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A Forbidden Celestial Novel (Standalone) ❝ "I can tell you had a long day, let's take your mind off things." I shiver against his touch, his fingers pressing down on my most sensitive area. My eyes close in bliss when his mouth finds the tender spot on my neck, a soft moan slipping past my lips. ❞ ༺ 🕊 ༻ Talia Cardosi is a young small town woman, she only knows two things in life - working a lifeless job at the local café, and the strained relationship with her boyfriend. But, Talia is growing tired of her boyfriend's manipulative ways and craves a release from the mental drag that is the relationship. On a fateful night, Talia is graced by a very beautiful and mysterious man. They develop a growing romantic and sensual attraction towards each other; the handsome and mysterious man soon proves to be an escape for her. Never the less, She soon learns he has dark secrets himself, secrets that challenge her beliefs and faith. Will it affect her outlook on this man? Or will her desires and lust for him allow her to overlook these discoveries and slip away from the pains of her relationship?

Fantasy / Erotica
Antonella Sinner
4.8 53 reviews
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Trigger Warnings include: Brief Mentions of Assault, Emotionally Abusive Relationships, and Physical Violence Between Characters.

Proceed at your own discretion.

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Welcome to my newest creation, The Heavenly World of Celestials! Hope you enjoy the ride, my Little Bookworms.

The first chapter, Intro, is just testing out the waters for this story. I'm just feeling around what I want this story to revolve around, so the smut isn't as powerful as it is in other chapters (in other words, it's terribly tamed).

Bear with me.

Be advised this has a Mature Audience rating, gets progressively graphic as the smut goes on.
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