Dark Love

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[Aio’s POV]

I had been paying attention to what was going on and I had not liked being coerced into letting my son learn how to fight. However, the dominant tone in Soren’s voice had me rethinking my stand on the issue. It was something I could only argue for so long apparently. A mother’s fears could only hold for so long I suppose. I don’t think I was ready for all of this.

I was chased from my home. I was forced from my place on my own Throne and it was something I had to live with from an early age. I had only been a year old when my brother had betrayed us all. He had attacked us in the middle of the night and it was more than a struggle for me to escape.

I had been the one to push for Sohito’s training because I had felt he had needed it to protect himself. He had been such a small and timid Nekojin. I regret that decision now, but I feel like it made me a better person because I met Soren. Sohito had been older than me and I had wanted my big brother to be able to defend me and our sister against anything big and scary but he had turned into a monster after he had come home from his training and it had become something out of a nightmare. My parents, elder sister and I had to leave the Citadel for fear of our lives because Sohito had been looking for my power.

He had wanted it for his own uses and none of them had been for the good of the Nekojin people. He had wanted to use the power to rule the People with an iron fist and make them submit to him. Our father had questioned him once about his reasons for wanting such a great power. Sohito said that the Nekojin people had been lost in their frivolous past times and that they needed to become more regulated. They needed to be more militarized and more organized or they would be devoured by the things in the Obyss once again. Sohito had turned Eryas into a war factory.

I sighed heavily at my own thoughts as I looked around Kojiro’s bedroom. It was true the Nekojin people grew to almost full size within a few short months after their birth but they maintained a sense of childlike dependency for years after. I still wanted my time with my son and I felt like it had just been ripped from my fingers.

I was standing in the middle of the room and just sank to the floor, tears falling down my face as I cried my own type of heartache. I held Kojiro’s baby blanket in my hands and I just cried. I cried for the loss of my parents and the loss of the time with my son. I cried for the fact that I had just walked away from the only relative I had left because I couldn’t trust him anymore. I cried because I was afraid of what my future held.

I thought I heard the door open but I no longer cared. I was too far gone in my sorrow to care anymore. I only snapped out of my daze when a large gentle hand appeared on my shoulder.


I smacked his hand away, jumping to my feet and away from him. The look on his face was one of shock and hurt. I didn’t care though, he hurt me far more than I ever could hurt him.

“Aio,” he began softly, his hand reaching for me.

“No, Soren. Not right now.” I snapped as I left Kojiro’s room, slamming the door behind me. I went into our bedroom and scaled the wall and into the smallest area I could find and used my magic to carve out a nest for myself. I wanted to me left alone and this was the only way.

[Soren’s POV]


My Mate just smacked my hand away and left me standing here without telling me anything at all. I come looking for her only to find her bawling her eyes out in our son’s bedroom. I have no idea what I did wrong but I know that this is my fault somehow.

How do I know this?

Because she wouldn’t even look at me.

Aio has always looked at me, even for a second. Not this time. She didn’t even glance at me, or bother to glare at me. I stood in Kojiro’s room for a minute thinking that it must be about him learning to handle a sword but why all these hysterics about it now?

True she didn’t want him learning any of this until he was much older but there had to be a reason behind it. Wait didn’t she say she just had to deal with her brother? And didn’t Astrophel make a big deal about it?

She probably ordered them to not talk about it though that’s why Sin made a big deal. She had probably forbidden them from speaking to anyone about it and there was no way for me to make them tell me. It was after all a Royal decree. I had claimed Aio as my Mate the moment father had known about her in front of everyone the very next day. In this kingdom that meant she was my Queen. It worked a little differently in the Vampire Kingdom than what people actually thought it did.

A Vampire couple could have a ‘wedding ceremony’ but it was not necessary to be a wedded couple. Both must agree and have a bond to each other and it must be something more than just a simple crush. It is a forever bond and it comes along very rarely to a True Mate couple, like Aio and I.

I needed to know what was wrong with my Neko because I couldn’t lose her due to my own stupidity.

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