Rogue One

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Tatiana Rodriguez was born rogue. And at the age of eighteen, she joined an underground organization run by the Rogue Mafia and became an agent. Six years into the job, Tatiana thought that she could finally relax and breathe a little—But all her plans evaporated upon dealing with her last target — Alpha Alec Bianchi—the handsome devil, and a werewolf socialite that she has to deal with. Will she succeed or get caught up in his rough grasp? WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT. © All rights reserved. 2020

Fantasy / Erotica
CL Winterfell
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1 Rogue One

Warning: This story contains explicit mature content and grammatical errors. Consider yourself warned.


Bright lights glimmered throughout the city, the roads were packed with cars driving through the rush hour. People walked the streets carefree on a Friday evening, unbeknownst to them the modernized monsters that lurked in the dark; dressed like one of them. I observed my surroundings as I strolled down the alley on Elm street.

I’d been living in the city for quite some time now and I got used to blending in with the humans. Since I was a rogue, I never had a choice but if I did, I’d prefer to live in a pack, safe and sound—without having to worry if someone might try to kill me in my sleep.

Well, I didn’t exactly choose to be a rogue either, I was born into it like many others before me. My parents were both rogues that met on the road, and shortly after that Tatiana Rodriguez was born, a Rogue One.

Being born to rogue parents who indulged themselves in alcohol and drugs without sparing their daughter an ounce of care. They spontaneously drowned themselves in their little fantasy world inside their rotten caravan. It felt like I was cursed; forsaken by the Goddess herself, throwing me in a pit of fire as soon as I was born. It was hell, that not even Lucifer would dare challenge. And soon after my tenth birthday which we never celebrated, my mother died from a drug overdose.

Four years after she died, my father disappeared, leaving behind loads of debt which forced me to hand over the rotting trailer van that I called home to debt collectors, and left me completely homeless.

I snapped out of my trance as I arrived at the safe house, knocking on the old rusty gate three times.

“What’s the cat’s name?” Asked the old guard. I can’t believe this old fart asks me this every single damn time.

“Rogue One.”

I groaned and he immediately let me in. It was the alias that was given to me after joining the organization.

I walked inside and went straight into the basement where Dagger was waiting. He was one of the dealers in the market.

I met Dagger when I was sixteen, two years after living like a real rogue, homeless, and pack-less. After running away from the diner where I used to wash dishes and stayed in after my human boss tried to sexually harass me.

Dagger fed me, clothed me, and gave me a place to stay, and for a rogue like me, that alone was more than enough. He was twenty-two at that time. He then convinced me to train with the other guys that he recruited. At first, I hesitated because he didn’t tell me what it was for but I finally gave in since I had nothing to lose anyway.

Two years after that I finally knew the purpose of the training. Dagger officially introduced me to the organization called The Night Market. It was an underground market that was run by the Rogue Mafia. It was the werewolf version of The Black Market where you can get anything that was off the books.

I recalled how I laughed so hard when I first heard the name. I mean, what a dumb name for an organization run by rogue mobsters. It sounded like a fucking street food market.

Dagger immediately greeted me with a stoic face. I knew something was off when he told me the details last night, it was brief. He said we would talk more in person.

I crossed my arms. “Spill.”

“Wow. You’re sharp as a knife, you almost cut me in half,” He dramatically said. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Cut the crap Dagg and tell me everything now,” I nervously said.

“Alright, alright,” He said and handed the folder. I opened it and a man’s photo greeted me.

A dark-haired man with baby blue eyes. He looked very sexy. I raised an eyebrow. Interesting.

“That’s the target, Alec Bianchi, twenty-nine years old. He’s a socialite and an Alpha. And this guy recently won a bidding right to a land that our client was aiming for, and that made him very unhappy. The client stated that Bianchi was his biggest competitor. So, he wanted us to steal those documents to disqualify him from the bidding,” He explained. I frowned, confused for a moment.

“That’s it? I mean, who the hell would pay for a hundred and fifty thousand pounds for some bidding right documents? The target may as well bid even without those right?” I asked confusedly.

“Well, base on the client’s information, the company that owns the land is very strict with their rules and process, no documents, no-bid, Etc. I thought it was petty, but I guess he has some bad blood with this Bianchi guy. You know alphas’ and their pride,” Dagger said. Well, he’s not wrong about his last statement.

“Alright, well that’s easy. I could finally go to a beach and get a tan after this. My share could keep me afloat for a year,” I grinned.

“There’s more,” He nervously said.

“Are you shitting me right now? For fuck’s sake just tell me the rest already!” I barked. I knew this wasn’t just a typical inside job.

“Calm your tits down! Alright, this Bianchi guy is sharp. So, the only way for you to infiltrate his house is by convincing him to take you there,” Dagger revealed. Fuck me now.

“And how the hell will I do that?? Maybe I’ll just ask him nicely huh? Like hey, Alpha, would you mind taking me home with you, I just really need to steal something important from your office. I promise I’ll be quick,” I mocked. Dagger chuckled.

Ugh! I’m so pissed. I’ve never done this before and that guy could easily kill me if I get caught!

“I know it sounds impossible but I have a perfect plan, you’re just not going to like it,” Dagger explained the plan, and he was right. I didn’t like it, not one bit.

“What the fuck were you thinking Dagger?!” I yelled in frustration. He sighed and gave me an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry, Tia. Alright, but I already took half of the money, and you’re the best candidate for this job. I promise you it will work,” He said trying to convince me or himself. Sometimes I just want to strangle this guy to death and be that ungrateful bitch.

I breathed in and out trying to calm my nerves down. If he had received half of the payment, it only meant that the client had already signed the contract from the market.

“Well, I don’t really have a say in all of this right? Because the fucking client already signed the damn contract!” I growled. Dagger hugged me. Fuck. He smells so good. I sighed.

“I’m sorry, T. Just think of this as your last mission before getting a tan,” He whispered. I shivered from his little trick.

It would always happen whenever he touched me. I couldn't deny the sexual tension between us. Dagger was a very sexy man. He looked charmingly rough, his eyes sparkled like emerald gems. His fuzzy brown hair suited him well, his chest bore a symbolic tattoo and the rest of his body was deliciously hard; where you want them to. Sadly he just wouldn't touch me. He wouldn’t go past first base with me. And I'd always wondered why?

“I’m not James Bond, you fucking jerk!” I barked. He chuckled cupping my face and kissed me.

I kissed him back, hard as I wrapped my arms around his neck, his hand roamed around my body and squeezed my ass. I moaned in his mouth. I began to breathe hard, stirring my core, igniting it faster than a bullet. I could feel Dagger’s arousal as he pressed it against me.

“I want you,” I breathed. Since he made me take a job I didn’t want. I’ll make sure to give the favor back.

“We can’t, you know that,” He said as he breathed hard, giving me a tight hug. I pushed his chest lightly and faced him.

“I’m not asking,” I smirked. He wants me, I just don’t know why we won’t take me. Dagger gave me a puzzled look.

“We talked about this Tatiana,” He said. He never calls me by my full name unless he is dead serious.

“I haven’t agreed on doing the job, have I? I could easily bail on you if I want to, you know that right?” I threatened as I traced the bulge on his pants. Dagger’s breathing was ragged as he gave me a stern look.

“Please don’t do this Tatiana,” He said as he clenched his fists. You brought this upon yourself.

I step closer to him, our bodies pressed against each other.

“I think it wants to go out,” I whispered as I tug his zippers down but he grabbed my hand and stopped me.

“Tatiana,” He said in a low growl. I guess that’s my cue. I turned my back and headed for the stairs.

“Good luck on the Job,” I said as climbed the staircase. I was halfway through when I heard him curse.

“Fuck!” He growled and quickly came after me, I smirked. Tatiana one, Dagger zero.

“Come with me,” He said as he tugged my hand and existed the basement door. Dagger led me to the second floor and opened his bedroom.

He then threw me into his large bed and hovered over me.

“Is this what you want Tia?” He breathes as he kissed my neck. I could feel my panties dampened. Yes, I wanted this for so long. So fucking give it to me.

“Y-yes,” I moaned.

“You know everything won’t be the same anymore after this, and I don’t want that with you,” He revealed. I understand his worries. Business and pleasure should never intertwine.

“It doesn’t have to be. I’ll stay the same. I promise,” I comforted him with my empty promises, of course. What can I say, I’m a thief and a liar.

Dagger wasted no time and pulled my shirt over, then he started to unbutton my jeans, pulling the zipper down, he then slowly pulled me out of it, leaving me with my undergarments.

He stopped and stared at me as if he was memorizing every curve that I had. He then unclipped my bra letting my breasts free, completely removing it. Dagger grazed my breast with his finger, I moaned, though he barely touched me. His gaze was dark, lustful, and hungry for me. His lips gently descended on my breast sucking it lightly as he stared into my eyes.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve pictured this, Tatiana,” He said as he flicked his tongue over my buds, I moaned.

“I can’t wait anymore, let’s skip the foreplay. I want you inside me,” I said as I pulled his shirt off. He then started unzipping his pants and completely discarding them, then he pulled his boxers down, his thick shaft was standing tall, I gulped. I knew Dagger was big but I did not expect him to be this big. He chuckled as he watched me ogled his cock.

Dagger started pulling my underwear off and parted my legs, and stared in between. I blushed as I was bare, having been recently waxed.

“I want to eat you up, Tatiana, but you’re so fucking impatient,” He muttered as he settled between my legs.

“Later Dagger, please,” I beg as I couldn’t wait any longer, I want him now.

He then began to rub the tip of his shaft on my entrance, I moaned as he pressed it in, he groaned and continued to bury his cock inside me. I started to tear up as he stretched me further until his thick shaft was all in.

“Fuck! It feels so good to be inside you, Tia,” He breathes as lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders. I couldn’t say anything as I drowned in pleasure.

Dagger leaned forward, elevating my hips and my knees close to my chest. He began thrusting in and out of me slowly.

“Ahh... Dagger that’s it...” I moaned. Feeling him poked my insides.

“You like that?” He breathed as he stroked my pussy slowly. I moaned and gripped the covers.

“You’re so tight Tatiana, You have no idea how badly I wanted to fuck you since the day I first met you,” He whispered. I didn’t know that. He never showed me even a speck of interest.

His touch made me shivered, his thrust started to become harder, slow but hard. I moaned as the bed creaked with every move that he made.

“Faster, please,” I beg. He started picking a pace and thrust fast and hard in and out of me. I gripped his biceps as he rammed his cock inside me.

“Fuck! Tia, your pussy is so tight baby, I can’t wait to taste it,” He groaned as his thrust became demanding, I could only moan as he pounded on me.

Dagger then stopped mid-thrust and grabbed a pillow, placing it under my hip, he then let my legs down on his arms and leaned forward, and kissed me hard as he thrust in me hard and fast, the slick wet sound filled the room, and the bed creaked non stop.

“Harder, don’t stop...” I whispered in his mouth as I kissed him back. He then grips the back of my knees and pushed them forward nearing my shoulder and pounced on me harder while he stared at where we were both connected.

“You see that? How my cock goes in and out of your pussy?” Dagger Breathed as he slammed his thick shaft inside me, this was the first time that I heard him dirty talked, and it turned me on.

“Ahh... Yes... Harder!” I screamed in pleasure.

“I’m almost there. Ah!” I whimpered as I came.

“Tia, I’m–” He groaned as he buried his face on the crook of my neck and came inside me. He collapsed on top of me as we both panted. He stilled inside me.

“Tia, you’re still on birth control, right?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I answered. I have no plans on popping out any rogue children right now. They'd just suffer the same fate as I did.

“Thank Goodness, I don’t have any condoms here,” He sighed. I know. He never brought his women here. This place was off-limits to non-members. He then slowly pulled out on me and cleaned me up, then flopped on my side and hugged me.

“Dagg, do you regret it?” I nervously ask.

He came closer and whispered in my ears, “Let’s do it again.”

“You pervert!” I said pushing his face off and laid on my side. He hugged me tight from behind pressing his now hardened soldier against my ass, I moaned.

“Dagger,” I whispered as he penetrated me in that position. He gripped my hips hard as he thrusts in.

“Tia, I might fuck you all night, so be prepared,” He whispered as he licked my ears as I moaned and shivered as he pounded on me.

I stopped him and positioned myself on top of him.

“No. I will fuck you till you’re dry as the desert,” I smirked as I lowered myself down, swallowing him whole.

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