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❝The boy who cried wolf;

She was thrown and engulfed.❞

“I ASKED MOTHER ABOUT THE SEVENTH child thing,” I divulged as I took a sip of untasteful tea.

Lilith’s entire body froze, but I was quick to say, “I didn’t mention you at all. It was weird, actually. At first she was reluctant to tell me anything and then she just spewed everything out. I wanted to ask you about that, too, but first I wanted to talk more about the seventh child thing.”

Lilith relaxed and sat down in the chair across from her. A languid smile crossed her face.

“She told me in order for a seventh child to be as powerful as you say you are, you have to be either a seer, a prophet, or a witch.” I shivered at that last bit. “And she told me a little about each one.”

Lilith nodded slowly, her eyes intently on me. “Go on. What did she say?”

I took another quick sip of my tea. “A seer can see everything, basically: past, present, future. Maybe even travel time. Being prophet is like a lesser version of a seer, and then being a witch...” I shuddered. “I can’t even imagine someone having so much power.”

Lilith tilted her head thoughtfully. “Indeed. What do you believe me to be?”

I had already come up with that answer earlier while on my way here, but I paused to think it through again. She was too powerful to be a prophet, I knew. And prophets aren’t something that are passed down the line, right? It was between a witch and a seer. I at first though she was a witch based on all of the weird things she did. They all screamed witch. But then I remembered that whatever she was, I also was. And I most certainly was not a witch.

I had, however, had sort of premonitions and dreams that came true. So, maybe I was a seer. And if I was a seer, that made her...“A seer.” I nodded in confirmation.

Lilith smiled. “Very good, child. I can see you’ve thought this through.”

I nodded. “I’m positive. But, imagine if you were a witch and the seventh child...You’d be more powerful than anything. Do you know about any witch that was a seventh child?” Lilith nodded and shrugged, standing up from the table.

“A couple,” she told me. I heaved a big breath but let it go when she followed up with, “but they’re all dead now.”

“It must not be common for a witch to be a seventh child, huh? There seems to be a lot of witches around these times.”

Lilith smiled and nodded and brought her big book of mysteries over to the table where she set it down in front of me. She gave me a meaningful look. “It’s not supposed to be, no. But it happens every once in a while. I presume your mother told you about the light and dark side, then, yes?”

I nodded. “For witches, yes. But aren’t all witches bad?”

Lilith shrugged once again. “Some, not all.” She opened up her book and flipped through some of the pages. “Your mother failed to say that seers also face that possibility. Maybe not quite as harshly as witches, but a few bad choices and a seer can turn dark.”

I frowned. “But what does that mean exactly? What happened when you’re light and when you’re dark? Do your powers change or something?” I paused and glanced up at her, away from the book. “Do you have powers?”

Lilith laughed. “Of course. That’s another thing your mother didn’t talk about. Seers have all sorts of...mind powers, I suppose. Well, the powerful seers anyways, such as myself.” She smiled softly, almost proudly, at me. “In fact, you performed one of the more unheard of powers just earlier while talking to your mother.”

“I did?”

“You did. You used compulsion.”

“Compulsion,” I repeated to myself slowly. “Isn’t that when you use your mind to make someone do something?”

Lilith nodded. “But be careful on using it. If you use it too often, you’ll get a fast ticket to being a dark seer.”

She stopped on the page she was looking for and set it down in front of me. On the top of the page she pointed to, it read ”SEER" in big, bold letters. “Read,” she ordered me. “Tomorrow we’ll talk about it more.”

“Can I take it home?” I asked, nodding to the book. Lilith nodded.

“Of course. But only read those pages, Cerise. I will know if you snooped anywhere else,” she warned. I wouldn’t for now. I needed to gain Lilith’s trust more than anything else. But some day I would learn what I needed to know about the lycanthropes.

I just wasn’t sure when that day would come.

My visit with Lilith was cut short not longer after she lent me her book due to the sky darkening prematurely. I didn’t want to have to walk through the woods while it was dark with the lycanthropes out and about, so I bid my farewells and quickly left home.

By the time I reached my house, it was completely dark outside. Mother wasn’t in her usual spot, so she had probably gone to bed with Father. I quietly tiptoed into my own bedroom and set up an oil lamp so I would be able to read at least some of the chapter.

I got myself ready for bed. I tugged pins out of my hair and let it fall down my back, and then changed into a nightgown. After getting myself comfortable, I grabbed the big book of many curiosities, and flipped to the marked page.


A seer, or clairvoyant, is a being with paranormal powers to gain information about a person, place, or thing through extrasensory perception. All seers are able to see at least some of the future, and others can see two or three of the following classes:

Precognition - the ability to perceive, see, or predict future events

Retrocognition - the ability to see past events

Remote Viewing - the perception of contemporary events happening outside of the range of normal perception

It talked about the history of being a seer, and past famous seers, but I wasn’t truly interested in any of it. I wanted to know about the powers and, in specific, my powers. I knew the book couldn’t tell me what powers I had, but maybe Lilith could tomorrow.

My concentration was elsewhere, so when the light from the oil lamp went out, I marked my page and set the book under my bed. Sleep came easily.

In the morning I told my mother I was going to rest some more because I felt ill. She brought me some tea and wished me to get better, just like I thought she would.

I spent some more time reading about seers. Quite honestly, they weren’t particularly interesting. Sure, their powers were significant and they helped quite a few people, but other than that everything about them was pretty dull.

I was hoping to read about exciting adventures and amazing powers and saving the world or something along those lines, but seers weren’t really the ones who saved the world. They were the ones who told other people, and those people saved the world.

Even being a prophet was looking pretty amazing compared to being a seer.

But I sucked it up for now and forced myself to read everything about seers. It got kind of interesting towards the end because that was when they listed off powers held by previous seers, and then it was over.

Reading all that actually made me kind of sick.

Or, at least I had a pretty big headache.

I sighed and got dressed and ready for the day, tucking the book underneath my bed again until it was time to go see Lilith.

When I walked out of my room and into the main room of the house, it was apparent something was going on outside. Mother wasn’t anywhere visible to me, and after checking it appeared she wasn’t in the house, either. So she must be outside.

After pulling on my cloak, I ran out to see what all the fuss was about.

There was a large crowd. Most of the citizens of our town, it looked like based on the size. What could have everyone so riled up at this hour, though? People were shouting, but it was incoherent. I pushed my way through the crowd until I recognized someone.

Lady Bonham, of whom I had talked to a few days prior at dinner with the Imperial family, stood with her husband. I went up to them in a hurry. “Lady Bonham!” I called out. She looked over at me and smiled.

“Why, hello, Ceri-”

“Have you seen my mother anywhere?” I questioned quickly. It wasn’t nice of me to interrupt her or skip pleasantries, and if Mother could hear me she’d throw a fit.

Lady Bonham nodded. “I did see her a few minutes ago, over there.” She pointed to her left and I smiled thankfully.

“Thank you!” I called as I went in that direction.

The second I spotted the Trill family I knew my parents had to be nearby, and I was right. I slowed down a bit when I reached them. Everyone, the entire crowd, was facing forward but I wasn’t sure why. I couldn’t see anything of importance, just a bunch of trees. So maybe they were waiting for something to happen.

“Cerise!” Edward spotted me first, and I quickly gave him a hug. “You’re just in time, too. Hey, you’re coming over tomorrow right? Big family dinner?”

I frowned at what he said and shrugged. “Family dinner for what?”

“My siblings and your siblings are home, haven’t you heard? They’re not here right now. They’re resting. They just arrived.” He told me.

I blinked. I had no clue. I wasn’t super close with my older brothers, but you would think I’d see them around a little more often or at least hear about when they were home. “Then, yes. Of course.” I nodded.

“Hello, Cerise,” Marquis Trill smiled warmly at me. “Your parents are right over there.” He nodded toward a couple.

I hurriedly went over to them. “What’s going on?” I asked Mother and Father.

“We caught one,” Father said blankly. Mother looked excited.

Butterflies entered my stomach. “We caught what?” I prodded.

My father looked into my eyes. His eyes were happy. I realized that that it wasn’t really a riot. No one was really angry. Everyone actually was happy, excited just like my parents. I didn’t need my father to tell me what we had caught because I knew already.

It was a strange feeling. I was happy, so very happy. And yet I also had this pit in my stomach and felt sick. I needed to see it for myself, though, I knew.

I pushed my way through the crowd of people until finally, I was seeing it. A big, black lycanthrope. It wasn’t the one that had gone after me a few days ago, but that didn’t matter. He was still one of the lycanthropes that had eaten Lydia. I knew it, but I wasn’t sure how. Perhaps it was the Seer sense.

He was thoroughly tied up and beside him stood Ian with a large sword and bright, proud smile upon his face. Cain stood nearby, looking out into their audience with a somber look on his face. The Lycanthrope was thrashing about, wanting to get out of the ropes that held him captive.

He couldn’t, though. Because the strongest men in town had hold of the ropes, and they sure as hell weren’t about to let him free.

It was crazy, how many men were needed. There were even rocks on the ends of the ropes, and not just semi-large boulders but humongous cave-like rocks.

People were tying to nudge their way into my spot, but I wouldn’t budge for anything.

Ian lifted up his might sword, smiling at everyone victoriously and swung it down towards the neck of the beast.

It was lucky Ian was so strong, however. I wasn’t sure how many men could’ve stopped that sword so swiftly before reaching its target, or what used to be its target.

Had Ian not had the strength, he would’ve cut the woman who threw herself in front of harm’s way in half.

Not just any woman, either.

Marquise Trill.

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