Winter's Tale

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Back at Franklins

While Kyle was wandering helplessly lost in some forest somewhere in Winter’s Tale, Seraphine was surfing the web in her father’s office while Franklin was ignoring several people standing at the counter. He was busy cooking, and they could wait or leave. He really didn’t care which, since his daughter was skipping out on doing her job at the moment.

“I want a double cheeseburger with no pickles,” one person called back to him.

“And I’d like ta hump ya Ma, but t’ain’t happening ‘tis it!” Franklin snarled back at them. “Hold yer horses, till me lass gets ‘er ass back ‘ere! She’ll take ya order!”

Instead of being insulted, the guy behind the counter just laughed heartily and asked, “And just where is the young firecracker?” People had learned to either take everything Franklin said with a grain of salt, or else they’d gotten so offended in the past that they never came back.

The guy currently waiting was a regular and knew the drill by heart. When he was in the shop alone, Franklin only took one order at a time. People were so used to it, sometimes the regulars would get together and all place their order at the same time, rather than waiting for one after the other.

“In me office, spending all me monies,” came back Franklin’s rough reply.

Which, was precisely what Sera was doing. She was looking at Azamon Online and ordering the fastest, most expensive V-RIG which they carried. She wasn’t worried about spending her father’s money; truth be told, they had plenty. Her father was actually a very wealthy man, heir to one of the largest mining companies in the country. Her mother was a respected author under a couple of different pen names, and had dozens of different novels published. Most were romance, but some were fantasy, action, and horror books.

Even though no one would believe it, Sera was probably the wealthiest girl in her school, and like Kyle she attended Ridgewood Private Academy. Most of the other students thought she was a scholarship student there, but they couldn’t be further from the truth! Her family donated several hundred thousand dollars each year to help fund the school. They were ones that provided scholarships for other people – she certainly didn’t need them!

And, currently, she was spending her father’s money without a care in the world. Custom pink colored, with maximum memory and storage. Dual satellite net connection, at maximum bandwidth, to ensure that she never experienced lag or any issue. A lifetime subscription to Winter’s Tale – something that most people could only dream of with its outrageous price! Yes, she wanted overnight delivery. No, she didn’t care if it cost more for private airfare. Yes, she wanted the limited edition maps and figurines which cost extra for the game. Sure, they could sign her up for Azamon Prime; she didn't care.

Soon, real soon, she’d be in the game herself…

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