Dark Love

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I stared at the statue-like woman in my bedroom. I had ghosted past all the servants and other nobles in the Palace to come straight to my chambers. A tower at the furthest end of the Palace of the Vampires. I didn’t really like anyone so I didn’t want to be around anyone. I had flashed around the rooms and locked everything. I was not joking to myself when I had said I was going to keep this woman for myself.

She had yet to speak to me or to even whimper, not since we entered the gardens of the Palace. Once inside my rooms she had run to a corner and made herself as small as possible in the terrible furs I had found her roaming the forest in. I wanted to get closer to her but was afraid to spook her and cause some type of painful trauma to her in some way. I wanted to make her feel comfortable but I was too afraid to frighten her.

What was I going to do with such a timid human? I kept my distance, but stayed close to her, by sitting at the edge of my bed where I could see her. She just sat there shaking in fear waiting for me to do something to hurt her and it would never happen.

After a few hours, my guest finally moved. She stood and turned slowly toward me, her head still down, her eyes on the floor. “Please let me go.” She whispered her voice like a soft melody to my ears. It was sudden, like some inner lock being undone and a force within being released.

With just the sound of this human woman’s voice. In that second of sound I knew she was meant for me. She was my Mate. The one meant for me alone.

“Who are you?” I questioned her; I was the one who found her wandering around in my territory after all.

I could hear the soft sniffle she couldn’t hide, “I am no one.” She replied softly, as she tried to hide her tears from me. I knew she was scared, hell I would be too, but her words angered me.

I looked at her a little angrily, she was someone and to me she was someone very damn important!!!!!! However, instead of screaming at the top of my lungs at her foolishness, I slowly went to her. She had obviously been through something serious and I wanted to know what.

Despite having just met this woman and not even knowing her name or anything about her at all, we were connected already, she was my Mate and I would do anything for her. I was already falling in love with her. I needed to be patient with her because I knew she had to have been through something really bad and it was not good for her to go from one monster to another. I would show her something different.

I got closer but still not close enough to seem a threat to her s I sat on the floor close to her.

“I think you are someone.” I said softly, my hand itching to touch her. She shook her head adamant that she was no one. “Then why should you want to be free?” I asked

“I can do nothing right. I am nothing good.” She whispered mechanically like she had said it a million times. Her words breaking my heart in the manner she had said them, she was so sure of them that she didn’t want to admit to her beauty.

“Why?” I asked needing a truthful answer I used some of my powers of persuasion on her.

“I am not like the others. They hate me because I am different and because I cause a lot of bad storms when I am upset.” She said truthfully. Her head twitched like she wanted to look up but kept looking down.

“Different how?” I asked softly, wondering about that whole storm situation. This little human could possess magic of some type. I wanted her to look at me but I wanted her to choose it of her own free will, however she was a very stubborn woman. She needed to know that she was in a safe place now.

She instantly shied away from me again, whimpering and shaking her head, “Nonononononononono” she chanted

“Calm down little bit! I will not harm you for any reason.” I said in an alarmed but calming voice.

She paused at my quick nickname for her, turning to finally look at me with scared blue eyes. They were so blue they were like crystals staring up at me, “I am scared.” She whimpered sinking down and huddling in on herself again. She covered her head and made herself as small as she could making herself look like a piece of the forest undergrowth. It was like I had dragged a dead log into my room. I smiled at my thought before turning back to her a sad look on my face.

It truly broke my withered heart to see her like that. She was so scared of nothing at all, and she needed to know that.

“Tell me what you are afraid of and maybe we can remedy that.” I said in a soothing candor. I wanted her trust not her hatred or fear. I wanted her to want to be there with me.

She shot a quick glance up at me through the furs, curiosity lining the blue, “I-I don’t know where I am.” She said softly

“Well at the moment you are in my rooms in the Palace of Vampires in West HellSpire Domain of the Obyss. I found you near my pond in the forest just outside the gates here and brought you here after giving you a bath in the healing waters of the river. You were pretty hurt.” I explained gently as I let each word sink in.

“I-I am I-in t-t-the o-obyss???” She asked me softly her words shaking as her body began to shake again as well.

“Yes.” I replied unsure of what to do because I did not understand why she was shaking.

She looked up at me, true terror in her eyes, “Please let me go” she cried tears running down her face.

I wish I could have told her yes. I wish I could have let her go. In reality it would have not been better for either one of us but one would think it would be. However, what I said and what I should have done were two very different things.

“I wish things were that simple my dear. You have sparked something inside of this dead heart and you must stay with me until I figure out why.” I said, my words causing her to sob that much harder.

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