GEMICIDE: Amid The Blues Of BcHaven

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Know what!! *Life is a road that moves smooth is you take the furnished way.But,what if you love rough ones?That's when it becomes stimulating,spellbinding. *In this gem,the life of a 16-year old girl takes a mysterious turn when she enters the Unmapped City,BcHaven(pronounced as 'Beck-Heaven'). *The girl who hated the colour blue needs to survive among the blues.The true definition of GEM will be revealed. *The knot of mystery unravels when she finds out the most astonishing truth of her life. *If you are determined;You will be destined to be the one.It knocks back when GIRL-POWER is erred. *Let us walk with her,when she says, "Whatever it may take,I'm giving it a go".

Fantasy / Mystery
Lakshmi Prabha.K
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"You-better die," he triggered the gun.
The man was already screaming in pain.The only bullet that was left,went right into his head,freeing him from his agony.This incident was a traumatic one to Mr.T,as he was the one who did it.
Mr.T was looking at his gun in the small secret locker behind his bookshelf.Memories hit him hard.He took his eyes off the gun,trying to erase his memories buried in it.
"Dinner's ready," his wife called him.
"Em-coming," he said,closed the locker and went to the dining room and sat on the chair next to his son's.
It was night,almost eight.Ms.L went into the Head's cabin.She seemed to be rushing to meet him.
She dashed the door open."Mr.Gill-Mr.Gill is dead," Ms.L stuttered as thunder struck,lightning shadowed Mr.K who stood,facing the big monitor that automatically added the name of Mr.Gill to the death list of the month which already had 8 more names on it,making Mr.Gill 9th.
"Informed his family?" he asked her in a slow but feisty tone.
"Not yet.But soon,sir," Ms.L told him,while speaking to someone else on her earpiece,"Let his family know.Immediately," she ordered.
"Leave," Mr.K ordered.
Ms.L left his cabin,ran,speaking to the person at the other side of her earpiece.It was already drizzling.She took a rectangular thing out of her pocket, "Coming there," she spoke,in a flash,she vanished.
The place was crowded as it was a public avenue.Ms.L moved through the crowd and went near the corpse of Mr.Gill.
"Everyone move away," she shouted at the crowd spreading her arms. "Any witnesses here?" Ms.L asked looking at the crowd.No one stepped forward.
"The place was very much crowded.He was standing near a shoe mart.I noticed him as he dropped his umbrella.Suddenly,he fell to the ground.There were bats flying around as it was dark.I thought he must've fainted so I tried to wake him up," an old man said.
"Was he alone?" Ms.L asked. "He was," the old man uttered.
Then,a group of dieners arrived to take away the corpse.An autopsy was done.
"Is it a heart attack?" Ms.L asked the examiner.
"Definitely not," she said,removing the gloves from her hands. "No blood,no scar,neither suffocated nor strangled.Nothing," the examiner said.
"Then,how?" Ms.L questioned.
"Nerves.His nerves are terribly damaged," the examiner informed her.
Sobbing,his family came to the morgue.His wife pushed away Ms.L who was standing near the corpse.His son and daughter crying over his body.Tear slipped from Ms.L's eyes.She consoled the woman and her children.
"We're done.How could we survive now?Without him?" the woman grieved on Ms.L's arms.She could do nothing but hold the woman in her arms.
It was almost mid February.The occasional rains and snowfall of the winter was on.
One snowy day,a little kindergarten girl was playing under a tree in a playground.A huge tree branch seemed to be hanging on its edge.Unaware of the branch breaking down,the girl picked her orange beach ball from the ground.When she got up,the branch was completely off from the tree.
Whooo!A dusky girl with a ponytail of her dark brown hair,glided off and made the falling branch stop in mid air.She flew near to lay hold of the branch.
"Aah!" the little girl screamed.
"Got you," the dusky girl threw off the branch and held the little girl. "Thank you,sissy," the cute,tiny lipped little girl kissed her on the cheek.
"Waah!That was awesome," Ms.L appreciated her feet.
"I know I'm awesome," the girl said checking her ponytail.
Then,there was a formal introduction between them.They became good friends.Ms.L does these stunt works too.She learnt defence techniques and stunts during her schooling.They both initiated an defence duo and discussed it with Mr.K.After getting his permission.They started an academy to teach the defensive strategies to young children.They had almost a hundred students in their academy.
One not so warm day, "He will be the captain of the ship," Mr.K introduced a guy to the girls. "He has a big brain.Hah-intelligent and skilled," Mr.K rugged the guy's hair. "He'll help you technically," he added.
"Hello girls,"the guy said smiling at the dusky girl as she smiled back at him.

When March was about to end,there were a lot of thefts in the city.And no evidence of burglaries found.
The defence duo was practising their skills in their academy.
Mr.K arranged a meeting in his office,with the defence duo to talk about those thefts.
"Excuse me,sir," Ms.L seeked permission from Mr.K.
"Come in," he said as the girls walked in. "I've summoned you here at this time and I have a reason," Mr.K started his talk in his sharp voice.
"We know,sir.The past couple of months were peculiar for us.And we have no clue of what had happened.But—," Ms.L was saying. "But-What?I know what you are thinking,Ms.L,"Mr.K stood up from his seat leaning his hands on the table. "And,your thought is absolutely correct," he uttered.
"But-But-it can't happen.How can it?" Ms.L staggered.
"It did-and we could do nothing about it yet," he said."Find the key," he asserted.
"But,there isn't one.That's what we know," the dusky girl said to Mr.K.
"How can there be a lock with a keyhole and not a key?" he snarled at her. "If you can't.Ask her," he said.
"Ask who?" Ms.L asked him. "Gatterkane," he said in a high voice.
The search was on for the key.Ms.L got contact of Ms.Gatterkane.And the only thing she could find out was that Ms.Gatterkane didn't remember anything about it.
"She didn't remember anything about it sir," Ms.L told him. "But,she said that it has something to do with the Connector's child,"Ms.L went on.
"It's known now.Do what must be done," Mr.K commanded. "The child must've grown by now.Prepare it," he gave them the job.
"We'll try to work that out,sir," the girls said and left his office.
That week,there was a mass theft followed by the disappearance of 21 people in the city.The defence duo tried and tried and tried and rescued 20 of them from the dark side of the city.The people reported that they saw some oddly dressed people take them.But,the curious thing was that the people didn't remember what had happened after that.Those people were rescued from a cave during an unexpected check done in the city forest.The people were found fainted inside the cave.Unfortunately,the 21st was found dead near the city lake.It was also due to severe nerve attack.
After those incidents,the city was in peace for almost five months.Ms.L was busy with her mother in her native.The defence academy was as usual going on led by the dusky girl.
There were appearances of matte magenta cloaked people in public places,attacking people there and demolishing properties.It was reported to be a terrorist attack that was very rare in that place.As Ms.L was unavailable,the dusky girl took incharge for the safety of the people.The appropriate protections were made by Mr.K as a head of the city.
The attack happened,followed by a quiet week.It was October,the autumn eve was on swing."The storm isn't over.It's just the silence before a heavy blow," Mr.K said to the girls and the captain.
"Is everything ready?" Mr.K asked.
"Yeah-But-Isn't it so soon? It needs a bit more time for-," before she could finish it, "Now-is the need," Mr.K voiced as he turned his chair facing the girls,the lightening brightened his face as he slicked his medium wavy hair.

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