Dark Love

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The Encounter

[Soren's POV]

Something was going to happen today. I could feel it in my very essence.

No one else could sense a thing but I could and it put me on high alert all night long. It wasn’t until I had just given up that need to be on guard that anything actually happened.

Angry I walked through the gardens and into the wild forests. It was the only place I could really think in peace. The servants were terrified of the trees and what lay beyond and within them. All it ever did was make me curious and feel just that much different than my people.

Just as I was reaching my little alcove by the river, I noticed something moving slowly in the underbrush. A small whimper reached my sensitive ears and I slowed my fast pace even more. There was something there and it was hurt.

I slowly crept up to the furred mass that was creeping even slower along the forest floor to inspect the creature.

To my surprise it was what looked to be a human female.

She was terribly dirty and it looked as if she was bleeding but I could not smell any blood from her. What an odd human. Feeling sympathy for her I quickly picked her up and flashed to the pool that had formed against the rivers bend. I cleaned her up quickly, which surprised me because I expected her to at least fight me at some point but the young woman in my arms never even really made a move to do much of anything but whimper and hide her face.

I felt bad for her and something inside me began to stir. Why would this woman make me feel anything after so many long years? I felt as if she had been brought to me by the gods but was angry about her tattered state. I was not happy that a female was in such a dirty unkept state that looked as if she had been hunted by others.

“Please, you have nothing to worry about. I will not hurt you; I swear it.” I said to her as I scooped her up and began to carry her back to the Palace. She was going to be mine and only mine and there was nothing anyone could do about it. I could feel it in my essence that she was MINE.

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