Dark Love

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A Name for a King PT1

[Soren’s POV]

The feeling that surrounded us all in the room was one I had once been very familiar with. The power of my ancestors. I could feel my grandfather’s power within the vortex that was filling the air around my son and father. The energy giving off the very distinct smell of all the Vampire Kings that had come before.

“... We name you Kojiro Jun Nightwing of the Mighty House of Drakon.” the voices of my forefathers rang through my very core. “May you always find the things you seek, young Kojiro.” the Kings stated, giving my son the very same blessing, they had given me.

I watched as their power flowed around my father and into my young son, as they blessed him with the powers of the Ancient Kings. Just like they had done with me. They were making a statement to the cosmic line of their very blood. Kojiro had the right to rule the Vampire people, given to him by the very gods themselves.

Just like me. We were bonded by that fate and it was one I was going to make sure my son understood. He was to follow in my footsteps and I would make sure to make them the right path to follow. For all Vampire kind and my son.

I watched my father hold Kojiro closer to him as the power flowed into my child.


[Aio’s POV]

I watched everything closely. The power in the room was older than even I knew and it was something pure and good. I could tell that it was something I could not stop but that it was still good. Soren had made no moves to stop anything.

In fact, he had remained very statue-like as he watched in awe at everything happening. A look of determination coming to his face. It was something he knew about and something he would tell me about later.

“... We name you Kojiro Jun Nightwing of the Mighty House of Drakon.” the voices of a thousand Kings spoke from Draven’s mouth, sending chills down my spine. Draven was saying something else but I could no longer hear him. I was so tired.

He was like his father. I was beyond proud and happy in that moment. They had accepted my son and I knew he would always be safe.

I could feel exhaustion beginning to take over my body. I guess I had overdone it again. Using my own magics to monitor my son and Mate had been taking it out of me. I knew my Mate would always love and care for his child and that in itself brought me a happiness I could never explain.

I smiled at them all as I fought to keep my eyes open.

[Soren’s POV]

I could feel Aio begin to fade from consciousness and was instantly worried. I whipped around and went right to her as her eyes closed and opened. I gently placed my hand on her face, looking at her worriedly.

‘I am just tired’ her words sounded in my mind as I could feel her fight to stay awake.

“Hold on my angel.” I whispered before flashing to my father, who had become his normal self again.

The magic of the Kings had faded and I had sensed my Mate’s exhaustion and weakness.

I gently took Kojiro from my father to go back to Aio and place him in her arms.

“Our son Kojiro needs to sleep as well and I think a nice family nap will do us all some good.” I said getting a soft giggle from my kitten. I smiled and kissed her forehead. “Rest with our son, I will see to the rest before joining you both.” I said.

Aio smiled at me and turned on her side to wrap herself around our child protectively. Both falling asleep instantly.

Quickly father and I left the room, I looked to Liro and Toshiro “Please check Aio, I want to make sure she is just tired and not in any danger.” I said, trying to keep the note of pleading from my voice.

They both bowed to me and hurried inside my room to do as I had asked. I could feel my father’s hand on my shoulder, comforting me.

“She will be a good Queen. She is strong that one.” he said as he started to walk off toward his study.

“Aio cares for you, father. She wants you to acknowledge her as a daughter, even though she is not Vampire. You should see her study our ways. It is very adorable at times. I tell her that not everything is the same and things have changed so I have been teaching her.” I said causing him to stop in his tracks.

“I have already considered her a part of this family since the day she made herself known to me. She is your Mate; your true other half and I cannot deny that. I could never see Aio as anything less than my daughter.” he said as he looked up at me a very serious look in my eyes.

“I am glad to know that. It will make her happy to know as well, if you would only tell her yourself.” I said knowing he never would. He was a proud Vampire and would not truly let himself admit to his real feelings. He had been cold all of my life and I had never truly known why.

“Soren, ” he said a sadness in his voice as I looked up at. “Tomorrow come to the Throne Room around noon. There are a few things that need to be done.” he said before vanishing completely.

I knew then that he was going to step down. He was too far gone in his own sadness to continue to rule. He needed to rest and I was going to give my father his needed time. The time every King took before at last fading into Legends.

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