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Lex and his brother Nic are sent away from home in order to avoid a rising evil of witchcraft. They get to Pendle where things are no good. Lex is forced to join crime in order for them to survive. One time,the county court looks for an assassin and Lex takes the chance. Later he is forced to go back home in Chestrahills only to face the Wrath of the witches. On a full moon, Lex protects his sister but receives a curse that was not meant to be his.

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Beware of Chestra

Have you ever betrayed someone? Anyway, this has nothing to do with you. I should maybe introduce myself first. My name is Lex calva. I was born in the land of witches. (Surely it has got to have a name.) Yeah. Right, it has got a name. Only that the land is haunted and so is the name. You want to hear it? Fine. But don't mention it after dark and if you do,never ever blame me for what happens next. It was called chestrahills.I did not get the opportunity to live there for long,not that life would have been fun anyway,but I think it would have been better than living on the cold dumb streets of Pendle town. As I have stated, my home was full of witches and so not many children grew up as normal people. They learned the art of Witch craft as early as when they were ten. However, my mother was different,she would not let that happen,not to me or my brother. So she did all that she could. She sent us out of chestrahills. Me and my brother. I was eight then and my brother was just six. We had a sister too but she could not come with us. I don't know whether I could have provided for them both but mother promised to keep her safe. We were going to a place far from home where we knew no one at all. 'Go my sons and remain together.Lex protect your brother from any harm and he will do the same for you.I will watch your sister. Just go and stick together.' That was all mother would say before we boarded the wagon. We were leaving! Everything. She had paid the wagon driver though I did not know how much it had cost her. She had added a few coins to me in order to take care of us for sometimes. After we got to Pendle, the town was no good too. Thugs and thieves were everywhere. There couldn't pass a day without fights in the streets. The coins that I had could not shelter us. We were forced to sleep at the corners in the streets and woke up early every day to look for work. We never got any. We were so young such that no one would give us any. After sometime,the money ran out. I had no other option apart from joining crime. Was I doing right? We had been sent from home to protect us from evil but that exposed us to a more dangerous problem. Either I do this or we die. I could not let that happen. I had to be a thief. I was eight remember. The more we understood the town, the more we improvised. We did not sleep on the streets anymore. We had found a way down in the unused sewers so we lived under the town. At least we had shelter now. We did the same thing for two years.
One day when I was ten,early in the morning as I was going to look out for those who went to there Jobs early,and of course see if they had anything valuable,I saw a group of at least four people and according to how they were dressed, I understood that they were nobles. What were the members of the county court doing in Pendle town? A place which breed mischief and crime? I decided to walk closer now without the intentions of stealing anything. I knew nobles could have enough cash for me and my brother to live for more years without having to take anything from anyone. However,I had the urge to find out what they were doing here so early. As I went closer, I realized that they had posters and were sticking them on the walls. Though I had not learnt how to read and write,I knew it was a message from the county court. I knew that it had to be something important. I waited till they left and went to have a look at it. I could only understand a few words. Job! Young! That is all I understood. Pendle town, was a place where only the fittest would survive. So I took this as my only chance to get a job. Job at last! I knew that once people woke up, those who knew how to read would get this information and maybe take this as their chance. So I did the only thing possible to make sure that nobody else knew about this. I destroyed all the posters. All except one that I kept for my self. (Think am selfish?) I would use the learned people in Pendle to understand the message. Word by word. I carried the poster and hurried back to the sewers. Nic was already awake.told him about the posters and explained what we had to do. I took a pen and copied some words for him and asked him to go to anyone who knows writing and ask for the meaning of the words. 'Don't ask so many questions to one person to avoid suspicion,' I added before he left. The others I would find out my self later. Right now it was time for hunting. I wore my hood aware of the rising sun and took the shortest exit that I could find. My work was easy. Just wait for a passing person with anything valuable and snatch it then disappear with out scaring them if possible. Today I saw a lady with a bag hanging from her shoulder. I took my face mask from my hoodie pocket and wore it. I removed a pocket knife and stood against a wall in a corner and waited for her to come closer. Once I was sure that she was almost next to me,I jumped from my hiding place and held her by the neck such that the knife was on her throat. 'Your money or your life,' I whispered in her ear trying to sound fierce. 'Fine,' she replied. I thought that it was now time to receive what I had earned. How wrong I was! Faster than I could process, she had knocked the arm with the knife aside and disarmed me and now the knife was on my throat. 'You made a wrong turn,' she whispered in my ear. I looked at her closely and noted her face. I pushed her to the corner suddenly such that the knife fell down. She now held my arm. She had a very tight grip.' So what I have been hearing is true?'she asked me as if I knew what she was talking about. 'Children in pendle are street thugs,' I knew that I was now in trouble. I could not let her see my face. I could not let her remove my mask. I struggled to set my self free but she was strong and wrestled me to the ground. As she was about to remove my mask, l took a clamp of soil and aimed it straight for the eyes. It went direct to the eyes and she groaned and released me. I ran forgetting the bag and looked for the furthest entrance to the sewers where I knew she could not get me. I entered through a grate and ran through the pipes for I knew the way very well. That was enough for the day. I didn't know what would have happened if she caught me. Though there was no law enforcers in pendle town,it was still under the county court which was controlled by a judge. The judge's word was final. However,he also received orders from the queen who ran the empire. The towns too were organized by mayors but Pendle had became too corrupt and later it was above the law. Uncontrollable. I hurried back to where we stayed. Nic was already there.' What did you find?' I asked him eagerly. 'They are looking for someone to train and be an assassin for the county,' he answered. An assassin? They wanted a young person to train? 'What do you think Nic?' I asked him. Maybe this was a chance to get a job. 'Maybe you should go and earn that money,' my brother replied. Yeah. May be I should. But that meant us separating. When I said that to him,he was just fine with it. 'You could take care of us both when you were eight and so I can take care of my self too now that am eight. Just don't forget to pass by,'he said. Okay. That,I could not forget. Last thing that I didn't know is when. I remembered the last part of the poster and looked at it. Friday the third. That was the day. A whole week remained. Fine. I would just wait. The neighboring towns also had received the posters so I was not alone. Then I remembered the lady and wondered what she had been talking about. Who was she anyway? However,I had the feeling that she was not just anyone. But who was she? That day was the first that I was caught stealing. The way she disarmed me in just a second proved that she was some one dangerous. I then remembered my knife. 'Are you hungry?' I asked Nic. Of course he was. I took some coins and left the sewers with just two intentions. Getting food and my knife. So many things had happened that day and yet the day was not over. I got to the spot where we had battled with the lady only to receive find nothing there. She had carried my knife. There was nothing I could do about it. I just went to buy food. A loaf of bread and packed beans. I added milk and left after paying. Although everything had gone wrong that day, at least I could still get food. I went back to Nic and we ate planning on how we would spend the money if I got the job.

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