Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 32- Backfired Plans

--Vincenzo POV--

“Nora. Nora, no. W-Why would you be so reckless!?” I screamed desperately, patting her cheek as she breathed in and out slowly, her face scrunched up in pain.

“W-What’s... this?” She mumbled, looking over the gunshot wounds that were shot through her. Her hands coming up above her face, coated in blood, and at that, my vision trembled. Undecipherable rage swirling through me, enough to scare any sane man.

He shot her!

I snapped my head up to look at Alpheus who was being pushed down on the ground by my men, the black gun thrown out of his hand and landing a bit away from me on the ground. Despite being treated harshly, a satisfied smirk was still on his face.

I moved on instinct, not realising what I was doing until I had done it.

Picking the gun up, I pointed it at him and shot.

It landed on the shoulder, the same place he shot Nora and he fell back, groaning in pain.

“Fuck!” He spat.

It still wasn’t enough.

Pointing the gun at him once more, I was about to shoot his head but the gun was slapped out of my hand by none other than my brother.

“What are you!-”

“Now’s not the time!” He shouted back, looking down at a withering Nora and I looked down at her, the anger quickly fading and being replaced with worry. He’s right, now’s not the time.

“Call a medic!” I snapped my head back to Don who stopped in his approach to run towards us and spun around, Alistair running with him to get a medic.

I pressed down on the wound on her waist to prevent more blood from seeping out.

“Nora. Don’t close your eyes, look at me,” I patted her cheek, hugging her body close to mine. She was going cold and beads of sweat had appeared on her face.

“A-Are you... hurt?” She whispered out, blinking to keep herself from sleeping.

“Now’s not the time for that. Where the bloody hell is the medic!?” I screamed, flipping my head around in all directions but deliberately stopped upon seeing the sight of Alpheus being pushed down on the ground.

“No... There’s more,” She whispered, trying to get out of my arms.

“What the hell are you talking about? Stop moving so much, you got shot. Twice!” I tried to keep my arms on the wound but she twisted out of the way, sat down and facing Alpheus with one of her arms pointed out towards them.

“That man- there’s more...” She coughed and I felt my eyes widen when her body wracked with a cough and blood poured out of her mouth.

“Nora! That’s enough!” I lunged forward, holding onto the wounds on her shoulder and waist and tried to make her stop moving so much but she was being stubborn.

What was she going on about?

I turned to look at the two men. While Alpheus was struggling against the men that were holding him down, his accomplice- Conrad, simply sat there with a small smile on his face, a man stood beside him to make sure he wouldn’t try anything.

“There’s nothing there,” I assured Nora but she wouldn’t listen.

“No, it’s going to go off,” She panted, groaning in pain and hunched forward.

“You’re in pain. Leave it to my men,” She shook her head, eyes narrowed in Conrad’s direction with her arm still outstretched.

Damn it! Why was this woman so stubborn!? My once white gloves were stained red with her blood. I didn’t like this. Seeing her in pain like this. I didn’t like it.

“I can do it,” She coughed once again and more blood gushed out of her mouth but she didn’t care, either that or she simply didn’t notice.

“Do what?” I heard myself lightly ask. And where the bloody hell was the medic!?

“Hey! Stop it!” I heard a shout and looked up to see Conrad jumping away from the man. That bastard!

“Get him!” I shouted.

But it was too late, he pulled something out of his pocket and covered his mouth with a cloth before throwing the small metal object into the air.

You’re kidding me! Something that small would be easy to miss when we checked them for any weapons! It’s as if they were waiting to be caught!

As the metal object hit the ground, it made a hissing noise and I watched as a white mist began to leave it. Narrowing my eyes at the object, I tried to decipher what it was.

“P-Poison,” Nora whispered out, answering my question and that’s when the alarm bells began to ring in my head.

“Cover your mouths and evacuate the area!” I screamed at everyone, covering my own mouth and when I saw Nora wasn’t covering hers, I jumped forward and covered it for her.

One of her hands moved up to rest her hand on mine while the other hand waved over everyone in the area. I had a slight idea of what she was doing but I didn’t know if she was able to finish doing it or not because she gave in to the pain and fell unconscious soon after.

Damn it all.


“Save her! Don’t just stand here like a pathetic fool and do something!” I grabbed the man by his lapels and pulled him up to my height, screaming down at him, anger boiling in me which words wouldn’t be able to describe.

“I-I’m trying,” The medic squeaked out.

“Well, try harder! If she dies then I’ll fucking murder you!”

His face was going as white as a sheet and if not for the hand that came to rest above mine, I may or may not have begun strangling him.

“Let go of him so he can do his job. The more time you spend threatening him, the less time Eleanora will have to live,” Silas calmly spoke.

With a scoff, I let go of the man and watched as he ran over to Eleanora and continued to check-up on her. I glared at him then went over to the fireplace and sat down on one of the couches, hunching forward to bury my face in my hands.

If only I was able to catch on quicker to the situation then she wouldn’t have had to overwork herself like that. It’s all my fault.

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