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My hands gripped the camera, watching in horror. It was worse than we imagined. “Phillip, you have to see this.”

He came over, watching the video.

Sawyer and Whitney were sitting on the couch, seemingly exhausted. Whitney turned to Sawyer and narrowed her eyes. “We need to hurry. The damn allergy thing failed and I want to celebrate a win for once.”

Sawyer chuckled. “We will. Trust me. I have a foolproof plan this time.”

It would have been foolproof had we not caught this video.

“Which is?” she pressed on.

He smirked at her. “Since these two are fighting so hard, we must make the death last. I was thinking we force peanuts into Hood and she will have her reaction to it. We give her the EpiPen. We do this a few times over to weaken her body and tire her out.”

“And what about Phillip?”

“What about Phillip?” Sawyer leaned forward. “He’s a virgin. Do with that what you will. Break him down. We break them both down and make them beg to be killed. Hood’s kryptonite is peanuts. Phillip’s is Hood. It’s simple. Take away what he loves and he has nothing.” He shrugged with his hands up and sat back again.

Whitney smiled at the thought. “And how do we capture them?”

“We capture these two when they’re sleeping. That’s when everyone is most vulnerable.”

I stopped the video. “This is proof. We need to show this to the pack immediately.” I looked at Phillip and he nodded his head.

We took the video to the game room where we subtly gathered as many as we could. Playing the video, Phillip and I stood in the back corner, holding each other’s hands as if we’d lose each other in just a minute.

Once the video was over, everyone turned to look at us, including the alpha. The alpha of this pack was named Blake with his Luna being Kara.

The two of them came over to us. Kara’s face was more empathetic than anything. She wanted to help us out.

Blake’s face held anger.

Kara looked at Blake and grabbed his hand, trying to soothe his rage. She looked at us. “What would you like us to do to them? They’re after you and your love. The Goddess knows how disgusting it is that they would go against the pack code to rip apart your love.”

I looked at Phillip and spoke for him, “We want them dead. They have tried to kill us. They won’t stop until their lives have ended.”

Blake looked at Kara and smiled without a hint of joy in his eyes. “They want them dead. I can arrange that.”

Kara sighed and rubbed her eyes.

Blake crossed his arms and straightened his posture. Tattoos covered his arms and his nose glimmered for a second when the piercing hit the reflection of the light. “I say we have a public execution. Pack code states that any wolves who break the rules severely may be executed for all to see as an example.”

Kara looked at us. “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” She seemed small compared to the alpha.

“We’re positive. And when you execute them publicly, I want to be the one who takes both their lives,” I said.

“I will make that happen. Prepare for the execution.” Blake rubbed his hands together, looking down at Kara. “It’ll be great. It’s what they want. I’m only following their wishes.”

“If you say so,” she mumbled, rolling her eyes.

He kissed her temple and gave her a hug. “I have a duty to fulfill. One of my members is being threatened by other members who are breaking the code. What would you suggest? I know you love love and you want to see these two survive.”

Kara glanced at us and smiled a bit. “Of course. It’s not ideal but the Mood Goddess knows what she’s doing. These two were supposed to be together and I don’t want anything to tear that apart. I’m rooting for love.”

Phillip kissed my hand and looked at me. “This is going to be okay. We are going to win this.”

“I know. We’d be fools if we didn’t. What we did the other day was amazing and I want to see the day we have sex. I want to know what sex feels like with someone you love. I want to get married someday, and maybe have one kid. I want us to have a future together forever.” I leaned my head against his shoulder.

Kara and Blake smiled at us, leaving the room to go find those two. I could not believe we had made it this far. I was more excited than anything to see the looks on their faces when they watched me kill them.

Whitney screamed out, yelling curse words. Sawyer sat in his chair with a calm expression on his face. He seemed unbothered by this.

Blake stepped up, gesturing to them both. “These two have gone against the pack and this family. They have threatened one of our very own. They have tried to kill his mate. For this, the survivors have chosen public execution. This is what happens when you hurt one of our own. You may not agree with the love two have, but you don’t have the right to take their lives and destroy their happiness.” He turned to Whitney and Sawyer.

I walked up to the front of them, holding my bow and arrow in hand. Finding iron bullets was impossible in this town so iron arrowheads had to suffice.

I pulled back the arrow, aiming for their heads. “I’ll try to make this quick. I don’t want to torture you the way you wanted to torture me. I’m not a monster like you. I just want you gone so we can live in peace.”

Whitney snickered. “You’re already like us.”

“I’m not. I love Phillip. I don’t care if we are both not werewolves. Love wins.” I pulled farther and let the arrow fly into her skull. Her head fell to her chest and her heartbeat ended just like that.

I looked at Blake and Phillip. Blake nodded his head to reassure me. Phillip was watching me in fear. I looked at Blake one more, putting my bow down. I walked over and handed it to him. “Can you finish it off? I got what I came for.”

Blake nodded and grabbed an arrow, pulling it back in the bow. He didn’t waste another second before the arrow flew into Sawyer’s head. His body slumped and his head dropped.

I walked to Phillip. “We’re safe. We’re finally safe and we are able to focus on ourselves. We can be together.”

Phillip nodded, smiling a bit. We left back to the cabin, sitting down on the couch. I sat in his lap, taking in the warmth his body held for us both. I turned my body and rubbed my thumb on his cheek, realizing the stubble that grew on his jaw and chin. “I love you, Philly.”

He smiled, giving me a kiss. “I love you, too, Shani.”

I kissed him again, smiling through it. “I’m sorry. You’re just like my giant teddy bear.”

“I’m a wolf, not a bear.” Phillip gave me a strange look.

I laughed at him, planting more kisses. “You’re my teddy bear.” I was going to call him that.

He kissed my nose and wrapped an arm around my waist. “You’re my bunny.”

“I am not a bunny.”

“If I’m a bear, you’re a bunny.” He smirked.

I gasped. “How dare you?”

He snuggled his head in my neck, whispering against it, “I dare.” I laughed as he wrestled me on the couch, landing himself on top of me. “I want my bunny to be happy.”

I smiled at him, playing with the collar of his shirt. “I am. I’m happy because those two are gone. Do you think the pack with ever accept me?”

Phillip nodded a bit, kissing my forehead. “They have to. You’re not going anywhere. You’re my mate and I’m part of the pack.”

“I hope what you say is true. I want to be included. My mate and my twin brother are werewolves. They’re part of this pack. I know I’m not a wolf but I can run and I have skills. I can learn. You can train me in a similar way wolves train.” I traced his neck, causing shivers to run down his spine.

Phillip kissed me, nodding his head. “I’ll talk to them about it. Don’t worry.”

I yawned, closing my eyes. The day had been very eventful and now I was ready to sleep for ten hours straight. Sleep no longer scared me because I wasn’t about to die.

Phillip moved our bodies so that we both were laying on the couch, him spooning me. He kept his arm around my waist. I laid my arm over his, turning to look at him. “You’re so good to me.”

He stroked my hair back. “I want to be. You deserve the world.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because you’re so brave.” He tightened his arm.

Jason came in, groaning. “Again?”

I turned to my brother, smiling. “Yeah. We’re cuddling because we just got the rest of our lives back. We’re not about to let it pass us by.”

“You two are always so close.”

“You had sex with Jessie while we were here on the couch,” I said.

He scoffed. “Yeah, and you orgasmed on the kitchen counter.”

Phillip sat up, clearing his throat. “We’ve spent a lot of our time fighting off wolves trying to kill us. I think it’s well-deserved that we now spend some time together since we have a real chance.”

I looked up at Phillip, mentally applauding him. “Beautiful words. Wonderfully said.”

Jason rolled his eyes and went to his room.

Phillip frowned. “Is there a reason why your brother doesn’t like us together very much?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. The boy is crazy. He needs to build a bridge and get over it. We are together forever. What is he going to do at our wedding when you and I kiss? Is he going to yell at us and ask why we are always being so romantic? I don’t think he realizes that we are together forever.” I got up. “Let me talk to him.”

I walked into my brother’s room. “Why are you against us?”

“I was there when our parents died. I witnessed it. They were executed the way Whitney and Sawyer were.” He gestured.

“What does this have to do with us?” I crossed my arms.

Jason stared at the wall across from him as he sat on his bed. “Everything. Mom and dad were executed for their love. You and Phillip are in love and there could always be more willing to execute you.”

“I don’t understand. Mom and dad were killed for their love but we aren’t? It’s even against a pack code. How did the pack change code in just one generation?” I threw my arms up in the air.

He turned his head towards me, rubbing his face. “Just because this pack is against killing mates, doesn’t mean all are. All packs have different codes. Some packs don’t allow wolves to sleep with anyone but their mate because it causes tension when two wolves get into a fight over it. This pack has better codes. That’s why I joined. But not all packs are going to see your love as something that still deserves to exist. Other packs may wage war on us for our code and accepting you and Phillip as mates. They could still kill you.”

“So your solution is to keep us apart? How does that work?”

“It keeps you safe! I don’t want my sister to be killed for loving the wrong man,” he shouted.

“Phillip is not the wrong man. He is the man I am supposed to be with. If you truly believed in our love, you’d fight for us. You wouldn’t be disgusted by our romance. I love Phillip and I intend to marry him. You can fuck off if you’re not going to support my want for love.” I clenched my fists. He was supposed to support me. Jason didn’t do such a thing. He didn’t want me to be happy.

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