Dark Love

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Confrontations PT2

[Aio's POV]

Soren was so upset about his father meeting me but he never gave me a real reason as to why. Just another question to ask him. He quickly got both of us to the Throne room where his father waited and stopped.

I felt him grudgingly put me down. I smiled up at him before casting my invisibility spell. It would take a very powerful mage to find me now. I put my hand on Soren’s arm, spreading warmth through him. ′I love you. I will be right behind you. I am linked to you now and will go with you without being seen or touched.′ I thought to him, ‘showing’ him one of the many times I had used this spell. ‘I may have not known my magics was of the gods but I do know how to use it. I trained them all of my life, to hide and to survive.’ I added as he smiled a little evilly. He was not evil but he DID have an evil side to him that I just found so damn hot that I could do nothing but swoon at his almost crazed smile.

He looked like a warrior ready for battle. One that was ready to kill many and die trying to do far more. He stopped again, paused as if in a state of deep thought. Then he tapped his head and shrugged curiously.

I laughed; I knew what he was saying without him even really trying. ’Yes, my light. If you wish it, I can link your thoughts to mine and you can ‘speak’ to me Telepathically.′ I thought to him getting an even more evil smile from him. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the front of his shirt to jerk him down to my level.

Tall beast of a Vampire was almost 7ft tall and I was hardly 5ft. Talk about a height difference. I held him still by placing my hands on his head and closed my eyes.

The transfer never took long it was just annoying. However, now he could talk to me regardless of whether or not I was invisible or even near him. We were mentally linked on a level for only us.

‘Now you can talk to me anytime you wish with just your mind.’ I thought to Soren. Those smiles were just getting more and more evil by the second and it was kind of creeping me out. ‘Ren?’ I asked him softly, using my nickname for him.

‘Have no worries my sweet one. Your Vampire is simply thinking of ways to make sure you are safe. You mean so very much to me Aio. I know that this has happened so very fast but there is something between us that is not simple or normal. You make my existence so much better each second you are with me and I never want to breathe without you.’ he thought, his mind completely calm as he ‘spoke’ to me.

I wanted that too but the sad truth was that Vampires were Immortal, they could never die. Not unless they were beheaded or their hearts were burned. Nekojin were Ninmortal, long lives but old age and death still came to them. I knew that one day I would die and Soren would not and that day was a terrifying one for me even now.

Only one month with him and I could not see myself without him for one moment of time. Soren had shown me a kindness I had never known before. I had found a love in him I had never known before and to me him losing me was scary. I never thought I would be afraid of my own death and what it would mean for other people.

‘Ren, my light, you do realize .......’ I began before getting cut off by the large doors before us being opened loudly.

“Your Highness, his Majesty is awaiting your presence, please,” a guard said as he came through the door to lead Soren into the Throne room, with me following very closely behind my Vampire.

Soren walked up to the Throne and the white-haired man that sat on it, dressed in red armor, looking like the very devil himself. He bowed deeply to his father before standing very tall, facing his father, a blank look on his face.

“You called for me father?” he asked in a monotone.

I had never seen this side of Soren before. It was not the Vampire I loved at all and it creeped me out a little bit. He was colder than any other time I have seen him.

“Yes, but as I recall I also called for your guest. Your month is up Soren. I want to see this thing you have brought into my Palace.” Soren’s father said, his voice deep and menacing.

I could tell he was trying to scare both of us but I didn’t move from behind Soren and he knew it. I was making his back and leg warm to let him know where I was. I was making sure to keep an eye on his father though.

“I have come to give my report to you. You asked for a report and nothing else.” Ren said calmly. I could see the strain on his face forcing itself through his statue-like façade.

“I assumed you would know that I would want to see this creature. You know what I expect from you.” Ren’s father said his voice growing agitated.

“You asked me to assess the risk. My guest is no risk to anyone in this Palace nor anyone in your Kingdom. I have done what was asked of me and I want to leave, so if you will excuse me.” Ren said, a low growl forming in his chest.

I could see him losing his calm. He was going to do something rash if I did nothing to stop him. ‘Ren...’ I called to him Telepathically letting him know I was still there.

‘I’m fine. Let me do this. I know this is not what you are used too, sweet one, but I have this under control.’ Ren thought to me a soothing tone to his thoughts.

I wanted to smack him upside his head but if I did it would actually move his head so that was out of the question at the moment. His father looked like he was about to erupt in a volcanic burst of lava filled anger the likes of which I had never seen.

My people were peaceful, for the most part. We mostly lived in small quiet villages outside the Obyss in the sunlight and green lands. I was not used to violence, but was always prepared for it. After all I was a feline.

“Soren, you must think very highly of yourself if you think that will be a sufficient report. Only a month ago you had no information on this creature and now you say it is no danger. That is far too soon to tell son, you should know better.” Ren’s father growled harshly as he stood in a flash.

“I know far better than you, father, about being careful in any situation. You taught me that lesson a long time ago. However, this is something far different and far beyond your understanding at this time so I would very much appreciate it if you would back the FUCK up off of me.” Ren snarled angrily. “I can actually do something right old man. I have been proven right many times and you know it. Now let me handle my own situation and when I feel like it, I will let you know.” he growled, causing me to shiver and back away a little.

“Calm down son, you know I don’t care.” Ren’s dad said as he started laughing, plopping down in his Throne again.

A smile broke across Soren’s face, confusing the holy hell out of me. “I’m not being angry pop. I’m just protective.” he said a small chuckle replacing his deep growls.

“Protective?” Ren’s dad questioned, sitting at attention quickly. Openly staring at his oldest child.

It was like that one single word had sparked something in the older Vampire. I was so confused by all of this that I literally was about to collapse from it all. It was like the whole thing had been some kind of joke or prank of some kind. Now, however, Ren’s father was looking intently at his son.

“Yes, very much so.” Ren said seriously.

“Then am I to assume this creature is female? ”

“And more beautiful than you could imagine. ” Ren said before he turned around, a sad look in his eyes as he tried to face me. “My Lady Aio. Please show yourself to us.” He asked holding his hand out to thin air.

I smiled at him and took his hand as my spell slowly dissipated. I clung to Soren tightly, my fingers gripping his. He looked down at me with a loving smile on his face. ‘It will be alright sweet one I swear to you.’ he thought as he brought my hand up to his mouth to place a kiss gently on the back of it.

“Soren...” Ren's father called out softly, getting me to look at him.

“Yes?” Soren asked as he too looked up at his father.

“She is a Nekojin?” he asked in disbelief

“Yes, and she is my life.” Soren replied smiling down at me warmly.

“How did you find such a mythical Humanoid?” his father questioned seriously.

“I was tired of being in the company of the Palace staff and I went into the forest.” Ren said as he picked me up and set me on his wide shoulder. “She was trying to get to the water in a spot I liked to visit often. I saved her and brought her here to heal her.” he explained.

‘I am a little afraid of heights that I cannot balance myself onto properly.’ I thought in warning to him as he shifted a little.

“Aio, sweet one, this is my father, King Dreven.” Ren said to me as he made sure I was steadier on his shoulder.

I smiled and bowed my head as low as I could. “It is an honor Your Majesty.” I said with a smile.

“The honor is mine young one. I never thought to see another one of your kind.” King Dreven said much to both mine and Ren’s surprise.

“You have seen one of my kind before?” I asked softly in confusion.

“Yes, little one. Long ago when your kind was created, I was part of the team that saved as many as we could from the Humans and their depravity.” King Dreven said much to my surprise and Ren’s

I had heard of the valiant Vampire knights that had come to rescue my people long ago from the Human slavers that had created my people. It had become a Legend to my people and some didn't believe they had actually come to help us. Now I had proof and I never thought I would meet one.

“Do not worry little one, in this Palace you are safe. Now that I know you are here and not something else, I will make certain you stay safe. Soren you have no worries. I will keep the guards from your tower. Sweet Lady, please feel free to make yourself at home here the best that you can. I know this is not like the places you are used to but please try to feel at home here.” King Dreven said a kindness in his voice that I had heard in Ren’s same voice many nights when nightmares had woken me.

I bowed my head as deeply as I could. “Thank you, Your Majesty.” I said a genuine smile on my face as I looked at him.

“Come now, my name is Dreven. You my sweet lady may call me pop if you wish.” King Dreven said to me getting a curious look from me. “Soren has taking a liking to you, this much I can see. My son is not protective of anyone.” he added with a sly smile on his face.

I felt my face burn hot with embarrassment as I buried it into Ren’s neck. I was not really sure about all of this to begin with, but at that moment I felt accepted. Ren had accepted me just as easily. This was all just so different from what I was used to. My life had never been easy or comfortable, but in the last few weeks of it I found a sense of love, protection, comfort and ease that I had never even thought to dream of.

‘What’s wrong my angel?’ Ren’s mind was in mine as a gentle touch.

‘I do not know how to understand so much compassion.’ I admitted softly, knowing my face was turning a deeper red.

Ren picked me up off his shoulder, being as careful as he could with me, setting me on my feet. I looked up at him curiously, he usually didn’t like it when we were not touching each other.

“I can understand how you would feel, sweet one.” Ren said his voice sounded so far away.

Suddenly his father was standing next to us, caging me between them. I was getting scared now. What were they doing?

“Soren Cal Nightwing what is your desires for this Nekojin?” Dreven asked, his voice filled with an ancient magic.

“I wish to protect her for the rest of our days.” Ren said his voice filled with the same ancient magic.

“So be it. For now, you will stay together alone. You have four months alone together, after that we will meet again.” Dreven said the magics fading from his voice.

Soren bowed to his father. “Thank you, father.” he said before picking me back up and holding me close to his chest like a precious treasure.

Dreven nodded to us and went back to his throne. “Take care of your precious kitten.” he said as Ren carried me out of the throne room.

“There will no doubt about that father.” Ren said as we left.

My head was beginning to hurt. All of this was getting to be far too much. I was used to being shunned and hit and beaten just because I was alive. Yes, my parents treated me normally and loved me but we faced a lot of hatred and anger from those around us. I was so unsure of my life right now I had nothing to say as Ren carried me back to his tower suite of rooms.

I was so withdrawn from everything that even if Ren noticed he didn’t say anything. He let me be with my thoughts of how different my life was becoming. Once we were inside the room and he had set me on my feet I practically ran and hid under his large desk. I needed darkness and seclusion, even if Ren was calling to me in a sad voice I just needed to be alone right now.

It was too much. I don’t understand all of what is happening to me and I needed to think.

Telepathic Connection

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