Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 38- An Annoying Rat

--Vincenzo POV--

With an annoyed huff, I went to find my brother-in-law, the only person in my family that I could talk to for more than 5 minutes without getting annoyed. I honestly don’t know what he saw in my sister when he decided to marry her.

He couldn’t have been a gold digger though, since he didn’t know she was royalty until later on but even if he was, I still liked him. His pastries were delicious.

On our way back to Lysandra, Nora sat in front of me and our conversations kept getting interrupted by my annoying twin sister. Charlotte was sat in front of her husband on a white horse, walking beside my stallion.

If not for the fact that my older brother was having a fun conversation with the other knights that came with us, he’d probably join our sister in annoying me.

Every time I would try to move ahead of them, Charlotte would order her husband to catch up to us and so we ended up racing each other back to the palace, Charlotte screaming at me to slow down so she could talk to Nora as if she had no idea that’s exactly the reason on why I was speeding ahead.

Nora and I ended up not getting to talk as much as I would have liked so by the time we had reached the main entrance, I wasn’t in a very good mood.

My mood had gotten even fouler when Don raced down the main entrance steps as soon as he saw our approaching figure.

“I found her! I found her!” He shouted, waving his arms around the air like a drunk idiot.

“Found who?” I glared at him, getting off of Deus and holding Nora by her waist, picking her up and helping her down to the ground. While I fixed her hair which had gotten messy due to the fast-paced ride, Don tried to catch his breath.

“The... The... rat,” He panted and I raised a confused brow.

“Have you been drinking on duty?” I scrutinised him and he glared at me.

“With all due respect, your majesty... I’m not you,” I should get used to this by now but it only gets more annoying every time.

“What rat?” I asked.

“The one that helped Alpheus escape the dungeons, the one that’s been in contact with rogues for the past couple of years and the one that gave Alpheus’s location away to the rogues so they knew exactly where to plant the bomb... That rat,”

“Right... Who is it?” I was already clenching and unclenching my fists, prepared to throw some much-needed punches at said perpetrator who’s been sniffing around my palace.

“As you had guessed... Eva,”

“Take me to her,” I was already walking up the steps, Achilles on my waist and Nora by my side but realising that she was planning on coming with me, I stopped and peered down at her.

“Yes...” She raised a brow, waiting for me to say something.

Raising one of my gloved hands, I stroked the side of her head, a smile gracing my lips before I moved down and lightly pecked her lips, something I would never get bored of.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I whispered.

“With you... to catch the rat called Eva. I heard it’s really difficult to catch rats so I’ll make it easier for you with my magic. They like cheese, don’t... they...?” She drifted off, realising that something was wrong.

I don’t think she was paying much attention when Donatello was describing everything that this rat had done to help Alpheus. Oh, she was too cute sometimes.

“What?” She asked curiously, turning her head around to stare at everyone who was having trouble holding back their laughs, myself included.

“You’re just adorable,” I chuckled, kissing her forehead and she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Thank you,” She mumbled out despite the confusion.

“I’ll go deal with the rat, you don’t need to waste your energy on such meaningless things. How about... You take Amadeus for a ride?...” Her eyes lit up at the idea and she gave me a nod.

“Alright... meet me in the dining room in an hour. Let’s have dinner together,” Smiling at me, she nodded once more and I couldn’t help but kiss her on the lips once more.

I didn’t move until I saw her safely get onto Deus and waved back at her with a small smile on my face when she happily waved at me.

If Don hadn’t nudged me then I would probably have been staring at her for as long as I could.


“Why did you do it?” I asked, crossing my legs on the wooden chair that I was sat on in the dungeons while the maid kneeled in front of me, chained to the ground.

“I had to,” She sobbed.

“Liar,” I glared, crossing my arms impatiently and tapping my foot. “You’re quite a good actress. You should’ve become an actress instead of a maid,” I added incredulously and she finally realised that she couldn’t get through to me with being fake.

And so, I watched as the fake tears stopped running, her lips stopped quivering and instead, became replaced with her true identity. An emotionless face.

“You’ve been working at this palace since before I was even born. I heard you were quite close to my mother. What must have been going through your head for you to work up the courage to betray me?” I smirked, mentally applauding her bravery.

It was foolish bravery but bravery nonetheless. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

“Loyalty,” She said.

“Loyalty? For my grandfather?” She nodded her head.

“Alpheus saved me. Brought me in from the streets and gave me a chance to live a happy life, how could I not pay that kindness back?”

“Alpheus didn’t save you,” Now my face was expressionless to match hers.

I snapped my fingers and Don placed her files in my hand and I began to look through the pages for some clues which weren’t that hard to find.

“He only saved your life so he could use you to ruin the lives of others,”

“I don’t understand,” She whispered out and I sighed.

Here come some major explanations from me.

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