Dark Love

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Laws Pt1

[Soren's POV]

The Elders consisted of my own grandfather, along with seven other Vampires that had lived the longest of us all. They held sway over the Vampiric people and even though I was now King their voices were the loudest counsel I had.

If they did not approve of something they would cause holy undead hell for us all. When my grandfather had joined them their direct threat had lessened a great deal however, not everyone will agree with him always.

I rushed into the library where I had sensed them, my father's personal study. Fixing my disheveled appearance I knocked before entering.

"Please forgive me for not meeting you Elders. I was dealing with a pest and then seeing to my Mate." I said as I came into the room to sit next to my father at the head of the table.

"Mate? That is a bold declaration Soren Knightwing." a female Elder called, her voice dry and filled with contempt.

Maria, I smiled at her "It may be bold for you to think my Lady. However, I have found my True Mate and she will be a gracious Queen one that would make anyone proud." I stated matter-of-factly. I had nothing to hide from them and I planned on bringing Aio along with me but I had not grabbed her before rushing here.

Thankfully, she had linked with me letting me know she was on her way with Fire showing her the way. I was thankful for our Telepathic link. It set my mind at ease to already know how she is feeling before I try to talk to my feisty little Nekojin.

"Where is this Mate then? She should be present if you are claiming such a thing." Maria demanded just as there was a soft knock on the door.

"Right there." I replied before rushing to the door to bring Aio into the room.

She was dressed in traditional Vampire attire, her Nekojin ears standing tall on her head. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I would never want a day without her in it.

She bowed her head to the Elders as I brought her to sit in my chair next to my father. Who, by the way was wearing a huge smile as we walked to the table again.

"You are even more stunning today my Queen than yesterday." dad said getting a light playful giggle from Aio, her cheeks dusting light pink.

"You flatter me King Father." she quipped getting shocked looks from the other Elders.

There was the obvious, Aio was not Vampire, but she knew how to speak properly and show her emotions in the correct manner for the Elders not to question her. I was so damn proud of my little Mate.

"I only say the truth my Lady. You have outshined even my most precious jewels with that smile of yours. How is my grandson this evening?" dad asked as I stood just behind Aio, watching everything and everyone.

"Kojiro is taking his nap, my Lord. He was quite tired after his session with his father earlier this night." Aio replied, looking up to me with a smile on her face.

She was still angry with me but she would also sit and watch everything we were doing. I let her to make sure she wasn't going to disappear inside the room again on me.

"The little man should build his stamina in no time. How is his book learning?" dad asked as he turned to me curiously.

"He is far past what is suggested for one his age. However, I expected nothing less from my son." I said smiling as I looked down at Aio, happiness in my eyes.

"Good to hear. It means he is just as smart as his father. It will make things much easier for him." dad said happily.

He meant that too. I had never really known how my father felt about how fast I passed through the classes I had been in but I could see the look of pride as he looked at me with a smile.

"Now that we are finished catching up, what brings you hear Elders?" I asked turning my attention back to the elder Vampires in the room.

"We felt the passing of the Power of the Kings. We have come to make it official by crowning you in the ways of old." my grandfather Silas said, his face stoic as he spoke.

"I would be more than honored." I said knowing they were going to question my Mate claim along with Aio's biology. I was more than trying to rush them out of this Palace. I wanted them away from my Queen as soon as possible.

Maria looked at me with a sly smile that if she were not female I would slap off her wrinkled face. "Your Queen must participate in the crowning. It is tradition." she said snidely. I could tell she hated that word and it had come from the fact that she had never found one Vampire willing to put up with her shit.

Mates were more than common is the other species but it was not so common among the Vampire race. We lived forever and some Vampires had become far too fickle to appreciate a Mate. The Goddess had stopped letting our people link with their perfect match centuries ago.

It had only been within the past few years that the Mate bond was beginning to return to Vampires and the older ones still did not believe it was the real thing. That is until a male had gotten pregnant from his Mate. Afterwards everyone had left their homes in search of their bonded Mate. The one who was truly meant for them in every way.

Aio had been chased from her home to stumble right into my life. I have been better since I had found her and there was nothing that was going to take that away from me.

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