Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 31- Grandfather & Grandson

--Vincenzo POV--

“Your father was a wimp. He was such a good puppet until the moment he fell in love with Alexandria, after that, he became a puppy,”

I nodded in agreement, squatting down to his height.

“Right, I heard he used to be so darn cool but now he’s only ever sapping about love and how it can change your life,” I rested my hand on my knee then rested my cheek against my palm with a pout on my face.

Alpheus blinked, confused that I wasn’t trying to beat him up after he insulted my parents whom everyone knows that I loved very dearly.

“My mother’s still quite cool though. I could listen to the story of how she and everyone else humiliated you and threw you off the throne, it’s quite satisfying,” If possible, Alpheus’s frown deepened and he glared daggers at the horrid memory.

It didn’t last long though since his eyes sparked with an idea and a smirk crept onto his face.

“Did your parents tell you how I killed your uncle?” I raised a brow and he took that as a sign to continue with the story.

“Silas Seth Isadora. That was his name, he was your mother’s twin brother, the prince of Azurith but he died in the fight to get me kicked off the throne. In remembrance of him, they named their first child after him,” Alpheus nudged his head at Silas, my older brother.

I stood back up, an emotionless look plastered on my face.

“I killed him. Shot him three times and he died almost instantly. Everything went wrong for me that day but that short moment where I killed him, it was perfect,”

“Shut up,” I muttered out, not wanting to hear it but he only too that as a sign to continue talking, trying to get under my skin.

“Everyone rushed to him, crying and hiccupping, it was beautiful-” He cackled as I threw a punch and he fell back, the guard that was holding him quickly picking him up again.

His cheek would surely bruise after that punch, he spat out some blood, his nose already dripping with the red liquid. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it were black, it would have gone well with the colour of his soul.

Alpheus looked at me, still laughing and waiting to see my reaction, and like he just said, I was also enjoying this moment. Watching the smile fall from his face to be replaced with a frown, it really was beautiful, wasn’t it?

“Hm, that felt good. Should I punch you a bit more? It’s quite a good stress reliever,”

“What?” He breathed out, surprised.

“To answer your question... Yes, I know that.” I rolled my eyes. “It’s disappointing, I was waiting for a big surprise but that’s all you had to say. You’re a very boring man, Mr. Octavius,”

“Why you-”

“But you know what’s more entertaining than seeing a man die?” I fixed the gloves on my hands waiting for him to reply but when he didn’t, I continued anyway.

“Seeing you like this... You went from having everything to being left with nothing. Your reputation, your stolen throne, your money, and even your freedom to walk around freely, it’s all gone... and I’m loving it,” He glared so venomously at me, I felt Silas shiver beside me but I didn’t react at all.

“You’re like an ugly, annoying dog craving attention from its owner but instead of getting what you wanted, you just got kicked out and left on the streets. You would think that you would learn your lesson but you don’t and you only keep begging for attention,”

Once more, I leaned down to smirk at him.

“You know what happens to dogs like that?” I whispered out terrifyingly.

“They die,”

He jumped forward, reaching his hands out to strangle me but was unable to do so as my knights held him back and I laughed lightly, enjoying the sight of his struggling self.

With a long sigh, I stood back up and brushed my pants down.

“Everyone says that I have my grandfather’s personality and I can’t say they’re wrong but there is a big difference between you and me,” He stopped struggling to hear my words.

“It’s the fact that I never start fights that I know I can’t win,” He growled as I continued to chuckle at him. “And you, grandfather... have picked a fight that you’re going to lose,”

With that, I spun around and began walking away.

“Take him and that mad scientist back to the palace, make sure to lock them up in the dungeons with no food or water for a day... and then I’ll start having my fun,” I moved my head back and rotated my neck, a smirk forming on my lips at the thought.

I’ll make that man regret ever going against me.

I’m not a lenient man like my father.

If you get on my nerves, I’ll make you pay. It’s as simple as that.

I paused on my way back to Amadeus and stared at Nora who had gotten off of him but was still stood by his side, one of her hands clutching onto the saddle as she stared at me with Don standing next to her.

Hearing a laugh from behind me, I turned around to stare at Alpheus who had started laughing once more. What now?

“You, my precious grandson, have made a mistake by getting on my nerves,” What was this pathetic man on about now? He’s giving me a headache with all this babbling.

“Have you not had enough embarrassment for one day? Are you that desperate for attention-” I was cut off by the sound of a desperate shout.

An all too familiar voice.

“Get out of the way!”

“What? Nora-” I was cut off again as she ran towards me, pushing me out of the way and I stumbled back, raising a confused brow her way but it dropped quickly.

I was in a state of confusion that didn’t last for long.

The sound of a gunshot.

1... 2 and then 3 which didn’t hit us but zoomed passed.

It didn’t change anything though.

“Nora!” I screamed, grabbing hold of the woman as she fell forward, 2 holes going through her, one on the waist and the other on her shoulder.

No, no, no, no, no. Not her.


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