Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 13- Regrets

--Eleanora POV--

“Are you saying I’m a bad King?” He glowered down at me.

“I can’t say that even if I wanted to since I have yet to see the kind of King you are,” I tilted my head up to meet his gaze.

“Why not? You’ve basically been spouting that this entire time!” He shouted, punching the wall beside my head once more and I’m sure his fist was in pain.

“I’ve only been telling you what kind of King Atticus was,” I corrected him.

“Why would I want to know what kind of King that dead man was?”

“So you can learn,”

He coughed out a sarcastic laugh as if amused by my words. All this started from a single ‘please’ and it’s only proving my point correct.

“Atticus was a great King. I’m sure you are too but I can’t say because I have not seen the way you rule. However, if you enjoy asserting your dominance over your people, this Kingdom won’t remain peaceful for long,” I said.

“You are offended by me asking you to say please but as a human, you shouldn’t be. Lessons need to be learned in order to lead a fulfilling life. Civilisation has been able to steadily tread forward over the years only because we worked together... but if you try going ahead simply because of a decoration you wear on your head then the world will fall,”

“You said I’m an amazing person but I’m not. It’s my ignorance and naivety that led me here and forced me to see the world become what it is but I’m here now and I’m offering to help you become a great King like Atticus,”

“The way I talk about him to you will become a way people talk about you in the future. Unless you want to be like any other wallflower King who is not remembered then feel free to ignore my words,”

His face was no longer angry but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. It’s as if he were actually listening to my words instead of trying not to get angry over them.

This will seem like a meaningless conversation but it’s vital for his future as the ruler of Lysandra. He has the right motivation, the right dominance and the perfect stance for someone to be able to lead humanity down the right path but his leadership can go in two ways, the right or the wrong and even the smallest decision could make the biggest impact.

For example, a single ‘please’.

He moved his fist away from beside my head and stood up straight in front of me, bringing his hands to rest by his sides.

“Then... What should I do?” I bit back a smile.

“For starters... How about a please?” He stared at me before his lips slowly tilted up into a smirk and he coughed out a laugh.

“Then... Please,” His smirk turned into a small smile and I felt my own lips tilt into a returning smile. See, that conversation wasn’t meaningless at all.

I’m a mage who’s seen much and he’s a King who can change the world.

“Of course,” And so, he lead us both to the room in which the few maids were waiting and left not soon after and I entered the large en-suite bathroom, stripping then stepping into the bathtub as Beatrice began to wash me.

“You are very beautiful,” She complimented and I turned my head back to smile at her as she was massaging my scalp with the beautifully fragrant shampoo.

“Thank you,” I said. “You don’t need to feel tense with me, by the way. As I’ve said before, we’re all human- Well, all of you are human,” I corrected myself.

“If you don’t mind me asking- How old are you?”

“How long I’ve been alive or how long I’ve lived?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Both?” She said, confused.

“I’ve been alive for 409 years but I’ve lived for 19 of those years,” She gasped.

“So what his majesty said is true! You really are the mage that helped create this Kingdom! Oh goodness! Where are my manners!?-”

“Please stop,” I cut her off. “I want to be treated like a normal human while I’m here,” I mumbled lightly and she immediately relaxed though she was still obviously tense.

“Where did you come from?” Beatrice asked.

“I was in my sword in the desert when Vince found me,” I answered.

“Last time I was out of the sword was for a good few years, I wonder how long it’ll be this time,” I spoke mostly to myself.

“Then last time was...” She drifted off.

“When I met Atticus, yes. I helped him create this Kingdom,” I answered and she gasped once more before quickly settling down and rinsing the shampoo off my head.

“Do you believe me?” I asked.

“If the King says you are Eleanora the mage then that means you are Eleanora the mage,” I didn’t say anything after that and simply stayed silent as I got out of the bath and dried myself, wearing a simple robe before sitting down on one of the chairs so that one of the maids could cut my hair shorter.

“Please don’t cut it too short, I like my long hair,” I mumbled out in thanks and the maid did just that. Cutting my hair to make it feel lighter and less heavy and it reached down to my thighs instead of the ground by the time she was done.

I liked it.

Now for the clothes.

I stood in front of the mirror, dressed in a simple white and baby blue coloured lolita dress that reached just below my knees with some brown boots that went with the belt attached on my waist.

Now, I was sat on a stool in front of a mirror, staring at my fresh-looking appearance while Beatrice brushed through my blonde hair.

“Can I ask you something?” I eventually said.

“Of course,” She immediately answered.

“Is Vince a good King?”

“Yes,” She didn’t hesitate to answer and I wondered if she was told to say that or if she meant it then I felt guilty for thinking so lowly of them.

I didn’t say anything else even though I had more questions to ask and stared down at my interlocked hands that rested on my thighs.

Beatrice caught onto this and laughed heartily.

“Of course, he has a weird personality and is sometimes seen as a psychopath, and yes- he does smirk more than the average person and doesn’t smile real smiles very often...” Beatrice cut herself off with a cough, realising that she was going off-topic and I bit my lip to hold back the smile of amusement.

“He’s a good person who rules over his people with pride. He doesn’t have many manners but his leadership skills make up for that, his father was a good King but I can safely say that Vincenzo is a greater King, everyone, including the previous King, says that,”

I stared down at my hands in shame, regretting everything that I had said to him.

How am I ever going to fix this?

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