Dark Love

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[Soren's POV]

It was something out of a nightmarish dream. The screams and sounds of crashing porcelain. I was jolted awake to find my woman against the wall, her hands up protectively as a guard stalked her, his weapon drawn. I leapt from my bed instantly going to her side.



I was standing in front of my father a very disdainful look on my face. He had called all of his children to him and when I had not answered my door, he had sent the guard in after me.

I had spent the better half of the morning trying to sooth my woman into a sleep and my sleep had been delayed. She was after all Human.

My father turned to me, a concerned look in his eyes, “Soren, what have you done? The guards tell me you have someone in your rooms with you.” He says to me, his voice all majestic but filled with fatherly concern.

“To be quite honest father I do not see how it is anyone’s business.” I said gruffly.

“You brought an unknown creature into this Palace; it is everyone’s business!” My oldest sister, Salina, snapped at me.

Father raised his hand to silence us, “Regardless, I want to know why.” He said looking right at me.

I winced. I knew this was coming and I knew that I was going to have to explain her presence but I wanted to at least know more about her, like her name for starters.

“I found her in the forest last night. I don’t really know much about her.” I said after a few minutes. While I didn’t want to tell them anything, I could see they were not going to let me leave until I did.

“Then since you are the one to bring this thing here, I order you to find out if this creature is a threat to us or not. You have a month, Soren. I suggest you do not dawdle as per your usual self.” my father said to me, a very serious look on his face as my siblings growled their disdain for me.

As the eldest of my father’s children I had much more say in things than they did and it was me that father would leave the kingdom to in the next few millennium. At least when the time came. While they felt that I was far too spoiled and they had to face all the harshest of punishments what they had forgotten was that I have lived several millennia before they were conceived. I am 3 millennium older than Salina and she is the eldest of the others. Long before they were even thoughts in fathers head, I faced many harsher punishments and nights in this dismal existence, under father’s ‘guidance’.

Yes, I was not the most active of his spawn but I had the most experience and I was the one he called to for many things. I just wanted to be left alone more often than the others did. They wanted affection from a vampire king that had none to give.

“I will have things in order for you, father.” I said before turning to leave.

Then of course being the ‘loving father’ that he is, my father had to enter a barb into my hide for good measure, “Do not have a repeat of your last mistake.” he said seriously as I walked out of the Throne room.

My face remained in its stone like visage as I flashed through the Palace halls all the way up to my rooms in the east tower. I hated that man. I slammed the door only to be answered by a soft squeak and a ruffle of cloth. I turned to see a very frightened furry blob huddling against the corner of my massive bed frame.

“Oh, sweet one,” I whispered, as my anger evaporated instantly. “Please forgive me. I am not angry with you. Please I mean you no harm.” I said as I sank to the floor where I was, close to the end of the bed.

I was rewarded with a full look at her face, rimmed in the grungy dirty fur, she was stunning. The face of a goddess and I had just scared her pale. ‘Good job Soren’ I thought to myself.

I took in a slow breath, “My name is Soren. Do you have a name sweet one?” I asked gently, making sure to keep my voice from compelling an answer. I wanted her to respond because she wanted to.

It looked like she was thinking about her answer, well weather or not she wanted to answer or not. “Aio.” she said softly, pulling the fur up to cover her face.

“Well, my lady Aio it is a pleasure to meet you.” I said scooting a little closer to her to hold out my hand to her in welcome.

She looked at my hand curiously before slowly extending her own pale skinned hand, to gently and so very lightly place it in my own. Her hand felt like porcelain, unimaginably soft, and exquisitely white. It was like touching a living doll.

“My lady, do you think you could tell me why you are so hurt and were in the forest around the Vampire Palace?” I asked softly, getting a scared wince from her.

“I-i am s-s-sorry. I-i d-didn’t m-mean ......” Aio stammered as she tried to make herself smaller.

“Aio it’s all right. It’s all right. You have done nothing wrong, sweet one. I was just wondering what happened to you.” I said holding my hands out in surrender.

Aio looked up at me her eyes flashing at me through the small slit she had created through the fur. “I-i w-was t-thrown a-away.” she whispered softly a soft whimper in her throat.

Her words struck my ancient heart, something in me wanted to yell. Instead I took a deep breath and scooted a little closer. “Aio, who would throw away such a beautiful woman such as yourself?” I asked wanting to see her better.

“My clan.” Aio said softly, sadness in her voice.

“Well my sweet lady, you are safe from them. You are with me now and I will not throw you away.” I said knowing that somehow my words were truer than I could have realized even in the moment.

Aio looked up at me again, and then down at our combined hands. “I-I don’t h-have t-to l-leave?” she asked softly.

I lifted her hand to my mouth to gently kiss her hand, “I cannot fully promise you that we will always be here, sweet one but I can promise you that you will never be without me by your side.” I said very seriously as I looked into her beautiful emerald green eyes.

Aio looked up at me, “You, w-won’t h-hate m-me?” she asked curiously.

“I could never hate someone so innocent.” I said as she scooted herself toward me.

Aio pulled her furs away from her, to reveal white cat-like ears sitting atop her head. That was not Human-like. “Aio ......” I began a questioning look in my voice.

Aio’s ears flattened again her head as she let out a little squeak, “I’m sorry.” she whimpered, as she tried to squirm away from my view.

“Sweet one you have nothing to be sorry for. I would just like an explanation. I thought you were Human.” I said thoughtfully, tugging her hand gently to let her know she was ok.

“Thousands of years ago, according to the legends of my people, the Humans did experiments and created my race, the Nekojin. We are part feline, part Human. We have lived in subjugation and squalor most of the millennium. Many centuries ago, a great Nekojin rose up and carried our people into freedom from our masters. We were taken from this side of the forest. Far from the Obyss that has been a nightmarish land to us. The land we were created in with hatred and scorn.” Aio explained softly as she sank in on herself again covering herself with the dirty fur.

I sighed heavily. The stories had been true after all. Human depravity really had done such things. We Vampires had heard of the other races and their squalor and deprivation of their own souls but never had we believed such unbalanced creatures such as Humans could come up with the idea to try and create an entirely new species. Guess some rumors can be true after all.

Now I had a Nekojin in my room that had been banished by her clan for some unknown reason and she was drawing me into her very soul. Each of her movements her voice her gentle touch. Everything about her was more than I could truly handle and I was going to make her mine one way or the other. Not by force.

No. I didn’t want that. I wanted a Mate in this Nekojin Female. A lifelong partner to rule with me in the future.

I was going to make Aio my Queen. Of that I was certain.

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