Dark Love

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New Problems PT1

[Aoi's POV]

Ren has been the best Mate I could have asked for he has been patient with me my entire Heat and with it finally ending we can settle down for a little while and get back to just us. I loved the added attention I had been given during my Heat and the undying love he had given me but I wanted another type of attention from Soren now and I wondered how to show him what I wanted.

My brain was going through all of this while I lay in our sea of a bed. I stretched and turned to face my sleeping Mate. At least I thought he was sleeping. He lay staring at me, a dazed dreamy look in his emerald eyes.

“What has you looking so dreamy this evening my Vampire love?” I asked as I turned into his chest, kissing his nose.

He chuckled softly at me, “I love being able to spend my evenings with you sweet one. Nothing brings me greater happiness. ” he said making me roll my eye a little in my head.

Ren would say such things that would have me in giggle fits if I let his words really get to me. This particular one was getting close, “Ren, my light, you are like nothing I have ever been around.” I admitted a little grudgingly.

He laughed “I shall take that as a good thing my kitten. Now, would you like to spend the day locked away again or would you like to explore the Palace with me?” Ren asked me curiously, instantly piquing my interest. I had only really seen a very small portion of the world and never the inside of a Palace. The very idea had me interested.

“I would love to go look around the Palace but I do not think I have the right attire for such things.” I said as I thought of my lack of clothing.

Yes, I had lived with Soren for six months but I had not asked him for anything. He had freely given me a bed and food, along with the warmth of another that could actually be trusted.

Ren chuckled softly before slipping out of our bed, his bare body shining against the candlelight as he moved to the other side of the room. He opened the door to a large dresser that held Vampiric attire.

I gasped as he held out a light silver-like blue dress that looked like liquid in his hands. I lept to my feet and went to him slowly, my hands out. My fingers touched the liquid-like silk, it felt like water under my touch. “For me?” I asked softly

“Each dress inside this dresser is for you my sweet one.” Ren said to me as he held the silver blue dress up to my body. “You are my Mate and you deserve only the best of what I can provide for you.” he whispered into my ear.

I smiled; he was the only one I could trust in my life right now that would not do me any true harm. “Ren, can I stay here with you?” I asked softly reaching out for him, my hands going past the dress to touch his face.

“You may stay with me for the rest of time.” Ren answered as he gathered me against him.

I smiled again and rested my head against his chest. A soft rumbling in my stomach causing us to both laugh a little.

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