Dark Love

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New Obstacles PT2

[Aio's POV]

I was sound asleep close to our large bed where I had made another more comfortable place to lay. I had listened to Soren leave the room and I shifted to get more comfortable. I knew he had been worried about me, and I was trying to let him closer to me each day. It was just so very hard for me after watching my sister murdered in front of my eyes.

I knew Soren would never hurt me or our child but my innermost fears would not allow me to get over my fears. I was going to make it up to him when he got back from whatever he had gone to do. I would curl up in his lap just like I loved to do and hope for our child to move again so he could feel his son.

I needed to bring myself to understand the I had a real Mate and not someone who was pretending. Soren would never turn his back on me and his son and I needed to just bring myself to accept that.

I was dreaming of Soren holding me close to his chest on our bed when I was abruptly awoken by a screeching sound that sent me scurrying quickly to hide under the king-sized bed. What in the name of all that was holy hell was that!!!

The bedroom door slammed open and I could smell two new Vampires enter. “Here kitty kitty, come out and play with your new siblings.” a female’s voice called sadistically as they came tearing through the room.

“Aww the little bitch cat is too stuck up for us Salina” a male voice called as something else was thrown across the room.

“No worries Taketa, we will find the little things and rip that pretty little tail off her body. She does not deserve to be in this Palace.” Salina sneered as she ripped apart Soren’s desk.

They were the ones I was really afraid of, Soren’s siblings. Their hatred of him was terrifying to me. How could they have such a hate for their own. It was never something I would ever understand. I curled in on my distended stomach trying to protect our son as Soren’s siblings ripped apart our bedroom searching for me.

They called out for me to come to them like a good little pet, but I could do nothing but hold my stomach and shake. It was something I could hardly do because of how large my stomach had become. I was so scared.

Just as I saw the fingers of Salina’s hand reach under the edge of the bed to flip it over, the door crashed open once more.

Soren’s voice echoed throughout the room, ”HOW DARE YOU ENTER THIS ROOM WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!! YOU DARE DEFY YOUR OWN FATHER AND KING!!! YOU WERE PLENTLY WARNED!!!!!” his voice was filled with a power I had never felt or heard before and I knew that this was the true power of the Vampire King.

Soren was King and Draven was just holding his place. I understood it all the moment Soren’s power filled his voice as he came to my aid.

“We will never follow you!!” Salina screamed as I could hear Soren’s guards grab her and her brother.

“Then you will be banished.” I heard Draven snap harshly as I could hear more scuffling.

“You cannot banish us father!! We are your children!!” Taketa growled out.

“It is not up to father this time.” Soren’s calm voice came and its tones scared me far more than his voice filled with power. “You came into my chambers to harm my Mate and child. If I only choose to banish you, it will be because no harm has come to my mate.” he said as his guards dragged his siblings out of the rooms.

“Aio!! Sweet one please!! It’s all over where are you!!” Soren called for me and I let out a scared whimper from my hiding place under the bed.

His beautifully chiseled face appeared right where I could see him. I smiled at him and tried to wiggle my way back out from under our bed. Halfway out I became stuck, sending a sharp pain through me. “REN!!!” I screamed out in pain, and suddenly I wasn’t trapped anymore.

I was instantly lifted into the air and safely taken from the disastrous chambers that had been our once peaceful rooms. Another wave of pain filled my body and I held my side, feeling my little kit kick inside me yet again.

“It’s going to be alright, my love.” Soren’s voice was in my ear as gentle as he could make it.

“Your ... son ... wants out ... ” I panted out as I felt the kit kick again.

Soren looked at me a little shocked before he picked up his speed, swiftly carrying me to a better place for our child’s birth. I was quickly surrounded by blankets and pillows. It smelled of Soren. Every blanket and every pillow. Everything was my Mate and it was something I needed right now.

It had been something I had been missing for weeks. “Soren,” I mewled reaching up for him. I felt so foolish for keeping him at arms length for so long.

His much bigger hand found mine and I pulled it down to where our kit stretched against my strained stomach. His eyes lit up and he smiled up at me, “Alright little one, calm yourself.” Soren said his words for our child.

I gripped his arm tightly as another wave of pain filled my body. “Ren” I whimpered as the pain had become more intense the second time.

Soren kissed my forehead before turning to his father. “Call for my Healers father, if you would be so kind.” he said over his shoulder to his father who had followed us to wherever he had taken me.

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