Dark Love

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Telepathic Connection

[Soren's POV]

I was worried about Aio. She was holed up under my desk and refused to come out for anything other than to use the restroom. She didn’t want to be touched or held or talked to. I was scared she was afraid of being here now for some reason. I had no idea of what she could be thinking because she wouldn’t even talk to me with her mind.

She had blocked me out completely and it worried me. Had I done something wrong to cause this? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

I hated that she hid herself from me and I doubly hated the fact that I such a large desk for her to hide under.

A few days into her seclusion I heard a loud thump from inside the darkened desk-cave I rushed to the opening worry lining my face. “AIO!!” I called out frantically, almost crawling inside.

‘I’m stuck!!’ she called to me Telepathically.

“Where are you!!” I shouted pushing myself inside the crowded ‘nest’ my Nekojin had made underneath my desk.

‘Near the back! I’m not in any pain just mild discomfort because there is a very large piece of something on top of me.’ she thought to me as I could see her try to wiggle herself out of where she was.

“Stop!! Don’t move!!! I am coming for you!!!!” I called out to her as I quickly began shoving things out of my way. I was trying to remain just south of being frantic but she was making it hard for me by all her wiggling.

I had thought about why my father had asked me what I wanted with Aio with ancient magic and I realized that he wanted to see how much devotion I had to her. Well I then took my thoughts to another trail. When I had found her and saw her face, I had sworn to make her mine long before I even knew so much about her. Aio is my Mate. The Woman the gods had created for just me. I had never thought to find anyone that was truly meant to be mine. I will do anything to keep her safe and my father was making sure that I was serious about it.

I quickly made my way to Aio, finding her right at the back of the desk curled into a ball, under a very large piece of the desk that had fallen. That’s odd. The desk had been handmade and should not be falling apart. I will look into that.

“Oh, my sweet one, come to me.” I called as I lifted the desk off of her with one hand and reached for her with the other. She quickly came into my hold, curling into my chest like she had already been there. I quickly got us out of there and back into the main part of the room.

Without moving her I checked Aio for any cuts or signs of damage, but she looked perfect as usual. I would have thought she would have had some cuts and scrapes from a solid chunk of wood falling right on top of her.

“Are you sure you are alright my angel? I asked curiously

‘Of course, my light. It just scared me.’ She thought still curled up against me her eyes closed.

“Aio, love. I need you to look at me.” I said making her sit up and look at me.

Aio squeaked and tried to make herself smaller against my chest. She was obviously hiding from me for some reason.

“Aio, sweet one, what is going on with you? I am worried.” I said sincerely. I needed her to be alright both physically and mentally and her behavior told me that something was wrong.

‘I-i was never treated like this. I’m scared.’ she thought softly. ‘I don’t know how to handle all of this Ren. I can’t wrap my head around all of this positive attention.’ she added trying to hide her face from me but I took her chin in my hand gently to keep her from turning away.

“That is why I am here for you. I am here for you to talk to, so that you have someone to actually converse with about any fears you may have.” I said gently, knowing that being angry with her over this would not help at all.

‘I have never had that Ren. When that desk part fell on me you raced to me. You lifted it off of me and carried me from there. You didn’t even hesitate to climb into this mess I have made. I am used to having people try to crush me and drown me every chance they could get. I was always in danger and looking out for someone who wanted my life to end. You and your father have just accepted my existence like it was just another day. You do not question me at all and you, above everything else, my light have brought something to me that I never knew about.’ she said her mind a bit shaky and shy as she confessed her issues with what had happened with my dad.

It was understandable but for her to tell me that she had always been hunted for some reason or the other bothered me. She had told me that she had been born with gods-like magics but I had not questioned her much about it. The reason being for that was it looked to be a sore subject so I wanted her to tell me when she wanted to tell me about it. I did not want to force her into talking about something painful if she didn’t want to.

“My sweet angel, I do not ask you questions annoyingly about yourself because I want you to tell me when you feel comfortable about telling me about it. I don’t want to force you to tell me something you don’t want to. You are my Mate and it is your choice to tell me something or not. I am allowed to worry about you because I love you with all that I have. I cannot make you do anything you do not want to Aio, it is not in me.” I said seriously yet still very gentle.

She looked at me finally and saw that I meant what I had said. “Mate?” she asked me her voice tiny and barely audible.

“Yes, sweet one. My dad wanted to know why I wanted to protect you so much. I have had this strong feeling inside of me for you since the very moment I saw your beautiful face. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you Aio. I never want you to feel like you need to fear anything.” I said holding her closer to my heart.

“Really?” she questioned looking up at me again.

“Of course, my sweet angel.” I replied leaning my forehead against hers. “My whole world became so clear the moment you came into it and I don’t want you to leave.” I said softly.

“I don’t want to leave either. I want to stay with you.” Aio said tears shining in her eyes as she looked up at me.

“And you will never have to leave my angel.” I said kissing her forehead.

“Ren?” Aio called softly to me still trying to make herself as small as she could.

“Yes, my sweet?” I asked still just sitting in the floor with her cradled against my chest. I wanted her to know that I was not going to leave her.

“I’m sorry for not being a better Mate for you.” she whispered, her voice catching in places as she held back her tears.

“You are the perfect Mate for me Aio. What has you so upset that you would say something so hurtful?” I asked wanting to move her and make her look at me but I held myself back in soooo many ways it was stupid.

“I can give you three very big reasons why I will only hurt you, the one thing I never want to do.” She whispered softly.

I was a bit intrigued now. I wanted to know what she thought the problem was with her being my Mate. “Do tell me these reasons. I want to hear them so that I can make my own decision on the matter.” I said holding back a growl, not wanting to scare her.

“I am not Vampire, I am Nekojin. I possess a great magic that even I sometimes struggle to control and it can hurt anyone around me. Finally, the one that hurts even me, I won’t live as long as you. Yes, Neko live long lives but we cannot live forever.” She admitted softly. Her voice barely above a whisper.

I took her words into consideration. Could I turn her into a Vampire Hybrid? Could she live with me forever? The magics didn’t scare me. There were ways they could be dealt with easily. However, her life span was serious to me. I wanted her forever and I would get that, or something like it. Was it possible for her to become truly immortal?

“Your, magics are not a problem, neither is the fact that you are Nekojin, my sweet angel. I love you for who you are not what you are and what magics you possess. However, your life is important to me beyond measure. I will speak with my dad on this issue. For now, my angel, you need to realize that this is your home now. A life filled with love is what you have to look forward to each day when you wake up. The hatred of your past cannot be undone but it will shape you into a stronger woman. We will get through anything together.” I explained soothingly to her. Everything she had been through had been tough yes but she had survived the horrors of so much.

Now I would show her how it was to be fully loved and appreciated by someone that would do anything for her.

“Ren, you have shown me that there is a better life than the one I have lived for 30 years. I am just not used to such positive attention. You give me so much and I have nothing but my love to give to you.” Aio said softly, her eyes downturned as she hung her head.

“Aio, you give me something I have never had just as I have given you. You will always be enough for me. You will always be the one I choose. I will see about having someone come in to help you with your, magics if you want but I will never leave you.” I said seriously.

“Will you help me with my magics? You won’t ever be afraid of them?” Aio asked me softly still trying to make sure I wasn’t lying to her.

“No, I will not be afraid of your, magics and yes if you want, I will try to help you with your magics.” I said as I wrapped my hands around her waist to bring her up to my eye level. “I want you for my wife Aio. I want you to stay with me forever, I will do all that I can to make sure that it happens, and that we at least have a wonderful love filled life with each other.” I said seriously. Aio needed to know that she was not alone anymore and that she was going to have a long future ahead of her.

Then it dawned on me. She was only 30 years old. Even in Nekojin years that was still very young. Basically, still just a child. My Mate was still just a child. Oh, this was going to be a long road ahead of me.

I sighed and looked at her again, still holding her up to my eye level but making sure she was still comfortable. “Aio, you will be protected and loved here. You must come to terms with that.” I said seriously, still not understanding why it was just so hard for her to understand.

“Can I be put down please.” she asked her voice soft and ringing with a de ja vu sound in my head.

She had sounded like that once before and it was coming back to me slowly. She was afraid of the Obyss. She had wanted to be set free, because she wanted the trees and the green grass. She had no idea how it was here in what most people would call the realm of demons, the obyss of evil. At least that is what was made to be believed about the world we were in at that moment.

The Demon Realm was the only realm that was connected to all realms. We were supposed to be peacekeepers but legends and myths had turned all of us into monsters to the other realms. They had stopped coming for our help centuries ago, afraid of our magics and abilities. There were still several units of my people in all the realms because evil, the real true evil does not stop wanting death and carnage.

Aio’s people had been saved by a Vampiric rescue unit but their names had been erased by tragic history, apparently. Aio feared her surroundings, fearing that something would jump out to kill or maim her. I could see it on her face, even if she was trying to hide it from me.

“Sweet Aio. Connect with my mind, See my memories. See what my home is really like.” I said to her as I set her on her feet and held my hand out to her.

She looked at me curiously, as she tentively reached out for my hand, her body beginning to glow a soft sky blue. She rested her hand in my hand, our eyes closing together as I ‘showed’ her what she thought was a barren desolate realm was actually quite beautiful. I showed her the trips I had taken with my father as a child to the many green flourishing places in what she knew as the Obyss.

All of my memories flooded into her mind as she let them flow. Soon I began seeing pictures of another place. A home that could have only been hers at one time in her life. Aio was blessing me by giving me her memories as mine flowed freely to her.

I saw firsthand all the sorrow my little Mate had been through, but each time she had gotten up and kept moving forward. She was stronger than her people, faster, smarter, and it had made her life a living nightmare. She had been tested by the elders of her village so many times they had begun to blur together.

My poor Mate had been through so much sorrow and heartache far too early in her life. However, I planned to show her a better life. A better world. Now it looked as if I was just going to have to convince my young Mate that she really was safe from all harm.

Slowly I pulled my mind from hers as her life slowly faded from my eyes. “My dear sweet Aio. There is nothing in your past that I have seen that could possibly make me love you any less. As I have shown you, my past was not always filled with happiness.” I said softly so as not to overwhelm her with sound. She did after all have sensitive ears.

“How old are you Ren?” she questioned softly.

“I will turn two thousand years old in about four weeks.” I said looking at her with curiosity in my eyes.

Her eyes were filled with unshed tears until I answered her. It was then her tears began to fall and she fell in on herself sobbing uncontrollably.

I gathered her into my arms, holding her close. “My sweet you have nothing to worry about. You have already said it, we are not the same. I would not have you any other way.” I said before getting what looked like a death glare from my sweet little Neko.

“How do you know how I feel about this!!! This is too much!!!! How will you EVER see me as more than just a child!!!!!” Aio shouted her fingernails lengthening as her form began to shiver and change. She was becoming more feline than human in her rage and I found it kinda cute.

“As a vampire I am just as young as you are. My people see me nothing more than a child with military training from his king father. If we calculated our ages out, I would be just as old as you are.” I said seriously. A hint of dominant in my tone without actually yelling back at her.

She looked up at me curiously, her head tilting to one side in the cutest way possible. “What do you mean?” she asked

“What I just said. Our people calculate age far differently. Vampires age considerably slower than any race but we have found that it is easy to make our numbers closer to each separate race to make it easier. Yes, by my actual numbered age I will be two thousand in your people’s age progression stages I would be more around your age.” I said matter-of-factly.

I was right of course but she looked very skeptical of my words. I smiled at her and let my own magics be shown to her, its deep blue color engulfing my fingers. I started ‘writing’ numbers in the air. My, magics making them shimmer in the air just in front of us. She looked on in awe as I drew in the air, and I smiled brightly at her. She was so absorbed in the workings of my magics that she had forgotten all about why I was using them.

It was like she had never seen another’s manifested magics. “The color is so beautiful.” she whispered as she looked at the glimmering dark blue numbers.

“Thank you.” I said my face heating up in what must have been my first blush. She turned to look at me and kissed my cheek a smile covering her face when she pulled away.

“You bring so much understanding in my life and happiness. I am sorry, my light that I am making all of this so complicated. I really am not trying to.” Aio said still holding my face in her porcelain hands.

“You are not making anything difficult love. I worry about you and I want you to be able to adjust but if you don’t tell me what you need, I can’t help.” I said thoughtfully.

“I will try to communicate better, my light. I am still learning a lot. Please be patient with me.” she said her voice almost begging me not to change my mind.

“I will have more patience with you that you can handle,” I chuckled as I gathered her against me. “You are safe now Aio. Please let me show you more to life.” I asked softly praying she would let me show her my love and devotion.

“I want nothing more than to spend my life with you Soren. I am scared but given time I will become better.” she said wrapping her arms around my neck.

I smiled to myself. I had won that argument very easily. Now I hoped that all of our arguments were like that. I was going to make sure she lived with me forever. I was going to go see my father tomorrow but for now all of this back and forth with my Mate had tired the two of us out. I could see the sleep in Aio’s eyes as she leaned against me sleepily.

“Will you come back to our bed tonight?” I asked hopeful that she wouldn’t want to crawl back into that pit of darkness.

“Yes, I want you to hold me all night.” Aio said snuggling closer to me.

I smiled and went to our very large bed, and slowly crawled up it. Snapping my fingers our clothes were replaced with our usual sleeping attire, getting a light giggle from Aio.

I pulled the covers over us as Aio snuggled against me and we fell asleep.


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