Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 30- Soul Covered In Black

--Eleanora POV--

“I can give them energy,” I turned to look at him and didn’t let him say anything before I clapped my hands and fluttered my fingers, watching as a blue mist went to envelop all the horses and sink into them.

“There, they can run at top speed for a good few hours now without getting tired,” I turned back around to face forward and tightened my hold on the saddle so I wouldn’t fall of.

I heard Vince muttering a few words under his breath and with a huff, he whipped the reigns and we finally picked up our pace, running at full speed towards our destination.

Within the next few hours, we ran passed the border of Asteria which had a few knights standing guard. We didn’t’ stop to talk and as soon as they caught sign of the royal crest that Don shot their way, they had rushed out of the way for us to get passed.

As we ran through the city, Vince began to slow down since there were more people here and we didn’t want to crash into anyone and cause an accident.

“Put your hood up,” He leaned down to whisper in my ear and pulled the hood of my cloak up and covered my face, I didn’t say anything and let him do so. The last time I went out in public and didn’t keep my face covered, things didn’t turn out very well.

“Would you like me to pinpoint Alpheus’s location? Since I’m closer, it’ll be easier to do so now,” I asked and Vince readily agreed.

I closed my eyes and raised my arms, whispering out a few words. The enchanted ruins in the circle only made my job easier but it’s not impossible to locate someone without it, it’ll just take a bit longer but since Alpheus wasn’t very far, it should only take a few minutes.

As I was busy working on finding Alpheus, Vince had stopped Ameadues and got off the stallion, going to talk to Alistair with Don stood beside him. I was too busy concentrating on locating Alpheus to pay attention to what they were saying.

“Vince,” I called, putting my hands down and opening my eyes.

He was quick to come to stand next to me, looking up at my sitting figure on Deus.

“What is it? Did you find him?” He asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Where is he?”



As if on cue, we heard the men begin to shout and I turned my head to see Alpheus walking through the resident gates with the same old man from my visions standing beside him. He didn’t look as scared as he was supposed to.

The men that had come with us were quick to refrain both him and the man, bringing them over to where Vince and I were situated and pushed him down on his knees.

Alpheus started chuckling but he didn’t resist.

My eyes narrowed at him, sensing that something was wrong.

I made a move to get off of Deus but Vince placed a hand on my thigh, stopping me from moving. I didn’t say anything, not wanting to agitate him any more than he already was.

This didn’t look like it was going to end well.

--Vincenzo POV--

I nudged my head at Don and he knew what I wanted, running to stand beside me and stayed standing in a protective stance beside Nora while I placed Achilles on my side and slowly made my way over to Alpheus.

“Who are you?” I asked the long-bearded man that was being refrained with Alpheus. “And don’t try lying,” I glared threateningly.

“Conrad Achterberg,”

“Never heard of you,” I unsheathed Achilles and hit the end of the sword against the ground in front of him, resting my hands on the hilt and leaning forward, almost looking bored.

“I have,” I turned to look at my brother.

“If I recall correctly, he’s that scientist that’s supposed to be dead,”

“It’s not difficult to fake your death, especially for us scientists,” Conrad Achterberg had the nerve to laugh, fueling my temper.

Silas leaned in to quietly mutter in my ear. “He was arrested for human experimentation and animal cruelty, he’s killed over 50 people and he was supposed to have died when a bomb went off in the dungeons but apparently not,”

“Where is he from?” I asked, not taking my eyes off of the mad scientist.

“Ebraxas. He’s famous there for everything he’s done... but I don’t get why he’s here... and with Alpheus... Enzo, something doesn’t seem right,” I nodded in agreement.

“What are you planning?” I muttered out, taking my sword and slid it past Alpheus’s throat, leaving a faint line of blood that couldn’t have done any harm.

“I would have guessed that you already knew the answer to that but I guess my grandchild isn’t as smart as I thought-”

“Don’t call me that, it’s disgusting,” I shivered and he chuckled.

“Revenge,” He smiled.

“Hmm, how’s that going for you?” I mockingly tilted my head to the side and the fake smile fell off of his face as if reality had just washed over him.

“How were you able to find me? I killed off the men that you had sent to keep an eye on me. Their eyes were filled with terror as I watched them slowly die,” He was working hard to pull a reaction out of me but he’d be in for a disappointment.

I was always known to be emotionless, not reacting to things that deserved a reaction and only fake smiling my way through life, everyone knew it was fake but no one dared to point it out. People who tried to fry me ended up burning themselves.

And Alpheus was going to become one of those people. He was unaware of how good my mental strength was and how far my mental capacity could go.

It’ll be fun, torturing this man.

“Magic,” I smirked at him and his brows raised in confusion. “Who knew, right?” I added and he glared at me, thinking that I was mocking him. He wasn’t wrong but he wasn’t right either, since my words were simply the truth.

Once again, Nora wasn’t only my savior but my Kingdom’s too.

His head fell down as his body racked with laughs.

“Ah! You are nothing like your father. If only you had been my son instead of him, we would have gotten along so well,”

I leaned down to mutter in Silas’s ear but loud enough so that Alpheus could hear.

“Should I just kill him to put him out of his misery or should I sit back and watch him lose more of his mind?” Silas glared at me, saying that now was not the time but I couldn’t help it, it was the way I am.

“Your father was a wimp. He was such a good puppet until the moment he fell in love with Alexandria, after that, he became a puppy,”

Oh gods, here we go.

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