Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 43- The Urge to Kiss

--Vincenzo POV--

Maria, even before she reached my Kingdom, she’s already getting on my last nerve.

The reason why Don had the nerve to interrupt my heartfelt confession was to complain about how the woman he loved and I was supposed to marry was making a surprise visit to Lysandra.

How truly annoying.

I wanted to strangle the life out of both of them.

Can’t they just date, get married, have kids and leave me out of all their problems because I wanted nothing to do with it! Ugh!

I stared out the window through the conference room to the garden when Nora was currently playing with her lion cub and a few other animals while I was stuck here with these annoying council members.

I hated this.

I wanted to be there with her but instead, I’m here with these slimy old men.

I jumped when Nora turned her head and our eyes met, my heart thumped when her lips curved up into a bewitching smile and she raised her hand to wave at me, her honey-kissed skin gleaming under the bright sun rays.

I didn’t miss a beat to wave back at her with a small smile of my own and watched, unable to tear my gaze away as she went back to playing with the animals.

“Brother, are you listening?” Silas called from behind me, snapping me back into reality.

“No,” I answered.

I heard him groan behind me and decided to put the poor man out of his misery.

Turning around to face everyone in the room, I went back to the head of the table and sat down on my seat. Silas on my right-hand side with his hands filled with papers and Elias- the head of the council, on my left-hand side.

“So... What exactly is this meeting about?” I leaned forward on the long table, interlocking my hands and resting my chin on them, slowly tilting my gaze up to look ahead of me.

“The men have failed in locating Alpheus. We’re afraid that he’s planning something that may put the royal family’s lives at risk. As of yet, we are unsure of how to move forward-” Elias started but I cut him off.

“Leave it,” I grumbled.

“P-Pardon?” The man stuttered out.

“I said leave it. I don’t like repeating myself,” Pushing back against the table, I unlaced my interlocked fingers and stood up.

“Why?” Silas asked, pausing me on my way to the door.

“I don’t want to waste my time on that man, I have better things to do. Let him do as he pleases but keep the men searching for him and if anything seems wrong, report me on it immediately-”

“Everything seems wrong, brother. He’s disappeared. We’ve issued him on the wanted list in nearly all the Kingdoms and everyone’s searching for him and the scientist but he’s still missing! How is that possible-”

“It’s possible if it’s Alpheus,” I cut him off calmly.

“What do you mean?” I turned my head to meet the awaiting gaze of my brother and with an expressionless face and an emotionless voice, I answered his question.

“We all hate to admit it, me the most... but the truth is that my personality and Alpheus’s are similar... In that sense, we can almost read each other’s minds,”

“I don’t get it,”

“He’s planning something and when he’s finished with his planning, he’ll come to me. Right here, in Redfield palace but I’ll be expecting him and his surprises and I’ll be ready to embrace it then throw it right back at him,”

Silas gulped when the expressionless mask melted off my face and a smirk was left in its stead, it almost felt as if the very temperature in the room was beginning to drop.

“Dragging that man back to the dungeons isn’t enough. I’ll kill him in a torturous, horrendous way and then I’ll leave his pathetic self for all to see,” Not wanting to entertain any of them any longer, I flicked my head back and walked out the doors.

“Nora. What are you doing?” I asked as soon as I reached the garden where the mage was supposed to be playing with the animals.

The animals were still here but she wasn’t playing with them. She was sat on the grass, looking up at the sky with her eyes closed.

“I’m setting up barriers,” She mumbled out, eyes still closed as I went to sit beside her on the grass, not enjoying the feel of the grass under me but not complaining about it either.

“Barriers to what?” I asked.

“Unidentified objects. I was taken by surprise with the bullet last time but not again. If I can prepare myself for any more surprises then maybe the next coma I’m induced in won’t last as long as the previous one did,”

“You’re not going into a coma again,” I glared.

“Okay... But it’s still best to be safe than sorry,”

“I’ll protect you,”

“It’s my job to protect you,” She chuckled.

“You’re a stubborn woman,” I grumbled.

“You’re a stubborn man,” She retorted and I didn’t reply since it was true. It’s one of my many admirable qualities as King along with a bunch of other stuff.

“Say... Nora...” I started after a while of silence had passed between us.

“Yes...” She replied a second later.

“Who’s your favourite person in the world?”


I was surprised by the answer, or rather the fact that she didn’t stutter. “I didn’t think that before I met you though,” She added on.

“Why not?”

“Before I met you, I hated myself but after you reminded me of everything I’ve been through, I realised that I’m actually quite strong, not just mentally but physically too. Of course, it hurts... but I’m proud of myself for being able to overcome all those obstacles,”

“I’m proud of you too,” I chuckled. She opened one of her eyes and looked at me before closing it again, a simple smile on her lips.

“Self-love is important. If you can’t love yourself then how will you be able to love anyone else?” I nodded along in agreement.

“After myself though, you’re my favourite person in the world,”

And just like that, she had me wrapped around her finger more than I already was. This woman really was an amazing woman whom I couldn’t help but respect more than words will ever be able to decipher.

She’s like sunlight mixed with stardust; beautiful and always there when I need her and it’s gotten to the point where my very life is unimaginable without her being here. Or rather, she’s the sunlight and I only wish that I were her stardust.

“When are you going to be done with the barriers?” I eventually asked.

“In a few minutes, why?”

“Because I want to kiss you,”

I heard her laugh under her breath, eyes still closed and I admired her while she didn’t notice, simply and patiently waiting for her to finish.

“I apologise but you’ll have to wait a bit more than a few minutes,” I jumped at the sudden voice and turned around to see my brother standing there with a frown on his face.

What now?

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