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Dark Love

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Hidden away from the world of man is a world of fantastic creatures.

Fantasy / Romance
Nylita Maxwell
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Long Nights

[Inner thoughts of Soren Cal Nightwing]

Blood is not something you should want, but it is the one thing I crave more than anything in this world. The sticky life-giving substance that keeps me alive is the bane of my existence and will cause my death in the end of that I am certain.

In this world many truths were hidden from many and only the few ‘privileged’ were allowed to know of those of us who, lived in the darkness. Those who had been cursed to forever be alone in the dark. Those like me, a vampire, always thirsty for that forbidden liquid that is the blood of humans.

Being immortal never helped those cravings. It only became worse over time and nothing could keep it from consuming my every thought. Now most of my kind would drink from humans, some would take the time to be gentle with their prey and others would not be very nice at all. Some would keep pets and blood slaves if they enjoyed the taste, but not me.

I did not want any of that. I wanted to see the day I wanted to have a normal life with someone I could love and care for. However, being the crown prince of all vampires was more difficult than I would have ever hoped it would ever be.

I felt my life would only be filled with long nights of nothingness.

I was so very wrong.

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