Dark Love

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[Soren's POV]

I’m getting really pissed off with my Guards I had sent for my Mate. They should have been back by now and they should have brought Aio with them or at least some type of news or something. It was getting beyond annoying that not one of them has come back to tell me what the fuck is going on with my Mate.

I have a week-old son that needs his mother and I have no idea on what to do without her around and I am starting to feel the effects of not having Aio near me. At first it was the absolute shock of seeing her being taken from me. Then it was the anger of her being gone. Then it was the denial stage of where I searched with Kojiro in my arms for her in our rooms for like an hour. Now it was the worry stage where I was to the point of about to go get her myself, with Kojiro tucked into my chest armor.

I was in the process of planning my escape with Kojiro when a loud ‘crash’ sounded in the hallway outside the doors. I tucked my son into my shirt front and stood my ground ready for anything when Rune crashed through the double doors. Hovering above the floor as he struggled to gain his Balance again.

“That bloody hurt!!!” he shouted as he was followed by Sin and Astrophel they were also soaring through the air. However they were less like a newborn than Rune.

Then I heard the most angelic, sweetest sound in my life. The laughter of my beautiful Mate, Aio. She was coming through the doors a bright smile on her face as she laughed fully, almost doubling over, as she held her middle.

“Well you fool, that is what you get for not listening to the instructions I gave you. They were simple enough I thought.” Aio said over her giggles.

“We didn’t all go crashing into the doors now did we?” Astrophel said smartly sticking his tongue out to Rune, with a smile.

Rune straightened himself, his feet still hovering a little above the floor. “It was bad timing then.” he said thoughtfully.

“No shit stupid.” Sin said guffawing and slapping Rune spinning him in a 360° turn.

“Lady Aio said to wait for three full breaths, my love. You waited for like a half a breath before charging into battle.” Astrophel said with a little giggle following his words before he noticed that I was staring at them openly. He dropped to his knee “Your Majesty, please forgive our behavior.” he said his voice deeper than it just was. His head down, hand over his heart in the normal fashion but I was so dazed by his quick switch in character.

What had me still staring was the fact that they were all still floating off the ground. By like 1/2 an inch. It looked very eerie. I looked at my personal guards, the only ones I trusted above any others, before looking at my Mate. My beloved Aio.

“Angel-heart, could you please set them down. It’s sort of creepy seeing them hover like that.” I said as I walked over to her love in my eyes, as I slowly brought our son from under my shirt front.

Aio giggled and held her arms out for us both to come to her as the others were put on the ground gently. I went to her without hesitation, there was a need to touch her inside me and it needed to be fulfilled. Kojiro was awake now that his mother was home and his eyes were now trained on Aio with a teary look in his eyes.

“Oh, my little Rio.” Aio crooned as she took Kojiro from my arms to cuddle him against her chest. “Momma is just fine. Those nice big Guards of papa’s took very good care of me. They made sure momma came home safe and sound.” she said with a smile.

“So, they did do their job.” I said glaring at the three still kneeling at my feet.

“Stop Ren, they did exactly as they were ordered to do, by both you and me. I am home in one piece and they made sure of that.” Aio said her voice rather commanding. Surprising the ever-loving hell out of me.

I looked at my Mate in surprise, she had never been so demanding or forward with anyone, not since I had found her. She had been so timid and scared of everything. Now looking at her, holding our four-month-old son, there was something about her that had changed. She had become stronger somehow.

“What happened my sweet?” I asked as I gathered her into my arms, afraid she would pull away but so damn happy she snuggled into my embrace.

“I had to face my brother and his bitch.” Aio said with a sigh leaning into me even more.

“That asshole was your brother!!!!!” Astrophel shouted leaping to his feet in shock and full on Vampiric anger.

“Shut up stupid!!” Sin snapped as he yanked his twin down and made him kneel again.

Aio giggled at their antics so I couldn’t really be angry with them. I guess they had all bonded on their journey, and that was all right but if one of them tried to take my Mate from me or hurt her I would destroy them all.

I was pulled from my hateful thoughts by the small hand on my arm, “Ren?” Aio called softly her angelic voice filled with worry.

I looked down at her curiously, “Yes, my sweet?” I replied

“Are you all right? You are glowing red.” she stated as she held my hand up for me to see a deep crimson surrounding my hands.

“Rune, go get my father right now.” I commanded. “Everyone but Aio and Kojiro leave.” I said my voice echoing, getting immediate action from Sin and Astrophel as well as from the other servants and Guards as well. They all disappeared and left me alone with my Mate and child.

I went to stand in front of the Throne, my rightful place. The Kings of Old were telling me it was time and that it was now. I had yet to sit in that seat, even as a child I had not sat in that chair. That one chair in the entire Palace, I had not sat in.

It was the one spot I had never felt was mine to take until it was supposed to be mine. I had been named the next Vampire King by the Kings of old. Just like my son. It must run in the bloodline. I thought wryly.

It was only a matter of minutes before my father came running into the Throne room a worried look on his face. The look changed instantly to one of deep understanding the moment he looked at me. He went to stand in front of me, just in front of the Throne.

The Throne of our Forefathers.

The Vampires that bled to make this Kingdom what it is now.

My father brought up his deep evergreen magics to surround his body, calling on the Kings before him, the Throne room filling with the power of the Ancient Kings of the past.

I heard Aio squeak in surprise or fear I couldn’t really tell what it was because my focus was on my father. He was chanting in Ancient Vamipirian and I needed to pay attention to him. It was my turn to take over and rule. This was my time to rule the Vampire People and all those we ruled. The power and knowledge were flowing into me at an extremely fast rate and if my dad had not gotten there when he had I would have been torn apart by all of it.

There was a reason we were in an enchanted room with a thousand Guarding spells on every wall. The reason only four people stood in the room. The blood line will remain pure. It will stay strong. Nothing evil will seep into the blood and to keep it that way this is how it is done.

I remember the day my father had become King. I had been in the room with him as well. Just me and him and Grandfather Silas. It had been very terrifying but I knew Kojiro would be fine because he had his mother. I did not.

I could feel the ancient power flow into my body, it burning every vein and tendon as it reshaped my body into a much stronger version of myself. Someone worth ruling the supernatural.

As the power flowed into me it faded from my father until finally it had transferred fully from one King to another.

When it was finished my father looked much older. Before he looked to be a man in his early thirties, now he looked to be in his late sixties. It was definitely not something I was used to.

In tradition he extended his hand to me, a smile on his face, “I have served the People for many Centuries. It is now your time, King Soren Nightwing.” he said formally, his words final.

I was now the new King. He bowed his head to me as I took his extended hand and traded places with him, as is tradition, “I swear to always do my best, to do what is right by all the People as King. Thank you, Former King Dreven, for your service and your undying love and care for your People. It will never be forgotten.” I said nodding my head to my father as he stepped down away from the Throne.

The Ancient Power faded from the room releasing Aio and Kojiro from its grasp. As soon as that happened, Kojiro burst into a hysterical screaming tear fest. He was crying waterfalls. Aio had no idea what to do or what was going on.

I stood and went to her and our son and took him from her. I carried him to one of our indoor arenas and then I handed him a small wooden sword. His tears ended when the hilt touched his hand.

“No!” Aio screamed at me. “He is too young and I will not have him learning this so young.” she practically growled at me.

I sighed, normally I would give her, her way but not in this. Kojiro needed to be less of a baby and more ready to face anything. I looked at Kojiro, “Do not move from that spot.” I commanded, he only nodded. I knew he needed some type of structure at that point and I had been too busy to figure it out.

I went to my Mate in a flash and wrapped my arms around her, making sure that she couldn’t hit me at least. “My sweet angel. Kojiro needs something to keep him Balanced and if he doesn’t find it, he will fall apart. Just because it is used to fight does not mean it is bad. I will teach him discipline and protection my love I promise you this. A future King does not behave this way.” I said very seriously to my Mate, my Dominance showing through.

It was very hard for me to act like this with Aio but she was being so very persistent with not letting Kojiro learn how to fight for himself. My son was going to become the next King and he had more than enough responsibilities to fulfill as it was now.

My father had been watching the entire thing and when I had let Aio go, he spoke, “My King, I might say that it is wise to train the young one in the old ways first.” he said wisely.

I thought about that for a second and that meant that Kojiro would learn from books and learn by martial arts as well. I could live with that. “I agree father and you can drop the whole my king crap. To you it’s just Soren, or Ren like always, pop. You are my dad after all.” I said with a smile.

Aio looked at us both with curious cat-like eyes her furious edge still in her gaze. “What are these ‘old ways’ you speak of Father?” she questioned, never taking her eyes off of me.

“My dear Gentle Lady Queen, they are what made both me and your fine Mate into the men we are today. It is book learning and teachings of how to strengthen both the soul and the mind.” my father said, careful to word his explanation carefully to Aio.

“I will see about these ‘old ways’ of yours.” Aio said still glaring at me but she turned her glare to my father before flashing out of the throne room.

I could feel her wanting to pull Kojiro away from me and that upset me. Beyond that, it hurt me more than anything. She hated the thought of our son even knowing the very thought of fighting. It hurt her that much that she wanted to separate him from me.

That was painful.

I was in for more than one hell of a ride.

Welcome home baby girl.

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