The Crown that Was Never Meant to Be

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Chapter Fifteen

On her way back to the motel, Angelica found Amber and Lilac fighting in the field.

Panic rose in her chest at the sheer amount of magic being thrown around and how absolutely viciously Amber was fighting, and she almost ran to stop it.

That was, until she spotted Diamond and Maroon monitoring the two, obviously unworried. In fact, they sat on thrones of sand, drinking what appeared to be tea.

Jogging to them, she decided to get some answers.

"What is going on here?" Angelica asked, motioning toward the two.

"They're sparring," Diamond replied.

Yeah, no shit.

Maroon snorted, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, this is more like a peace offering from Lilac."

Angelica tilted her head, interested.

"So, Amber realized she's not as good at fighting as she thought, so she made Lilac an offer. He trains her, and she'll stop threatening him," Diamond explained.

Maroon nodded, sipping at her cup of tea. She frowned at it, made some mental note, and continued drinking.

"So," she said, looking up at Angelica, "How'd the meeting go?"

"Well," Angelica replied, "Turns out there are three other towns, and they're all coming over for the coronation."

The girls paused. Maroon took a long drink of tea.

Setting her glass on the little plate, she said, "I am not playing court jester."

Angelica rolled her eyes. "Of course not."

"Then, what will me role be?" she asked, "What will all of our roles be?"

Angelica shrugged. "I'm not sure. I suppose it depends on what you want your role to be."

Maroon lifted a brow, her interests peaked.

"Like, do you want to be part of my court, or do you want to just be a free citizen," Angelica asked.

"Considering I'm already the gopher, the messenger, and the cook, I'll gladly be part of your court," Maroon said.

Angelica snorted. "You are not the gopher or the messenger."

"But the cook?"


Maroon chuckled, again sipping at her tea. A table conjured of sand rose up beside her, and she set her glass and the little plate on it.

"Where did you get those?" Angelica asked.

"Cabinet," Maroon replied.

"Your cabinet, I assume?"

She nodded. Then she snorted. "I'm an idiot and a prick, but I am not a thief."

"I should hope not," Angelica replied, "And you are not a prick. Or an idiot."

"I dunno, Angel," Maroon said, relaxing in her throne as it shifted into a lawn chair, "I'm pretty sure kidnapping the king's daughter is very, very stupid."

Said king's daughter was then launched toward them, a pillar of earth having slammed into her. She hit a cushion of sand, rolling a few feet. Worry again sparked in Angelica's chest, and she made to rush to the girl, but Amber pushed herself to her feet. Wiping the blood from her lips, she grinned.

And then the earth exploded.

Diamond threw a barrier of stone and earth and metal above them as lava blasted into the air. Maroon picked up her tea, as if Amber hadn't just torn a hole in the earth and ripped magma from it's core, and she sipped at it.

After about two minutes, Diamond dropped the shield.

The lava had disappeared, the earth sealed up, and the sparring partners were locked in close-quarters, hand to hand combat.

Angelica just stared in wonder at the scene.

"Boy am I glad Amber never decided to use that against me," Maroon said, taking another sip, "And boy is Lilac lucky he's got something better that sand to protect him from it."

Diamond nodded in agreement, worry flickering to life in her eyes.

How is she not the most powerful of us? Angelica questioned, begging Leorueli to give her an answer.

She's a child. She's reckless, doesn't think things through. Besides, she goes up against someone like Serafina, and her lava is useless. Or Jewel, who could suffocate her before she can do anything.

Then how-

I would like to ask you to find an uninhabited twenty square mile area and let your magic loose. Let me loose.

Nausea roiled in Angelica's gut. If she had that much magic, if she was really that powerful.

Just be glad that I'm here to keep it under control. Leorueli said.

Angelica nodded, the movement unnoticed by any of the others.

Oh, Leorueli added, And Cazriel isn't allowed to tell you, but I don't particularly care what those pricks of gods think, so I'm going to give you a tiny little warning.

And that is?

Nyx could black out the entire planet if she wanted to.

Angelica paused.

Not now, of course. But with training, her magic could grow to the point that she could send this world into an eternal darkness.

The nausea in her gut tripled.

Want my advice?


Get Valorie to teach her to use it.

Angelica hesitated.

Why in all of hell would she allow her psychotic aunt to train her little sister?

Just trust me on this. It'll be in a few years, but let her. Valorie has the same kind of magic. She'll know how to teach Nyx.

Angelica did not trust Leorueli on that. Not at all. Or whatsoever. Or in any capacity.

Leorueli sighed and went silent.

"Angel?" Diamond asked.

She blinked, being brought back to reality.

"Yes?" she asked.

"You're staring off into space," Maroon replied.

"Sorry," she said, "Talking to Leo."

Maroon nodded, and returned her attention to the match. Angelica did the same, watching as Lilac swept Amber's feet out from under her, making to pin her to the ground. Somehow or another, Amber managed to swing around Lilac, locking her arms legs around him, immobilizing him.

Something was said between the two, and Amber rolled her eyes. Lilac then slammed his wings open, tossing her off of him. She sprang to her feet before he could get to his feet, lunging at him.

She slammed into him hard enough that Angelica heard it, but the blow didn't affect Lilac as much as it should have. He managed to pin her to the ground, and cuffs made of stone clamped her wrists, ankles and tail to the dirt.

Sitting up, settled on her hips, he asked. "Now. Where did you go wrong?"

"Not giving you a lava bath, for one," Amber replied.

Angelica wasn't quite sure how, but Lilac had the humor to chuckle and roll his eyes.

"They're going to be at this for a while," Maroon said, "Feel free to leave whenever you like."

"Am I being kicked out?" Angelica asked, lifting a brow.

"No," Maroon replied, "But you do have both a mate to attend to and the other wrong winged to report to."

"Just make sure they don't kill each other, okay?" Angelica said, turning to leave.

"We will," Diamond promised, giving Angelica a wave.

Angelica returned the wave as she left, continuing on to the hotel.
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