Dark Love

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New Problems PT2

[Soren's POV]

Aio’s stomach grumbled a little and I smiled, she was letting herself get used to being around not just me but the fact that I’m Vampire is growing on her. Having to be around Humans and Nekojin that had nothing but hatred, contempt and jealousy.

“Come my sweet one, let’s go get you some food. I am sure the cooks can fix something to your liking.” I said as I helped her get dressed.

Aio smiled up at me and nodded. I held my hand out for her, she took it with a smile and let me lead her out of our room. I lead her through the Palace teaching her the ways through the halls and the different sections of the place we called home. We found the kitchens and thankfully they were empty, usually one or more of my siblings were lingering in the smoky halls.

“Your Highness, it is good to see you out and about.” a familiar voice called as my favorite cook came up to us.

“Seial, it is always good to see you my friend.” I said clasping hands with my old friend.

“Yes, it is my Prince. What may this kitchen do for you this fine evening?” Seial questioned as he led us to a spot in the corner of the kitchen.

“My Mate requires food, not blood food but real food.” I said as I pulled a chair out for Aio. Seial looked next to me, looking at Aio with curious eyes. He bowed his head to her.

“My lady, what is it that you wish to eat?” Seial asked as she sat down, a red blush to her face.

“Do you have fish?” Aio questioned softly

“My lady we have whatever your heart desires. If you wish to have fish all you need is to tell me how you wish to have is cooked.” Seial said with a smile and a flourishing bow, getting Aio to giggle at his antics.

“To be honest I would just like it cooked. I don’t really know of any different ways other than over a fire.” Aio said softly, her face growing even redder than before.

Seial made a dramatic gasp and scooted over to her side, he gently laid a hand on her shoulder. “Oh, honey I am going to spoil you so much it is going to be quite sad.” he said glaring at me before storming off barking orders to his underlings in the kitchen.

“You just started a kitchen war my sweet angel.” I said laughing heartily. I went to stand behind her holding her against my chest as we watched the kitchen staff rush around the kitchen at Seial’s orders.

Just as Seial brought Aio her food, I got a chill down my spine. One of my siblings was coming and I had a very sneaking suspicion who it was. Salina had always given off the air of contempt that gave me a slimy feeling in my mind.

Sure, enough Salina came in through the kitchen door, not seconds after Seial sat Aio’s breakfast in front of her.

“What are you doing here?” Salina seethed as she saw me and Aio, sitting in the back talking with Seial.

“Whatever I want Salina. This is my home too.” I growled angrily.

“Not if one of us takes your place it won’t be.” Salina snapped harshly.

None of my siblings wanted me here. They hated my existence for whatever reason but I ignored them. All nine of them. Salina had always been the worst of them all but as she got older, she had gotten worse.

I flashed to her, pushing her against the wall, trays flying with the speed of my movements. ”You will never take what I have bled for" I growled my, magics filling my voice as I tossed her out of the kitchen.

Turning around I straightened my shirt and walked back to Aio and Seial. “Don’t pay her any attention. I will speak with our father about her words after we eat. Seial, if you would please bring me a glass of A+ I would be thankful.” I said taking Aio’s hand in mine before kissing her forehead.

“Why was she so mean and hateful like that?” Aio questioned as Seial brought her a fork and butter knife.

“Her Highness despises our Prince because he was the first. King Dreven’s children are all blessed in many things. Intellect being one of the more prominent things. However, Prince Soren set the bar for excellence quite high for his siblings at a very young age.” Seial said getting a gruff growl from me.

“Don’t fill my Mate’s head with nonsense.” I said as one of the others set a goblet of blood next to my hand.

“It is not nonsense my Prince and you very well know it.” Seial said gasping his chest in faux hurt.

“I do not understand how siblings could despise each other. It does not make any sense to me. My people had been reduced to almost nothing and when we were saved, we grew again as a whole people. It was a tight knit type of thing.” Aio said her voice filled with confusion as she ate her breakfast.

“I am different from my siblings. I have a power they do not. They covet this power because it makes me the next Heir to our fathers Throne. I was born with this power so it is not like they can kill me and take it but it is a power that does not occur often and only happens to the true King or Queen of the Vampire people. I have been able to do things faster and far better than any of my counterparts because of my enhanced abilities and my siblings have been more scrutinized because of this.” I explained to Aio as she ate her food.

“I understand that.” Aio said softly her head hanging in sadness as she thought of her own difference. She held the powers of the gods and to her people that was death.

I squeezed her hand in mine, smiling at her a little. “The good thing now, is that we have each other to keep them away.” I said getting a giggle from her. “Come let’s finish our breakfast so we may continue our adventure. ” I said getting more giggling from her.

“Of course, my Prince. I want nothing more than to have another adventure with you.” She said still giggling as she finished her food.

****************MASSIVE TIME SKIP****************

4months later

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