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Moon Fire

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Rose used to be a student at Lighting Storm School. When the principal goes a little too far with Rose she leaves and swears she will never return. Now Rose is been threaten to come back to the school and put an end to the principal once and for all. Can she save the school and herself?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

One late night in the Kingdom Bellington the King and the Queen were celebrating the arrival of their first child Jake. The King and Queen were a little scared. Their son was hotter than a healthy baby should have been. They never knew that the Principal of Lighting Storm School was planning his revenge and was going to use their son to do it.

The King and Queen immediately thought that there was something wrong with Jake. The King looked at the Queen for a moment “I think you gave birth to a Fire Boy, and we need the Moon Princess to heal him.” “Stefan there hasn’t been a Moon Princess in years.” “Ivy I am sure there will be a Moon Princess in Lighting Storm School when Jake is old enough to go.”

The King was looking out the window that overlooked his kingdom; that is when he noticed something extraordinary. Half of his kingdom was in darkness. “Ivy darling please say you see the kingdom in darkness as well.” Ivy never answered, and when Stefan turned to face her, she was gone.

Little did Stefan know that Mr Sacredrider was going to ruin his life completely. Mr Sacredrider was the one who cursed Jake with the evil fire curse. The curse was horrible; it replaces blood with fire sparks. Mr Sacredrider didn’t stop there he took Ivy away from Jake and Stefan. Never to be seen again.

The King neglected his son and the kingdom while he searched for Ivy. The King was growing more depressed as the days went on.

A couple of months had passed, and a war broke out in the Kingdom of Bellington. The war had caused millions of deaths. Stefan was in fear. He didn’t know what to do. The war got worse. The Kingdom of Bellington fell in a blazing fire. It swallowed his whole Kingdom. Stefan finally decided to leave Bellington with Jake. They moved to a tiny village on a small remote island.

Many years had passed Jake was starting to wonder why his dad had brought him to such a remote island. He walked up to his father “Dad, why am I not in a school with other children?” his father was dreading this conversation.

“Jake, you are curse with some powerful bad power that I am trying to work out how to get rid of” Jake was so confused. “Is that why we live in the middle of nowhere?” “Yes, Jake when you are old enough you will attend Lighting Storm School and hopefully get cured by the Moon Princess.” Jake was so confused “What is a Moon Princess?” his father laughed for a moment. “A powerful person that can hopefully save us all one day.” “Dad, this is so unfair. You are keeping me locked up like a prisoner.” the King snapped a few moments later “Yes Jake I am keeping you lock up because I don’t trust you with that type of power.” Jake was so frustrated and ended up lashing out at his dad. When Jake calmed down, he looked at his father, who was terrified of him now. “Dad, I am so sorry” his dad wouldn’t look at Jake.

Jake always wondered about something. He approached his dad a little later that evening. “Dad, did something happen between you and mum when I was younger?” the King looked at his son and didn’t want to have this conversation. “Your mother disappeared years ago. I have been unable to find her.” “Maybe you weren’t looking in the right places dad.” “Jake, I searched everywhere. I couldn’t find your mother. She is gone. Now we have to continue with our lives.”

Jake was sitting on the beach, throwing stones into the sea. Jake was getting more loner as the time went on. He couldn’t understand why he was the unlucky one with the curse. Something kept catching Jake’s eye. He looked and saw a beautiful young girl standing behind him. “Can I help you?” Jake tried to touch the girl but noticed she was only a spirit and disappeared shortly afterwards. Jake then heard a voice saying “Things will be different one day. I promise” Jake didn’t believe a word of it.

That night when the moon rose, Jake could see a person sitting on the moon. Jake couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Dad, please come here” his father rushed to him “Jake, you should be in bed.” “Dad, there is a person on the moon.” Jake’s father laughed for a moment “There is no one on the moon Jake. You are overtired. Now go asleep, and I will see you in the morning.

Every night Jake would wait until the moon had risen. Jake always wished that the girl still sitting there, but that night the girl was no longer there. Jake had been sitting on the beach when he heard a voice saying to him “Don’t give up things, will be different soon enough” he looked around, but there was no one there. He thought he just heard things. But the Moon Princess was watching him from afar.

The Moon Princess arrived back in the school a while later “Rose, where did you go this time?” Rose looked over her shoulder “Another Fire Boy called me Myotis. You know I can’t stop disappearing.” “More like you want him over me?” Rose laughed for a moment “Not at all Myotis. He is a child.” “We are kids to Rose.” “I don’t want any of you.”

A couple of years had passed, and Stefan was starting to see a change in his son. He was getting into trouble a lot more. Jake was also a lot angrier. It was puzzling Stefan a great deal. Stefan knew it was time now to send Jake to Lighting Storm School.

The next morning Jake and Stefan started their journey to Lighting Storm School “Dad, are you sure I have to go here?” “Yes, Jake, you need to get cured. You may like the school.” “I don’t think I will ever enjoy been in a new place where I know nobody.” “You will make new friends soon enough, Jake.” “Dad if my curse is that dangerous, I could end up hurting someone.” “Just be careful, Jake.”

Jake and Stefan arrived in Lighting. The atmosphere around the place was cold, and people looked scared. There were hardly any people around. Jake looked at his dad “Do you even know where the school is?” “I am sure someone will tell us, Jake.” Stefan ended up asking one of the students. “Would you be able to tell us how to get to Lighting Storm School?” Myotis looked at Jake and Stefan “Yes, of course. You go straight up that hill and go through the gates, and that will lead you to the school.” “Thank you very much.” They continued walking.

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