Dark Love

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Taking One's Place PT2

[Draven’s POV]

Draven’s Children:


Soren(M) (Mother: Not Specified)

Salina(F) (Mother: Sachi {now deceased})

Taketa(M) (Mother: Sachi {now deceased})

Kanagi(M) (Mother: Miyahira, current Queen)

Iseri(F) (Mother: Miyahira, current Queen)

Kodama(M) (Mother: Miyahira, current Queen)

Niwa (M) (Mother: Miyahira, current Queen)

Eichi (M) (Mother: Miyahira, current Queen)

Kahori(F) (Mother: Miyahira, current Queen)

Raku(F) (Mother: Miyahira, current Queen)

I sat in my study still deep in thought. It had disturbed me at how much hatred had been inside Salina and Taketa. I had been more than just a little surprised at their malice for their brother.

Of my ten children only, they had such hatred in their hearts. It was a confusing fact to me. Of course, it probably had to do with their mother. Sachi was a very cruel Vampire and for the longest time I had not seen the coldness in her very core. She had come to me with the sweetest intentions at first but after the birth of Taketa she had changed for only the worse.

It was as if Salina and Taketa had stolen all her kind hearted intentions. It had greatly saddened me when I was the one to take her life. She had made an attempt on Soren, Salina and Taketa’s very lives and I was not going to allow her evil to take my children. No matter how much I had cared for her. My current Queen has been able to maintain her grace and charm over the centuries and I have fallen in love with her personality. She has been a blessing in the darkness of our world.

I was still lonely however, and I would never feel the love I once had. I was jealous of Soren and his brightly lit path but I had followed my own path long before his.

After Salina and Taketa’s attack on Soren’s rooms Aio had gone into labor but I had been informed that they were both doing very well. I was prepared to meet my grandchild any day now but I did not know if I had the strength to not break.

I knew that it was my time to pass along my father’s Legacy. It was time for Soren to take his rightful place and I was not going to stand in his way but I would guide him for the rest of my days.

A knock on the study’s doors drew me back to reality. “Enter” I called, as Tashiro came inside quietly.

“My King, Lady Aio wishes to see you.” Tashiro said as he bowed deeply to me.

I nodded and stood before following him out of my study and to where Soren and Aio had been staying.

[Aio’s POV]

I was tired but I knew where my son and Mate were the moment, I opened my eyes. Soren had let me sleep as much as I needed saying he could not care for our son alone. That they both needed me.

His words had filled me with joy and I was even more in love with my Vampire when I caught him soothing our son. The little kit did not like to sleep during the night, he preferred to stay awake with his father and it warmed my heart.

My boys.

My family. The only one missing was Draven and I had asked Soren if he could come now. Soren had smiled at me, kissed me softly and nodded. He had placed our son in my arms and left only to return quickly.

Tashiro and Liro were never too far from us. At least not since I have been awake. I liked having them around. They knew how to help and they let me and Soren do most of the work. I never felt threatened or frightened with them around.

“Ren?” I called softly knowing he was not far from my side.

His hands wrapped around me, and I smiled. He was everything to me. “How are you feeling my angel?” he asked, as he gathered me closer in his arms.

“I am feeling much better. Where is our son?” I questioned as I leaned against him.

“Asleep in his own bed finally. He has been awake since dusk.” he replied softly a tired sigh escaping him.

I smiled at him, “My love you do realize that I can care for him as well.” I said knowing his response before he ever opened his mouth. “I have been feeling just fine for the past few days and have not complained about you consuming our son’s time. However, I am going to protest. You have not fed have you?” I said as I really looked at him.

His eyes were ringed in black and he did not look like himself. He was far paler than usual and it worried me. I could smell his scent fading almost. I grabbed his face in my small hands and made him look right at me. “I cannot lose you.” he whispered leaning his head against mine

“And I cannot lose you, come, my Vampire feed.” I said as I nicked my wrist with my own teeth to present him with my blood.

His eyes softened as he gently bit into my wrist, drinking from me. I let him take his fill, knowing he would never hurt me. My Vampire was starving himself just to stay close to us. Unacceptable in my eyes.

When he was done, he closed his marks on my wrist and gathered me again in his arms. Letting me rest on his wide chest. I smiled up at him as a soft knock came, I tensed for only a moment but was quickly rewarded by Draven’s soft weathered face.

“Father,” came Soren’s soft voice as he sprang to his feet and greeted his dad.

“It is good to see you both.” Draven said as he came into the room. “May I?” he asked looking at Soren and then me.

I held my hand out to him and Draven was at my side. “Your Majesty, thank you for coming.” I said softly, a smile on my face.

“Dear Lady, when one is called by the Queen one does not hesitate to answer.” he said getting a curious look from me.

I was not the Queen. At least not yet.

It was true that Soren and I were bonded and we had already begun our family but Draven was still King. By all Vampiric rights and Laws Draven still Ruled over Vampire kind.

Shaking the thought from my mind for now I looked again at Draven. “Our child does not have a name worthy of his father. It is my wish that you our King Father grant him his name.” I said, knowing that I was doing the right thing.

Draven was taken aback by my request, “Dear sweet Lady it would be my Honor to name a future King.” he said bringing my hand to his mouth to gently place a kiss on the back.

He rose to his feet and turned to his own son, who was now holding our child. Draven bowed deeply to Soren, as he stood with his arms out. Soren gently placed our small son in his grandfather’s arms and stood back, letting me have a clear view of them both.

The air filled with magics older than time itself as Draven stared at my son. “The Kings before you are happy to know our young son of Drakon’s blood. We name you ......”

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