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A collection of short entries or stories. Some are fanfiction, others are my own fantasy creations. Silly scribbles that I want to share. Have fun reading!

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Into a New World

“Jeffray McAllan! Wake up you bag of lazy bones!” Called a stern and annoyed voice of a woman through the black void that felt warm and soft.

Jeffray groaned and half-opened his eyes. A pair of piercing ice-blue eyes looked back, cutting almost through his eyes and mind like iced daggers. A cold shock of realisation overcame Jeffray’s entire body and sat up straight lightning fast with large eyes. “Wh-what?” Muttered Jeffray almost unclear. His mind first now started to collect information around him, and the woman with the ice-blue eyes is his teacher. He quickly blinked, looked around and gathered that he had fallen asleep in the last two lessons, again. Nervously Jeffray put on a broad smile and scratched the back of his head.

The woman rolled her eyes and scoffed while crossing her arms. “Jeffray, this is the third time you fell asleep during the lesson. Are you having trouble sleeping at home?”

“I sleep perfectly fine, Miss Snow.”

“Huh, then why still falling asleep here?”

“Well, I should go earlier to bed. I always forget time after dinner.” Jeffray still smiled nervously, and his cheeks slightly flushed red.

“Then put a timer on to know when you should go to bed. Your marks are excellent in those lessons you always fall asleep, but please try to remain awake. The other students are beginning to notice it in a negative sense. Well, you know what I mean.” She walked off without another word.

Jeffray blinked. An unnecessary discussion and time wasted. Quickly Jeffray stood up, grabbed his school backpack and looked up to the clock. Twenty-three minutes passed since the last lesson ended. Quickly he paces towards the door to head home.

Suddenly something bright and blue caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He turned to see. A simple sky-blue notebook lay closed upon a desk. Jeffray could not recall having seen it before in a student’s hands or at that particular desk.

Curiosity got the better of him and walked over to the desk. There was no name; nothing. Quickly he opened the cover page as his fingers touched the paper. A shudder went through his entire body. He ignored the shiver and turned over the page. Nothing. Only blank white pages. A new notebook left behind. “From whom?” Wondered Jeffray under his breath and closed the book, staring at it with confusion.

Suddenly a snowflake landed upon the notebook. Jeffray blinked and rubbed his eyes to be sure he was not dreaming. The snowflake slowly began to melt away. The air around him began to grow by the second colder. Clouds of vapour rolled out of his mouth. The crisp freshness and coolness slightly stung his nose and ears. “Wha-?” Gave Jeffray surprised as he looked up to see where the snowflake came from.

Above him was no sand coloured ceiling as he used to know but a view of tall mountains covered in white coats of snow. Their peaks appeared so far, so small and distant that Jeffray realised he was looking up from a valley. “How can a classroom be connected so close to the mountains?” Gave Jeffray confused and looked down what lies before him. Wondering if the classroom remained is still there. The room he knew was gone without a trace. Only the notebook lay visible in the snow. Gently Jeffray picked up the book and brushed off the snow. “Something’s not right. How can a simple notebook bring me here? Why me? Why here?”

“Are you talking to the notebook or yourself?” Wondered a girl’s voice from behind him. Jeffray froze with widened eyes and slowly he turned to face where the voice came from. A young girl, a head shorter than him looked up with curious large amethyst violet eyes. Her cheeks and nose were rosy. She wore a turquoise cloak with a large hood. Long golden-brown braids hung over her slim shoulders, almost reaching to her elbows.

Jeffray was speechless and stared at her for a long time. He was trying to collect the right facts in his mind.

The girl blinked and took a step back of caution. “Are you alright? What’s your name?”

“Jef- Jeffray.” Stuttered Jeffray still in disbelief.

“Jeff-ray.” She pronounced the name. “What a strange name. I’m Mellina.” She gave a grin. “Come with me. You look lost.” She turned and walked ahead with the same grin.

Jeffray stood frozen and watched how she walked ahead. It took a while until he realised; shook his head and quickly sprinted after her to catch up. As he caught up with Mellina, he had one burning question to ask. “Erm, Mellina where are we?”

“Where? Why in Fhairas, of course.” She nearly giggled.

“Fhairas?” Repeated Jeffrey in thought. Not very long Jeffray felt the coldness through his clothes. Quickly he wrapped his arms around himself and followed Mellina closely.

“Jeff-ray is it? Where do you come from? Why did you get lost here? Wha-”

“One question at a time Mellina.” Halted Jeffray. “I’m still confused to why being here. Being here and talking to you. I only opened this simple note to find out who’s it is and bring it back, and this is the result. I landed here in Fhairas. It is difficult for me to believe this is no dream. No offence to you.” Jeffray’s voice remained controlled, but underneath his composure, he was frustrated and confused with fear. He was not sure whether to feel angry or afraid at the moment but knew very well that none of those emotions should break out in front of Mellina. He knew it would not turn out well. He took a deep breath and sighed deeply out.

Mellina only stared at him. Jeffray tried to make out what her eyes were saying. “I’m not mad if that’s what you think.”

“Silly me. I should have known when I saw your eyes. You’re not one of us. No wonder you’re lost here and did not know the name of the land.” She spoke distantly.

“Us?” Jeffray raised an eyebrow. She looked ordinary at first sight, aside from her eyes. As she moved few of her hairs behind the ear, Jeffray noticed something more out of the ordinary. Her ears are long and pointy like that of “an elf?” Gasped Jeffray with widened eyes.

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