Dark Love

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New Obstacles PT1

[Soren's POV]

It’s been a few weeks since Aio told me about the baby and I swear she is going to drive me insane with her need to nest. She had torn apart the entire suite of rooms making it one large nest for her to lay down anywhere.

I have already stepped on her tail twice and I can’t handle much more of this insanity before I lose my mind.

I love my sweet Nekojin more than I could put into words but this is driving me crazy.

Not knowing what to do with her behavior I went to my dad, hoping he had answers.

I went to his study after Aio had fallen asleep, “Enter.” he called

“Ah, Soren what can I do for you son.” Draven said as I came into the room.

“It’s Aio.” I said getting an instant response from him as he turned to look at me fully.

“Is she all right?” He asked, a hint of actual concern in his voice.

“She and the baby are fine. It’s me that is having the issue.” I said slumping into one of his chairs.

A chuckle escaped from my father’s mouth. “She’s nesting and you have no idea what to do about it.” He said as he sat next to me.

I nodded, “I’ve already stepped on her and I can’t move easily in the room. I never know where she is going to be because she won’t sit still. The bones of her meals are practically all over the room and it’s all driving me insane.” I said pulling at my hair a little just to prove my point.

My father chuckled at me as he patted a chair next to him. “She is trying to find a good spot to have the baby. She won’t let anyone but you near her anymore. You are the only one that she will listen to and the only one she will allow to enter that bedroom. I have already warned the regular staff to stay away from your tower at all costs. If any of your siblings cross a specific spot anywhere near your rooms an alarm goes off and your guards will appear to bring them to me.” he explained seriously.

My father knew me so well, it surprised me sometimes. “That is not helping pop. It does and doesn’t help all at the same time. I don’t know what to do with the way she is behaving. She avoids me and its painful.” I said seriously, as I hung my head a little. I was at a loss for just about anything at this point because I didn’t know what to expect.

I wanted to hold my Mate and child but she wouldn’t let me get close enough to even touch her. “It’s very aggravating and I don’t know how much more of it I can take.” I said sadly.

My dad sighed heavily, “Soren, Aio is not Vampire. The way that you expect her to behave is not the way she is going to behave. Everything you know about women will never be the same for every one you meet.” he said thoughtfully. “You have to open up to someone eventually son. Aio should be the one you tell these feelings too; your old man is not always going to be around to solve all your problems.” he added ruffling my hair like he used to when I was a kid before going to a shelf on his massive bookcase.

“There are many things you still have left to teach me father. I know there are things I will never truly understand until I go through any given situation, but this not being able to interact with my Mate and child is pushing my limits.” I said as he returned to his seat with a dusty book in his hands.

He was about to say something to me when suddenly a piercing alarm sounded in his study, causing us both to leap to our feet in a flash. “One of your insipid siblings has gone too far.” father said as we flashed out of the study and to the tower containing my rooms and pregnant Mate.

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