bible you see, before God created the heavens

Kottackal/The Power.../ 8 and the earth, darkness covered the earth while the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. Then God uttered, ‘Let there be light and there was light.’ So we see light was born out of darkness. When God created the first angel Lucifer means ‘the carrier of light’ He created him as the most beautiful and powerful creature of God. This led him to arrogance, self-importance and gradually his thoughts started getting corrupted to the level of equalling with God and finally he wanted to be God and throw the Creator God out of His throne and take His throne. These types of thoughts and desires led him to his own downfall.

God had also created innumerable angels and divided them into different groups and each group had a leader called Archangel. The Almighty God had assigned each Archangel to each group, and each had a particular job to do. For example the Archangel Michael was given the authority and power to tackle all rebellious and dark spiritual forces.

God once, revealed to all the angels that He would create human beings. Hearing that, Lucifer was very unhappy. He thought that he could control them and everything that God would create. But much later, God revealed another truth that He would create human beings in His own image and likeness, and would give dominion or authority and power over the land, water, and space, and over all creatures in them. This made Lucifer extremely disappointed, angry and revengeful towards God. This was the reason for his frantic search for many supporters from all the groups of angels God had created. He went to all the groups of angels in heaven, and instigated them against God and managed to get many supporters from the groups. From that moment onwards, this Lucifer angel, the carrier of light, slowly, lost angelic form, and turned into a dragon, a dark spiritual force fighting against God, and everything that belonged to Him.

Kottackal/ The Power.../ 9 God promised to give dominion or authority and power to human beings. I remember how Sathya explained the meaning of these two very clearly. Suppose you are travelling by a van and when you reach at a junction you see the traffic light Red. Do you have the authority or permission to cross the road? No. But do you have the power to cross the road? Yes. You have diesel and you have the strength to drive the van across the road by force. So you do not have authority, but you have the power to cross the road. Suppose you cross the road without authority what will happen? You may meet with an accident or the traffic police can suspend your license. So, it’s dangerous now, since you do not have authority you stop the engine, wait for getting authority. The Red light turns into yellow warning the drivers to start the engine and then to green light. Now you have the authority to cross the road. But you are not able to start the engine and found out your gasoline meter indicating zero. Now you have authority, but no power. So Authority without power is useless and power without authority is dangerous. You will find in many Institutions people without authority, but have power, with that power they create hell and the authority will remain as a rubber stamp. In some other Institutions, authority is there, but has no power or inner resources to use the authority properly. So gradually the institution will go to the dogs, total degradation.

Sathya explained to me about the advantages of having authority and power. Suppose a tsunami strike and Adam says, “Stop” it has to stop, an earthquake starts and Eve says, “Be gone” it would go away. This is the authority and power, Lucifer could not get but God gave it to human beings because God created them in His own image and likeness Lucifer formed an army with his supporters and seeing that Michael the archangel went on shouting, “who is here trying to become like our great God?” God anointed Michael with very mighty power

Kottackal/The Power.../ 10 and ordered him to cast away Lucifer and companions from heaven. So two armies were formed and war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels defeated Lucifer and companions and thrown out. These fallen angels are called evil spirits and their leader, the dragon is called Satan. Later God created the whole universe and then the human beings. God created human beings to be always with God. With full hatred and revenge Lucifer and companions tried to separate human beings from God using all lies and crookedness.

Thus remembering of what Sathya Prakash had told him regarding these two contradictory spiritual powers, he reached Gundam Junction where Sathya was to meet him. He did not realize how the long distance he walked from his home to the junction. Sathya had not yet reached, so he waited for him at the junction. He has sufficient knowledge about Satan and evil spirits, what they do today to human beings and to the nature, and about the relationship between Satan and human beings. Satan really hates human beings today because when Jesus came to the earth, He gave to those who believed in Him the power and authority to drive out evil spirits, to heal the sick and to proclaim repentance to all. That means God gave to human beings the authority and power over earth, water, air and now over Satan and evil spirits. So Satan has found a trick today to convince all Christian leaders and the Christians that there are neither Satan nor evil spirits.

If you love God your Creator and follow His instructions you get power from Him, you will have His characteristics in your life and you will shine out as good persons. On the other hand, if you lean towards Satan and evil spirits you will get all their qualities and talents, and become evil ones joining the kingdom of Satan. Here, you can create hell in the world with fights, war, disunity, immorality, abortion, murders and hatred of all spiritual matters.

Kottackal/ The Power.../ 11 But God wants every human being He created to be wonderful persons by keeping true relationship with Him. Durga thus spent his time very meaningfully by recollecting all about the functions of various spirits Sathya had explained to him.


The Film Dracula

In five minutes, Sathyaprakash reached the junction and both of them started walking towards the town Angamaly. While walking, Durga Lal got a lot of information about the film ‘Dracula’ from Sathya.

“What is the meaning of Dracula and what is the story about this film? I shall be happy to get some idea before I watch this film. Do you have any idea Sathya?” Durga Lal asked Sathya on the way to the cinema theatre.

“This film is based on a Gothic horror novel ‘Dracula’ written by Bram Stoker in 1897. Dracula means dragon. The real Dracula was a gory prince named Vlad III; the Impaler lived in Wallachia, in modern Romania. This sinister nickname was a witness to the Wallachian prince’s favorite way of dispensing with his enemies. He had a taste for blood. Bram Stoker named his infamous character after this gory prince. In modern Romanian, it means ‘son of the devil’ but in Vlad’s time it meant ‘son of the dragon’.” Sathya explained.

Kottackal/The Power... / 13 “So the character Dracula in the novel is purely a fictitious person. Right?” Durga Lal clarified.

“You are right. Stoker made Dracula a legendary Vampire, in his novel. The most famous vampire is Count Dracula of Transylvania,” Sathya said.

“What is a vampire, Sathya?”Durga Lal asked.

“In stories, a vampire is a dead person who comes back to life and sucks blood from other people at night. They then become vampires and join the kingdom of Satan. The vampires can appear like real people at night and during the day they remain in their tombs or coffins. In this film, Dracula is depicted as a vampire for centuries living in Romania.” Sathya explained.

“Then how does the story develop Sathya?” Durga Lal inquired more about the story.’

“Dracula opens with Jonathan Harker, a young salesperson travelling to Transylvania to sell Count Dracula a house in London. Dracula is looking for new, young, fresh blood because he has been predating on his surroundings for centuries in Romania.” Sathya continued and quoted from the novel ‘Dracula’. It is presented as Dracula himself speaking to Jonathan, “I long to go through the crowded streets of your mighty London, to be amid the whirl and rush of humanity, to share its life, its change, its death, and all that makes it what it is...’

“The Count takes the young man prisoner in his castle. Soon, Jonathan realizes that the Count is a vampire and not a real person. Jonathan is afraid that he will never be able to leave the place. He knows that he is in great danger. At night three female vampires attack him. He decides to escape, but first, he has to find a key in Dracula’s room that will help him get out

Kottackal/The Power.../ 14 of the castle.” Sathya continues to describe the development of the story, “Meanwhile, back in England, Jonathan’s friends worry about him, especially his girlfriend Mina.”

“I’m very excited. This is a very interesting plot. Sathya, we are reaching the theatre. Tell me more about the story. So, I can enjoy the film better.” Durga Lal requested.

“Later, Jonathan escapes from Dracula’s castle and returns to London. In a short time, Count Dracula also arrives mysteriously in London. Jonathan and his friends make a great effort to stop Count Dracula from drinking people’s blood. Before they can stop Dracula, he attacks Mina violently and tries to turn her into a vampire too.” Sathya explained the story.

“Strange things take place in England. A ship from Russia arrives in Whitby. All except the captain disappear one by one. When the ship anchors, the captain sees a ferocious looking dog jump out of the ship to the land. The captain sees this dog first time in the ship only at the end of the voyage. At the mental institute, Dr Seward’s patients are acting strangely. One patient Renfield, a lawyer, keeps referring to a “Master” and has begun to eat insects, spiders and birds so that he should take on their life force. He shows signs of Dracula’s influence on him. Another patient Lucy, who is the friend of Mina is acting strangely, sleepwalking at night and losing blood. Mina even discovers Lucy in the graveyard one night.” Sathya explained more of the story.

“Dr Seward cannot discern what is wrong with Lucy and with others. He is extremely worried. So he sends word to one of his old tutors, Dr Abraham Van Helsing. Dr Van Helsing is a man of science and soon makes use of blood transfusions to save Lucy; he is also an expert in the supernatural and also makes use of garlic to protect the woman from the future

Kottackal/The Power.../ 15 vampire attacks. Vampires cannot bear garlic. Initially, Van Helsing does not reveal that it is a vampire who is causing the change in Lucy.” Sathya continues, “A wolf attacks the home of Lucy and her mother, and where Lucy dies but becomes an undead. Dr Van Helsing then has to reveal that Lucy is not dead, but has become one of the undead and the villagers come to know that Lucy is stalking children at night.” Sathya said.

“What do you mean by undead? Durga asked him.

“When a vampire attacks someone and drinks the blood and kills the person, the person comes back to life as another vampire.” Sathya said.

“What do the Dr. And his vampire hunters do against Dracula, who brought such anguish to so many persons?” Durga Lal asked.

“Durga, the rest we will see directly on the screen. It’s time for the film to start. Let’s enter the cinema hall.” Sathya said.

“Sathya my friend, thank you so much for explaining this much. Since my mother tongue is not English, your synopses has helped me to understand the film Dracula.” Durga Lal said.

Both friends enjoyed the film ‘Dracula’ though both of them went through some sort of bloodcurdling experiences during the film.


The Cross that brings peace.

After the film, both of them entered a hotel. While taking tea, Durga Lal got clearer understanding from Sathya regarding the film. From their long conversation, one thing that struck Durga Lal so much and he shared with his friend was that how the Cross in Jonathan Hacker’s hand defeated and destroyed Dracula.

After spending for some time there, they started walking back to Gundam junction. It was already late night, pitch dark night, and they had to pass by a cemetery. All the images that they saw in the film ‘Dracula’ are very fresh in their minds producing some stress in this dark night. Durga Lal, though educated, had all kinds of superstitions. As they were still talking about the film while walking, Durga Lal saw in the cemetery’s corner a huge flame going up with a snap sound. In the fire’s brightness, Sathya saw two blazing eyes of a jackal but not jackal. When Durga Lal saw the two red eyes in the huge red flame in the cemetery, horror struck him and he cried, “Ghost.”

Kottackal/The Power.../ 17

Added to this were the medium height grass and the wind causing continuous ghostly noises producing blood curdling experiences. In horrifying fear they both trembled. As they gathered strength and walked ahead, Durga-Lal saw an image moving behind him. His blood went cold and he held Sathya tight. Then he remembered how Jonathan with the cross approached Count Dracula and the whole team defeated the evil force and how Dr Van Helsing killed Dracula. That scene itself had built up tremendous faith in the power of the Cross.

“Sathya, you are a Christian. The Cross of Jesus is the protection for us now as we are trembling with horror. Before a Cross, any evil power bends.” Saying this, Durga Lal managed to get two pieces of wood for vertical and horizontal placing to make a Cross.

“I have a piece of string with me. Use it to make a Cross” Giving the string to Durga Lal Sathya said.

Once Durga created a cross, it was visible that a new power had come to Durga Lal with full trust in the mystery of the Cross. Observing the rising moon dispelling the darkness of the

face of the earth, both friends moved towards their common junction from where they had to depart to each one’s home.

“Look” Pointing at a violent tossing of a huge banyan tree’s particular branch, Sathya continued, “All other branches around that special branch are in pin-drop silence. What’s happening there?” Sathya wondered. In the rising brightness of the moon, this strange happening was clear to both of them. Durga Lal took the cross in his right hand and lifted

Kottackal/The Power,,,/ 18 over the mysterious tossing of the particular branch of the huge banyan tree and shouted with full faith, “In the name of the Cross of Jesus, let all opposing spiritual powers go away.”

Seeing the sudden stopping of the tossing of the branch at his commanding words, Durga-Lal was wonder-struck.

“Sathya, please tell me, how did this happen?” Durga-Lal asked Sathya for guidance.

“Jesus came to this world as Son of God, took a human body from the Virgin Mary to speak to human beings about the Eternal Father’s love for people and to ask them to repent over their sinful life and to invite them to enter the kingdom of God. For this purpose he initiated a new way of life. But they rejected him and refused to follow God’s ways. To save the human beings from the control of Satan, Jesus had only one way to sacrifice himself. He accepted death on the cross willingly to defeat Satan. He became the altar, the victim and the high priest. Through His shedding of blood the cross on which the sacrifice was done became the cross of salvation. Till then the cross was used for killing the criminals. Today, the cross has become a symbol of salvation for those who believe in the Lord Jesus.” Sathya explained.

“You, my friend, when with tremendous faith, holding the cross, you commanded the evil forces to go away from the tree, it obeyed you. This is how Jesus has given every human being dignity and power over all dark forces. Whoever has faith in Jesus can experience it in their lives as you have experienced.” Sathya explained.

“I would like to share with you another important thing for your better understanding. The human beings were created little less than the angels. The evil spirits are these angels, but fallen short of the glory of God contrary to the other angels with God. Not only that, but also

Kottackal/The Power.../ 19

they are defeated angels. By the fact they are spiritual beings, they are more powerful than the carnal human beings. But when you follow Jesus’ ways and believe in Him you receive authority and power Jesus to drive out all evil spirits from any living creature or any object on the face of the earth. Therefore, human beings who believe in Jesus more powerful than these defeated angels or evil spirits. In our battle against these spirits, God is always with us to have victory over them. When we remain with God, no spirit can overpower us. For guidance our guardian angels are always with us.” Sathya explained greater truths.

With great joy and faith in Jesus’ Salvific Cross both of them reached Gundam junction. From there, both of them had to go home in different directions.

“It’s two am” Durga Lal looked at his wrist watch and said to Sathya, and thanked him for this precious lovely night of companionship.

“Yes. It’s 2 a.m. and we’re heading home, reflecting on the strange experiences we’ve had. Let the power of the cross of Jesus, we have just experienced give us lasting courage as we have to walk some distance alone in this night to reach our homes. Good night, Durga Lal.” Sathya said.

They both returned home very fresh with their mysterious and rich experiences of the night and their special personal experience of the victory of the cross of Jesus.


Ghost Real?

Sathya Prakash, the professor, after saying goodbye to his friend Durga Lal, was walking along the road to his home. He knew the spot where one of his students, Sivadas met with a major accident and died on the spot. It was on his way home. When he thought of the accident a flash of chill passed through him and it provoked him to tremble. He sensed the weakness of his legs and a butterfly in his stomach. Gathering courage he proceeded . In a stressed mind anything can appear. As he was nearing the accident spot he saw Sivadas sitting there and sobbing. When he saw the professor the ghost of Siva started crying loudly, and very pathetically. Sathya experienced the world turning around him, and his feet not not steady on the ground.

“Good morning, sir” The ghost greeted Sathyprakash.

But, the professor did not respond. Instead, he recollected what he had heard from a priest Exorcist. When a person dies that person’s soul will not wander about and disturb other people on the earth. The soul of the person either goes to purgatory for total purification to go to heaven or goes to hell, the eternal fire and the soul cannot come out from both the places to disturb the human beings on the earth.

Kottackal/The Power... / 21

Two warring sides formed in heaven. St. Michael and the good angels on one side and on the other side, Lucifer and his companions turned into Satan and evil spirits. God empowered the Archangel Michael and asked him to throw away Lucifer and his evil companions from heaven. This is how the war broke out in heaven. St Michael and his companions defeated the rebellious ones and threw them out of heaven. Lucifer, brought down one third of the stars

meaning angels from heaven. These fallen angels are called evil spirits. They play various tricks to keep the human beings in fear and away from God the eternal Saviour.

These evil spirits know how to pretend and trap the humans, especially those who do not know God. These can pretend as ghosts of the dead ones and can act like them. People get fooled by the evil spirits acting like ghosts and the people who see this drama, believe that there are ghosts. Once people believe in their lies, it is easy to control them with fear. These fallen angels create all kinds of superstitious beliefs. The professor realized what exactly went on there on the road. An evil spirit was pretending to be the ghost of Sivadas. Immediately, Sathyaprakash, with full trust in God and the power he received from Jesus commanded the evil spirit,“In the name of the risen Lord Jesus of Nazareth, I command you evil spirit, to go away from here and I bind you with the precious blood of Jesus and cast you at the feet of Christ on the Cross. Let Him decide what to do with you and you never come back here anymore.”

Immediately, he felt his guardian angel’s presence close to him and the so called ghost was never seen any more. Experiencing great joy and the presence of his guardian angel, he continued his journey home singing and praising God loudly with indescribable happiness and courage. He thanked God for this great experience of defeating the evil spirit and

Kottackal/The Power .../ 22 learning his crooked pretensions in a very tangible way, reached home. He felt strengthened in his faith in the Lord Jesus.

God is Almighty and all powerful. The Evil spirit is a reality. Evil spirits’ hard work to deceive human beings with false promises goes very well with the reality. The Ghost is

unreal. Our protection from bad angels is true. Lucifer and his wicked angels are defeated angels and human beings are given power over these Satan and fallen angels are facts. You can experience victory over them is a reality. But, rearrange your lifestyle based on the values of Jesus and give him first place in your life.

Satan is frightened of the Holy Eucharist because Satan knows the risen Lord Jesus’ real presence is there in the Eucharist. So, Satan tries to attack the catholic priests who offer Holy Eucharist where he consecrates and transforms the mere bread into Jesus’ body. Any Church where the Holy Eucharist is offered, there the Lord Jesus’ true presence is, is a reality. Relish your victory over evil in your personal life and grow in the Lord Jesus. With these catholic principles of Christian life Sathya went to sleep.

The End

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Sinazo : I liked thts she took time for herself and didn't rush into things. I don't think there's anything I disliked

karene911: The Shifter world is growing with more fated mates on the way, this continuation of the story increases our big happy family exponentially with another mate and more Cubs, more adventures, and a new business. Can’t get enough of this big extended family.

Rabii: Great stories,keeps me on my toes..I don’t really have much to say after that lol they should allow us to keep these reviews short if we feel so!😂but I’m definitely recommending ALL these books to others once I’m done reading them

More Recommendations

Ioana Claudia Alphonse: I loved this novel . I thought that it was well written. . I felt the Willow's emotion. I really had dropped a tear. I loved the open ending and the fact that I could choose it. Think that I will some others.

Betty Jo Smith Kennedy: Wow! Book 2 was amazing. Book 3 has got to be even more amazing! I just know they they are going to end up together forever this time. I can't wait!

gogihabtu24: Beautiful story ever!!

MiaCara20: So far a really good story, and I am waiting on further updates/chapters to see if it'll remain so.

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