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Phillip whined as he burnt the food. “How can I make a sandwich but not make real food?”

I opened my mouth. “Excuse me, a sandwich is real food. You can’t cook and that’s not the same as toasting some bread and melting the cheese.” I rubbed my stomach as it continued to grumble. “Now move.”

Phillip didn’t move away from the pan. Instead, he switched us around and trapped me against the counter. He leaned in, nearly meeting my lips. He pulled back and yelled out, looking at his hand.

“What the hell did you do?” I asked.

He gave a big sigh and ran his hand under cold water. “I touched the hot stove.”

“You’re so smart.” I laughed.

He shook his head, looking at me. “What if Jason is right? What if we aren’t meant to be? We can’t seem to get this damn kiss right. Everything goes wrong.”

I leaned against the counter. “Philly, stop with the damn pity party. We are mates. Man up and kiss me already. If you want it so badly, don’t let small things stand in your way.”

“I’m trying, Shani. I’m really trying.”

I turned him around, pushing him against the counter. “Try harder,” I whispered. I grabbed his neck with one hand, bringing his face closer to mine. If I wanted something, I had to go for it. I wanted to kiss him.

Phillip put his good hand on my waist, snaking his other arm around me.

I brought our lips together, closing the gap that sat between us for so long. Phillip gripped the back of my shirt, groaning from the pain of his burnt hand rubbing against the fabric.

I deepened our kiss, keeping my eyes shut as I let his lips move with my own.

The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering endlessly and the passion that radiated between us was unbreakable. I wanted Phillip more than I wanted the town to love me. I wanted him more than anything I’d ever dreamed of having in life.

Phillip lifted me up on the counter, planting many kisses on my neck. My hands gripped onto his shirt, pulling the fabric from his skin. I wanted to feel his skin on mine. I needed to touch him.

Phillip’s hands began unbuttoning my jeans and his hand slipped inside them, touching the very part of me that needed him the most. I couldn’t lie and say this was perfect because it wasn’t but I was always willing to teach him what to do.

Phillip brought his lips back to mine, whispering, “I want you.”

I wrapped my hand around his back, gripping the skin under his shirt. I had never been in heat and I wouldn’t be until he marked me but I was no stranger to the burning need between my legs.

The bigger need that filled me was my need to love Phillip and how much I wanted him to be with me. If only we got to go so far but I knew we weren’t going to. I respected Phillip’s wishes.

He lifted his hand from my underwear, untying the cloak around my shoulders. He lifted my shirt from my head, kissing my neck and trailing the kisses down my chest. He looked at me and grabbed my face. “Shani, I need to ask you something before we move forward.”

I didn’t want him to ask. I wanted him to continue to kiss my body. I wanted him to love me with actions.

His finger began playing with my bra strap as he leaned in towards my lips again. “How far do you want me to go?” It was a whole other feeling when he asked me this question.

I’d been with men before but none of them acted this way with me. They went straight for the sex. They wanted to go all the way. They wanted to do anal and with that, I always told them to find another man if that was what they wanted. Why would a man choose anal over a vagina? There was only one answer to that.

I gripped his back, breathing heavily against his lips. His touch sent chills down my spine.

I had promised Phillip that I would make sure we didn’t have sex until he was ready, and I was going to keep that promise. In the meantime, I would allow him to explore my body in other ways. I would teach him how a girl wanted to be touched.

I grabbed his hand, kissing his fingers. “Let me show you how far you should go. Let me show you how to ultimately please me.” I slipped his fingers back inside my jeans. I had to laugh when Phillip didn’t know what he was supposed to do with his fingers.

I used my own to teach him. Phillip caught on quick. His fingers worked their magic within a matter of seconds.

Phillip ignited feelings no other man had been able to do. Even with how inexperienced Phillip was, he was a quick learner. I admitted that I had never felt this much with another man. It was hard finding a man who knew he was meant to also please the woman. Most men were in it for themselves and I’d only ever orgasmed once before. With Phillip, I was the teacher. I could teach him how to keep me on my toes. I would keep him on his.

I pulled his fingers out, looking at him. “Help me get my pants off.”


“Trust me,” I whispered.

Taking my advice, he helped me get them off. Phillip stopped at we got to my underwear. I brought him back to me, wrapping my legs around him. “Now it’ll be easier for you.”

“Easier to do what?” He seemed so lost as to what my plan was. I was always reminded of how lost he was when it came to know what a woman wanted.

I grabbed his face, bringing his ear next to my lips. “Easier to make me orgasm.”

I put his hand back in my underwear, letting him rub his fingers against me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, moaning against his shoulder. I was teaching my love on how to love me physically, and soon I would teach him on how I would return the favor.

No man could replace him. I could never go back to casual sex after experiencing this small moment with Phillip and knowing what love stirred inside me. There was no greater feeling.

My brain was completely in this moment, realizing how much we had between us before we full mated.

I whispered more advice into his ear, telling him where to put his fingers and what to do with them. After enough teaching, Phillip learned from me as my orgasm came. Phillip pulled away, cupping my face. “I’m glad to see I could satisfy you, even if I’m a rookie.”

I looked at him, shaking my head. “You will satisfy me. It may just take practice and time.” I kissed him, getting off the counter. My legs wobbled a bit and Phillip wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me upright against him. “Take me to the bathroom. I need a shower.”

He did as I told him. I shut the door after he left the bathroom. I took off the rest of my clothing, starting the water and getting in it.

I leaned against the wall, washing my body. I could not register what we had done together. I wanted more with him. I wanted to go all the way. I knew we couldn’t. I had to keep my promise and even if he wanted me, he wasn’t ready. His body was in it but his brain wasn’t. His brain was what mattered the most.

I smiled to myself, remembering the way his hand felt. I would not trade such a feeling for anything else. I would not go back to any of the men I’d been with two years back. They made me feel physical pleasure but I never got emotional pleasure from the way we connected.

With Phillip, I was filled with satisfaction all the way around. He was all mine, my mate to love and to hold. As much as I loved to teach him about sexual things, I loved his personality more.

Phillip was perfect for me because he was so different. We balanced each other out. He was so sweet and accepting of me despite how much he should have hated me. He didn’t have experience with other women and I loved that. I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t happy that he was a virgin for me.

He was an amazing man. He had a heart of gold and a brain of logic. He made me feel safe. Even if he was on the awkward side of things, I thought it made him cuter. He was my awkward mate. I knew he struggled at times but he was good at trying to keep me protected from the wolves that came after me.

The door slammed open, hitting the wall. “Shani!”

I peeked out of the curtain. “What happened?”

“Your brother just got home and asked what’s on the counter. What do I tell him? I’ve never done any of this before.” He fixed his glasses that kept fogging up due to the steam from my hot shower.

“Let me handle that. Just tell him I’ll be out in a minute.”

Phillip left the bathroom. I closed the curtain and finished up my quick shower. I got out and wrapped the towel around myself. I went to my room first, getting new clothes on. Finally dressed, I walked out and into the kitchen, looking at Jason.

I crossed my arms. “You want the truth? Phillip made me orgasm right there. We finally got the kissing thing right and I guess apparently his animal desires mixed with my sexuality just led us to such a thing. He touched me and I’m not even going to apologize.” I grabbed a rag and some Lysol, cleaning up the mess.

Jason swallowed, looking away. “I can never use that counter again.”

I peeked at Phillip who’s face was lobster red with eyes as big as fifty-cent coins. I shook my head. “You guys are pathetic. Just get over it. I’m sure you and Jessie have done something around this cabin. Phillip, you need to be confident in what we did. Don’t let my brother make you feel bad.”

“I can’t help it, Shani. It’s who I am. I’m someone who feels bad for these things—not that I’ve ever done this before.” He rubbed his face.

I grabbed his hands, looking at his face. “It’s okay. It happened and we can’t take it back. We didn’t do it with them in the house, so we are safe. We are always safe as long as we don’t let others hear about our private life.”

He nodded a bit, shaking his head. “I’m really sorry for doing this to you.”

I laughed. “Sorry? You asked me how far I wanted to go. I showed you. You have no reason to be sorry. You were just listening to what I wanted. We didn’t have sex and that’s good. I promised to not have sex with you until you want it.” I kissed him. “I mean fully want it. You’re a good guy.”

“Nobody is good. We just make good choices.” He pulled my head against his shoulder, kissing my hair. “But I’ll make good choices for you. You’re everything to me. I want you to be my everything. I don’t care of you’re a human. My love knows no bounds and I love you as you are.”

I wrapped my arms around his frame, sinking into his warmth. “I love you as well. You’re the best thing to happen to me since my parents died. You were always so worried that you weren’t my type. I was even worried because I never gained feelings as you did but here we are. We’re going to murder Sawyer and Whitney.”

His chest moved in a pattern against my own as he laughed. “Way to end the moment.”

“Excuse me, I am very much building this moment. You’re the one who killed more than me, so murder shouldn’t bother you that much.” I looked at him, setting my chin on his shoulder.

Jason groaned. “You guys are utterly annoying.”

“Why?” I frowned. “You think you and Jessie aren’t annoying to us? Oh shit, just think about how annoying we all are to Travis.”

Phillip placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. “I wish I could help him out.”

“We all do.” I laid my cheek against his shoulder, keeping my arms around him. “Unfortunately we have to focus on getting rid of those two dingbats. Once they’re gone, we can focus on other things, like maybe helping Travis.”

Jason nodded a bit, rubbing his face. “Of course. We should get this done first so we can focus on our actual futures eventually.”

We both looked at my brother. “Nevermind,” he mumbled. He left the kitchen and went to his room.

I looked at Phillip, furrowing my brows. “What was that about?”

He shrugged “Beats me. He’s your twin.”

“Yes but he’s your pack member.”

“I can’t read his mind. We aren’t vampires.” Phillip looked at my brother’s door. “We’d have to talk to him like normal people if we want to know.”

“Normal people.” I scoffed. “We are far from that.”

Phillip chuckled, resting his head on mine. “We’ll have to just let him be then. We have to go fight to save our own lives.”

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