Dark Love

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First Heat

[Soren's POV]

It had been a month since Aio and I had talked with my father about her becoming a Hybrid Vampire. It was like something out of a dream the way she took it all. She had put herself on a very strict diet and exercise regimen. She was determined to not only train her body but her mind as well. I had never seen anyone with such devotion to one task. It was a little unsettling for me. I could not understand why she was so determined not to stop her insane regime just to be with me.

It was strange how she was avoiding me and she was overworking herself. I could see it in her face whenever she was close to me. She avoided me and didn’t want to be really be near me and it was beginning to worry me again. We did most everything together up until a few days ago and now she avoided me like i had the plague.

Finally, I was able to stop her before she snuck off “Aio, what’s going on?” I asked curiously as I gently grabbed her arm, pulling her towards me.

I looked at her, she was covered in a fine line of sweat. What?

She quickly tried to push me away, her breath coming in short gasps as the sweat began to bead up at the tip of her nose. “Ren please, let go of me” she panted softly.

I looked at her, “Not until you tell me what is going on!! You look horrible and I am worried Aio!!!” I shouted, getting her to flinch. She made another move to separate herself from me and I was not going to have it. I quickly swept her off her feet and carried her into our bedroom where I locked us both inside. I set her back on her feet once inside.

She promptly put a large distance between us, huddling scared in a corner of the room. I stood with my back to the door, sliding down to the floor, showing I had no intention of moving or harming her in any way.

“Aio, sweet one. I am worried for you. Your health means more to me than you realize and I am worried about your recent actions. I want to only take care of you, whatever you may need.” I said softly, knowing she could hear me just fine.

We have been together for almost six months now and I have learned many things about my sweet little Aio. I love everything about her and I would never trade her for anything in the world. She had become my everything in the first five seconds I saw her face but I got to see the real her and I have found myself falling even more in love with her with each passing second, we spend with each other. The fact that she has been avoiding me has me on edge and I am worried I have done something to upset her.

“It’s hard to explain.” she whispered softly, her breath ragged and sharp.

She was trying to even her breathing that much was certain but she was failing for some reason.

“All right how about you start explaining to me why you are having so much trouble breathing right now.” I said simply, still not moving an inch.

“It’s because you are in the same room with me.” she whispered, taking a deep breath, a seductive purr filling the air.

“Aio, sweet one, come to me.” I said, holding out my hands to her.

She shook her head vigorously, trying to back up more into the wall, “Nonononononono” she said quickly still shaking her head.

I sighed heavily, I hated using my powers on her but when she became too stubborn for her own good or she was in a situation where it was too perilous for her to safely leave on her own, I did what was needed. I looked at her again, our eyes meeting but this time, mine holding my magic.

“Aio, my sweet, please come to me.” I said again, my voice dripping with a command she could not ignore. She had no choice but to obey me.

I could hear the soft whimper escape her as she slowly moved over to sit in front of me, her head hung low. I gently gathered her into my lap. She was burning up!!

“Aio, love you have a serious fever!” I said standing with her tucked closely into my chest.

“Ren, it is something a Nekojin female naturally goes through.” she whispered getting me to stop in my tracks. I went back to the bedroom and sat us on the bed.

“Please try to explain this to me Aio. If you can’t, we are going to my father again.” I said, getting an involuntary shiver from her.

For some reason she was a little scared of my father but not in a fearful way but an intimidating way.

“Essentially Nekojin are still half animal. Yes, Humans have a way to procreate freely but most animals do not. They have what is called Heat. That is what is happening to me right now in the short version.” Aio said softly, trying to hide her face and make herself smaller against my chest.

I thought about what she had said, and it made sense. She would want to procreate with her Mate during her Heat period. Without really having gotten that far she didn’t really know what I would have done or said to something like that. Well I am a man so it should have been obvious but its ok.

Her fever was a mystery to me still, “Why the fever?” I asked

“Lack of ......” Aio said her words fading in embarrassment.

I chuckled softly, “Sweet one,” I said, slowly reaching down the front of her outfit sinking my fingers inside of her tightness. “I think we can remedy that if you wish it.” I growled against her neck as I moved my fingers inside of her wet channel earning a muffled moaning from her covered mouth.

“P-please R-ee-eenn” was all I got before even I lost control of my need to have my Mate under me. She was MINE and I was going to make sure that she STAYED MINE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

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