Dark Love

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A Name for King PT2

[Aio’s POV]

I knew Soren and Draven had left so when I could open my eyes even the smallest of bits. I looked down at my sleeping child in my arms.

He had blue Nekojin ears along with a blue furred tail that brought tears to my eyes. He was too much like me and not enough like my beloved Soren. I wanted our child to be a perfect copy of Soren so that he would not face any harsh word from others in his life. I wanted him to only know love and happiness.

Knowing he had the Nekojin traits was in my eyes an automatic hard life for him. Son of the future King or not. He was still only half-Vampire. The Vampire people would never truly accept him.

Those thoughts rang in my head and broke my heart as I fell asleep rocking my week-old son in my arms. My poor Kojiro. My sweet child will always have me though.

Time skip Four months later

[Soren’s POV]

Aio had been getting better with each passing day and our son had grown to the size of a young child. It had only been four months and I had been beyond worried and a little freaked out. My son should grow at least a little slower than that.

I was worried until Tashiro, Liro and Aio had explained that Nekojin kind grow to full size within the first three months of their lives. However, because Kojiro is half Vampire his ageing is actually much slower than a pure bread Nekojin.

Nekojin reach maturity quickly but cannot fully become adults until they find their bond mate. Aio had never found hers because I could not be in sunlight for long periods. I had been lonely because she had never known of the beauty of the Obyss.

Now we are together and my life could not have been filled with anymore happiness. At least that was what I thought. Then she gave me Kojiro and my life had just gotten that much more beautiful and happier.

Aio had come into our rooms, Kojiro tagging along behind her as usual, his hair wet from his bath. “Ren?” she called in her soft bell-like voice as she finished getting Kojiro ready for bed.

I turned to her curiously, having been studying reports from the consul. “Yes, my angel?” I replied curiously.

“I have been wondering about something.” she said as Kojiro came bounding into my lap happily. “I want our son to always be protected but I fear for him not having friends. Someone he can truly count on to always have his back.” she said when I looked up at her.

Her words came to a bit of a shock to me. “Friends can be nice, but one can never put too much faith in them.” I said mechanically.

Aio gasped in shock, taking a step back from me. “What about Mates, can you put your faith in your own Mate!!” she shouted tears running down her face.

I looked at her instantly taking her into my arms. “I will always have faith in you, my sweet angel. I have never doubted you and I never will.” I said making sure she knew I was telling her the truth.

“Then why do you not have faith in anyone else Ren?” she questioned softly.

“Because eventually they all want something in return for their friendship. The only real friends I have ever had are my servants. The ones closest to me.” I said seriously, as flashbacks ran across my vision. A time where I had blind faith in someone, I had thought was my friend.

“Kojiro will want connections to other beings my Vampire. I want him to make friends, even if it is with the wait staff.” she said as she went to the actual bedroom to rest.

I smiled at her tenacity and followed after her.

I stopped at the door to the bedroom, a wave of darkness overtaking my senses. Something was wrong. Or something bad was about to happen. Either way I ran to check on my Mate and son.

Seeking Aio

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