Dark Love

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Truths PT3

[Soren's POV]

My father had dropped a bombshell on my head and I had no words that fit the way they had made me feel. Aio and I sat in the study with him for a long time in total silence as I processed everything he had told me.

I was half-Nekojin.

Did that mean I would die eventually from old age? Would my venom even work to convert Aio when she was ready? Did I really want to believe in something that was very far fetched?

Questioned raced through my mind as Aio sat in my lap, her head on my chest. She had to deal with some of this as well. She was the one who I had wanted to change and it was her life that was at stake.

"Father," Aio called out to my dad, who had slumped in his chair with a look of defeat on his face.

At the sound of her voice dad looked up, and I swear he had aged a thousand years since he had stopped speaking. "Yes my daughter?" he asked getting tears to shine in Aio's eyes.

"Did you take mother to the doctor?" Aio asked getting two shocked looks. One from me and one from dad. Aio had just accepted the truth weather or not I believed it she had. I was so proud of my Nekojin Mate. Her soft touch in everything she did warmed me.

"I did. They told us that Addy was going through placenta issues. She wasn't able to keep herself and Soren fed." dad replied, softly.

Aio's face scrunched up, as she began to think again. "I believe that something can be done about that." she whispered softly. Mostly to herself but dad and I heard her.

"What are you talking about?" I asked needing to know where her mind was at.

Aio turned to me and smiled. "I have an idea. Its actually something that used to be practiced among my people. It was outlawed when Sohito took over because he didn't want anything to come back to him." she said as she looked around the room.

"Well are you going to inform the rest of the class on your thoughts good Lady or will I need to ask Soren to pry it out of you?" dad said chuckling as Aio lept from my lap to head toward a book case.

"I don't think I should. It is not something one plays with and can be very costly. However, you may bug me until I explain." she said giggling as she scaled the bookcase to grab a book near the top before leaping back to the floor flawlessly. "If Adriana was not meant to die there is a possibility of returning her here." Aio said getting my father to stand immediately, flashing over to where Aio stood.

"Are you serious?!?" he asked in shock.

"Yes, however, there is danger with this. If she was meant to leave this world and I resurrect her the goddess will be quite cross with us." Aio stated matter-of-factly.

"What if she wasn't meant to die?" I asked, as I too stood to go to my Mate.

"Then her soul will have lingered here, and she will be able to return to her body. She would become a true undead. The Nekojin part of her will not have survived, however, if father's venom leeched into her body before her death the it's possible." Aio stated.

Dad's head snapped up. "Do you need to see her body?" he asked morbidly.

"I will yes. It is the only true way for me to know if her soul is still around or not." Aio said her voice sad as she thought about her words. "I don't want to give the two of you any false hopes. This spell is dangerous and may not work or even be possible. Please don't think that this is a guaranteed thing because it's not." she added as she held her hand for me to take.

I had always wondered what my mother had looked like and I had always felt that dad had hidden her away from me, but now I understood why. He never stopped loving only her. Now with a possible way to bring my mom back he was more than up to trying.

"I only wish to know if she is still here or has moved on. I want to know what happened to my love." dad said, pleading in his voice.

Aio nodded her head and leaned into me. "Kojiro." she called softly, getting a very quick response from our son. His hearing was probably better than mine when it came to the sounds of Aio's voice. "We will continue this tomorrow, father. I need to spend the night with my own Mate and son." she said as she scooped Kojiro into her arms and leaned in to kiss my father on his cheek.

"Don't fret over this too much or everything may well be for naught." She whispered to him giving him a one armed hug before carrying Kojiro to the double doors. She was asking our son about what he had done to keep himself occupied and he was ready to spill about the many books he had read while waiting for us. I smiled at them and wondered if that was what my dad had wanted for me.

Looking at how he too watched them, with a soft look and teary eyes I knew it was. He had wanted me to know my mother, to be with her like my own son got to. I could see the shame he felt at her death and I felt bad for ever letting him push me away.

I placed my hand on his shoulder, feeling a little lost at the feel of his bones instead of muscle. "I swear on the blood of our Ancestors that I will always do what is right for her and my son. I will pay better attention to the things she needs. I will not let you or mom down. This is something I swear to you." I said getting dad to bring me in for a hug. A warm smile on his face as we grasped hands and I followed after my own Nekojin Mate.

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