Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 12- An Angered King

--Eleanora POV--

“Welcome to Redfield palace, my home,”

Yes, it used to be my home too but back then it was floating in the sky.

I didn’t say that and instead, simply stared at the large building that towered above me. It’s bigger now though, compared to Atticus’s time, it looks to have grown at least 3 times the size, maybe even more.

“Here,” Vince’s voice called from beside me and I tore my gaze away from the palace to see him already standing on the ground and besides my figure which was still sat on Deus’s back.

I spun around on the saddle and got ready to jump off but almost yelped in surprise when Vince placed his warm hands on my waist and I hiccuped after feeling the warmth of his hands seep through my clothing.

He smirked at me and effortlessly pulled me up into the air before gently placing me down on the ground and it took a moment for me to regain my footing before I tilted my head back to meet his penetrating, silver gaze.

“Thank you... I could have gotten off myself though,” I added with a small blush and turned my head around to stare at Deus.

“I’m just being a gentleman,” He stated and I smiled at him lightly before stroking Deus’s long hair in thanks.

“Come on. Let’s go,” Vince held his arm out for me.

“To go catch that grandpa of yours?” I guessed, taking his hand and he chuckled, shaking his head which only confused me.

“We’re going to go give you a haircut, eat some food and possibly introduce you to my mother and sister... if they don’t sneak into your room before that,” I don’t think I was supposed to hear the last part of that sentence but I did and now I’m concerned.

“And your father?” I guessed as he moved to wrap my arm around his elbow.

“He’s probably fighting with my older brother,” Vince scoffed.

“He means that in the most normal way possible. Everyone in the royal family love each other, don’t worry,” The sudden voice startled me and I turned to my right to see Donatello walking beside me with his hands tucked behind him.

“Even Alpheus?” Vince scoffed from my left and I once again turned my head to look at him.

“He said everyone from the royal family. Alpheus is no longer, legally, a part of the royal family,” That must be a new thing because when Atticus was King, having royal blood made you a royal.

I realize that it’s going to take some time for me to get used to the customs, once more. It’s been 300 years, after all, a good few things are bound to change.

We walked through a set of doors and there in front of us stood two lines of male and female workers on opposite sides and upon seeing Vincenzo, they all dropped down to a deep bow and curtsy.

“Welcome home, my King,” The lady who I presumed to be the head maid said from the middle of both lines of workers with a man stood beside her and I guessed he was the palace steward.

“Yeah, whatever. I have a job for you Beatrice,” Vince grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him and I glared at him when I felt the curious gazes of everyone turn to me but he paid no attention to that.

“Yes, my King,” She dipped her head down.

“This is Eleanora- Yes, that Eleanora, the mage... and she’s now mine. I need you to give her a bath, dress her in some prettier clothes and cut her hair then after that bring her to my study,”

“I don’t need any of that,” I protested and Vince turned to look at me.

“You’ve not done a shower, eaten anything or even exercised for 300 years. I would say that you do need all of that... and possibly more,”

“I was unchanging in all that time. Those 300 years only felt like one night to me,” We both argued under our breaths as everyone awkwardly watched.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m the King and this is my country,” He waved me off.

“This country was mine longer than it was yours and must I remind you that I am the one that created this Kingdom?” I had to hold back a smirk when his jaw fell agape at my blunt words.

“What must I say for you to listen to me?” He grumbled out, annoyed.

“Say please,” I smiled without a beat, stepping away from him and shocked gasps from the workers resonated from around me almost immediately as if I had just asked him to marry me. What? Has time changed so much that a King never says please anymore? Or has the meaning of please changed?

“You want me to say please?” He asked sounding baffled and it only confused me even more.

“Yes... Why? Is a King not supposed to say please?” I questioned aloud.

“A King should never have to say please for he is the King. If he wants something, you should give it without a thought and I shouldn’t have to say please to anyone,” Goodness, he’s being so dramatic over a simple word.

“First of all, it shouldn’t matter if you’re a King or a peasant. Please is something anyone should say if they want something. We were all born the same and we’ll all die the same, just because you have a higher status doesn’t mean that you’re above the rest of mankind,”

I don’t think I had to even tell animals this, it was all supposed to be common sense.

“Atticus always said please-”

“Atticus this, Atticus that... enough about Atticus! I’m not Atticus, I was born a royal, I grew up a royal and I am a royal, I will be a royal until the moment I die! Atticus grew up a peasant, what does he know!?”

“It’s because he grew up a peasant that he knows,”

We both stared at each other, glaring and not daring to back down and he may have looked more intimidating than me but I was not intimidated.

“Come,” Vince grabbed hold of my arm and lead me up the stairs and I didn’t say anything.

“Donatello! Go train with the men. Meet in my study in 3 hours and Beatrice, send over a few maids- Including yourself to the west wing of the palace in the chamber beside mine and get everything ready for Eleanora,”

“Yes, my King,” I heard both Beatrice and Donatello simultaneously say as I was dragged away from them.

“Why are you angry? I was just stating facts?” I calmly said as he continued to lead us through the palace, unaware of where he was taking me but I tried not to stop and gawk at the beauty which proved to be more difficult than I thought.

“Atticus was a King... but he was also very clearly a human. He listened to his people and did something about their problems, whether it be big or small. He never put himself ahead of anyone simply because he owned a crown. If need be then he would show his dominance to people to put them in their place and it worked-”

I was cut off when Vince pulled me forward then pushed me back against the wall, slamming his hand beside my head as I tried my best not to react.

This is not how I pictured things to go after waking up from a 300-year nap.

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