Dark Love

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Breaking Free

For the next several weeks the Palace saw a very different Soren. He was busy gathering all types of things from others around him. Advice, clothing and food mostly but he was watchful. More than his usual self. It made the King and his younger siblings keep an eye on him in awe and shock.

Soren had been very distant from every other vampire for almost a full millennium. Past circumstances of great sorrow had befallen the Prince and he had been betrayed by someone he had thought he could trust with his very life. It had ended with Soren’s best friend’s death and him becoming very cold to everyone around him.

[Aio’s POV]

I cannot believe I am in the Obyss and still alive. I have been here for almost three weeks and Soren, a vampire, has yet to cause me any type of physical harm. I am terrified though. What is going to happen to me? What did Soren mean by his words about me waking his dead heart? I had so many questions that my head hurt.

Having another head ache from my over-thinking again, I finally gave in. Soren had tried to have long conversations with me for some reason and I really wanted to know why he wanted to know so much about me.

“S-Soren?” I questioned, my voice a whisper.

Soren sat at his desk writing something, his brow furrowed with thought or anger or maybe even both. He stopped when he heard my soft call to him, he looked up, his golden eyes making my heart skip a little.

“Yes, little one?” he questioned as he turned his body toward me.

He had convinced me that it was alright for me to sleep in his enormous bed because I was so small, I could easily fit. I was sitting on the bed, the blanket wrapped around my entire body.

“What do you want from me?” I asked softly, my eyes turned down, my cheeks flaring with embarrassment.

I could hear Soren’s sharp intake of breath. “Sweet one, I wish for only your happiness and comfort. I wish to protect you Aio. I have yet to see anything evil about you and until you give me a reason to dislike you, all I wish for is to protect you. I need to know more about you to keep you safe.” he said getting a shocked gasp from me as my head shot up in shock. I looked at him and could not see any untruth to his words.

He meant what he said.

“I-i ....... it’s complicated and a very long story.” I said sadly, a sigh escaping me as I felt the heavy weight of my sins fall on me again.

“I will always listen. You do not need to tell me now if you are still uncomfortable but know that I will not look at you with hatred.” he said seriously.

I looked up at him. Maybe........... maybe he could be the one. He did not feel like the other Vampires in the Obyss. I had been feeling a pulling sensation ever since he had rescued me from the forest around the Palace. I felt like I could trust him.

I took a deep breath “My clan banished me because I possess the magics of the gods.” I whispered, I was ready for him to scream and yell and call me evil.

Cool fingers were under my chin, pulling my down turned face up. I was met with the most golden colored eyes that I felt myself falling into them. I actually felt safe. I was getting lost in the golden depths of those eyes that held no fear, no anger, nothing but patience and … love?

“Soren...” I whispered his name like it was my only breath.

He had moved from his desk to the bed in a flash, to pull me into his soul. I saw the good and the love in his soul. He was defiantly not like the other Vampires.

He held me there like that for what seemed like an eternity before he pulled back a little. “I swear to you that I will do all that I can to keep you safe.” he whispered before his eyes closed and his lips met mine.

A shock of electricity went through me as I felt the powerful pull toward him only increase. It was like the gods were screaming at me to pay attention to the Vampire, no, the man right in front of me and to accept him.

“Please explain this all to me sweet one. I am listening intently.” he said sincerely.

I looked at him and gently put my hand on his face. “I was born with this power. I did not ask for this. My mother and Father hid my power from the others for as long as they could.” I said softly a deep sadness coming to my voice. “A few months ago, there was an incident and my father was murdered.” I said suddenly fighting tears that had built in my eyes. “Without him alive to help, my mother’s powers failed and my true powers were released. I had never known about any of this until a few months ago. I mean I knew I the abilities but I never knew how powerful they really were. I was sitting at our home when my powers sparked out of control. My mother explained everything to me as we ran from our home. I had a good simple life that was taken from me instantly because of something I never asked for.” I said my tears now freely flowing down my face.

Soren just pulled me against his chest and held me tightly again him. Not saying anything, not rejecting me. He just accepted my words and was trying to comfort me and slow my tears. That’s when I realized that his scent was changing and becoming more satisfying to me. I wanted to be around him. He had saved me after all. I realized that the gods were finally giving me someone to love. Someone to love me in return.

Like he said about me, he has yet to show me that I cannot trust him.

“Soren?” I asked, my voice muffled as I spoke into his chest.

“Yes, sweet one?” he replied gently. I could hear the smile in his voice and it made me smile too.

“I want to stay with you.” I said, finally looking up at him.

“As you wish my Lady Aio.” he said bowing his head to me a smile on his face as he kissed me passionately.

I returned his kiss with one of my own, just as passionate, just as filled with conviction and the beginnings of love. I was falling for this Vampire fast and I was not one to throw myself at any man.

Soren had stolen my heart and soul, but more than that I was willingly giving it to him. He found me at my lowest, and has accepted me regardless.

I’m not going to lie; I’m still scared beyond all reason but I will give him a chance to prove me wrong.

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