Dark Love

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Hunting Rouges PT1

[Soren's POV]

Aio was taken right in front of my eyes.

Right now

Right then

How am I going to explain this to our son?

How am I going to find her?

What am I going to do?

I could hear shouting and my guards running around the rooms searching for the culprit and Aio, but I couldn’t sense my Mate anymore.

She was gone.

I could feel someone’s hand on my shoulder and I was pulled from my haze to see my son’s eyes. He was confused and scared and I just took him into my arms and held him close. Still in a daze.

“Search everywhere. I want her found.” I said as I shuffled out of the room with Kojiro in my arms and my father behind me.

“Soren,” I heard my father but it wasn’t registering in my head just what happened. I had watched my Mate be taken from me right before my eyes. It was like she and her captor had just evaporated right in front of me. Like smoke.

I had been unable to do anything to save her, from whatever fate had fallen her. She was so small and helpless in this dark world and someone had just taken her from me.

How had this happened? How had they gotten inside!! Only those with special permissions were allowed to enter the Palace grounds.

It was something that I wanted to know about, “Where are my personal guards.” I asked my father, as I sat on the Throne-like chair in the center of the room.

“They are searching the Palace with the other guards. The entire Palace is on high alert son.” dad said as he looked around the room.

“Summon Rune to me here.” I said softly. Making sure Kojiro was safe in my arms as I stood to move to the bookcase in the back.

I could feel dad bow his head to me before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

I need to calm myself before coming into contact with anymore of my people. I was fuming with anger and I was beyond scared for my Mate. I needed to get myself to under control. I knew my son was asleep and he could sense that I was beyond angry but he had decided to ignore it and sleep through everything.

My brave boy. He was more like his mother than I realized. He was strong willed for sure but he had a sense of calm that only Aio had possesses and I needed to take a page from their book.

Why would anyone want to kidnap Aio? She had been banished from The Sun Fields by her own people. The only people who knew of her existence were those inside this Palace. No one lives outside the Palace and works here. Everyone is being searched my Mate will be found, but there is that small part of me that says she is not in the Palace anymore. Someone has taken her beyond the gardens and into the forest.

Only my Personal Guards were brave enough to venture into the forest at all. Rune was their captain. He had been with me since my birth and has been a loyal friend even when I had thought otherwise. Rune had been the ONLY of my Original Guards to not betray me.

Within a few short moments my father returned with Rune in tow, both wore very worried looks on their stern faces. My father sort of faded into the background, while Rune moved to kneel in front of me. His head bowed, hand over his heart, fist on the floor in the deepest respect one could give.

“You summoned Your Majesty.” Rune spoke his voice deep like the forest he was about to go hunt in.

“Yes, gather the Twins. You are to hunt for my Mate in the Forest.” I said getting a shocked gasp only from my father in the corner.

Rune, however, cracked a very wicked smile. “Yes, Your Majesty.” he said before disappearing in a flash of smoke.

“Son, you cannot be serious. Why would you put those three together!!!” my father protested as he stood in my view.

“I want my Mate found and I want her found before any harm can befall her.” I said seriously, as I looked down at my week-old son, wondering how I was going to feed him until I found his mother.

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