Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 46- A Kidnapped Mage

--Eleanora POV--

How long is it supposed to take to find Tobias?

I wonder what Vince is up to right now? Apparently, he would have come with me but he was being held back by a bunch of work that he had already gone passed the deadline for. Victor, the palace steward, wasn’t very happy about it the last time I saw.

Being so deep in my thoughts, I almost didn’t notice the large, cloaked figure of a man that came to sit beside me on the bench.

“Hello,” I greeted with a small smile that probably wasn’t very noticeable.

“Yes... Hello,” He replied before moving to look ahead of him and I awkwardly did the same but I began playing with Yoshi instead.

“Miss... Eleanora,” I froze at the threatening whisper of the voice and quickly stood up from the bench, glaring down at the figure sat beside me. How had I not noticed this before? This voice?

“Conrad Achterberg?... You’re that mad scientist. Alpheus’s accomplice-” I was cut off when he suddenly jumped up and I took a surprising step back but it wasn’t quick enough.

I distinctively saw the figure of Yoshi begin to fly away and as I reached my hand out towards the eagle, I felt the sharp pain of a needle being pushed into my shoulder and hissed, narrowing my eyes which quickly began to darken.

“What did you... do?...” I whispered out with buckling knees but Conrad’s arms reached out and caught me before I could come in contact with the ground.

“Don’t worry... You’ll live, I simply knocked you unconscious for a few hours,” Was the last thing I heard before I fainted.

Damn it.

Vince isn’t going to be very happy about this.


“When will she wake up?”


“How soon is soon?”

“Stop pestering me. You’ll see for yourself,”

“We need her to wake up before my grandson finds us!”

“She’ll be up in a bit,”

“If she doesn’t regain consciousness before Vincenzo shows up then I will have your head, Conrad! All this would have been for nothing,”

Well then, in that case, I guess I’ll continue acting as if I was unconscious.

“She’s waking up,”

Damn it, that failed a bit earlier than I would have wanted.

“Wake up, girl,” A baritone voice hissed from above my constrained self. It felt as if I were sat on a chair with my arms and legs bound.

“If you’re going to call me like that, at least say woman... but my name is Eleanora if you didn’t know,” I groaned out even before I opened my eyes. I rotated my neck to get rid of a few of the sore muscles and sighed in relief when I succeeded.

Then, I finally opened my eyes and tilted my head back to meet those of Alpheus’s.

“You don’t look the least bit scared,” The old man chuckled before going to lean against the wall and chuckled at me with crossed arms.

“Maybe because it’s the opposite, I’ve never been kidnapped before. You don’t understand how exciting this is,” I chuckled, wanting to get under his skin but it didn’t work and he only chuckled along with me.

“I can see why my grandson is infatuated with you,” He sighed. “But I still can’t see what my son saw in that woman,” He glared at the floor in front of him.

“Are you talking about the previous Queen. Alexandria?” Alpheus nodded his head. “She’s annoying,” He mumbled and I ignored him, pretending as if I didn’t hear.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“I’m not going to tell you that, who knows what you’ll be able to do with the information,”

“So you know I’m a mage? What makes you think that you’ll be able to get away with kidnapping me then?”

“I’m not scared of my grandchild,”

“I’m not talking about your grandchild. I’m talking about myself,” Alpheus blinked, surprised.

“You’re a brave woman, aren’t you?” Conrad mumbled from the other side of the room and I shrugged in response.

In all honesty, I was simply trying to distract them with my words while I worked to undo the ropes binding my hands behind my back. Whoever tied them, tied them well... but not well enough since I’m a mage.

“So... what do you plan on doing with me?” I asked, rubbing my thumb against the rope and felt it slowly cutting. Just a little longer.

“You’re a hostage,” Conrad said.

“I don’t think that job is cut out for me,” I shook my head.

“You don’t have a choice,” Alpheus pushed himself off the wall and came to kneel in front of me and my thumb paused for a moment in cutting through the thick rope.

“Don’t get on my nerves, I have little to no patience,”

“Not my problem,”

It was faster than I would have thought and it came unexpectedly, without warning. The sharp metal of a blade being dug through my skin.

“Aagh!” My pained scream was muffled when Alpeheus placed a rag on my mouth and prevented anyone from hearing my said scream.

I groaned, trying to push away from him but failed as he twisted the knife in my shoulder before finally pulling it back out.

“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you,” He said, wiping my blood off the knife with the rag that he used to cover up my scream.

“That’s taking things a little too far though, don’t you think?” I breathed heavily but didn’t waste another moment to continue cutting through the rope slowly and unnoticeably.

“I needed to make sure that it wasn’t a lie,” He said.

“A lie?”

“That you’re a mage. From what I’ve read, Eleanora is able to heal quickly... and it seems that it’s true,” I peered through my lashes at his smirking face that stared at the wound on my body which had begun to heal.

“Great,” I mumbled under my breath.

“With the proper experimentation done on you, I will be able to come up with the perfect antidote,” Conrad chuckled.

“What antidote?”

“An antidote for the biggest disease that has ever existed?”

“And that is?” I pushed.


He must have been expecting some sort of shocked or surprised reaction from me but was stunned into silence when he got the complete opposite of that.

“What a weirdo...” I couldn’t help but laugh under my breath.

“Excuse me?” Conrad glared.

“I’m sorry... I just find it funny how you think death is a disease. Mister Achterberg, may I remind you that life is not eternal. Even if I am not set free, I will die one day,”

“How? It’s not possible,” He asked.

“Even the earth itself isn’t eternal so what makes you think that I, a mere mage sentenced to life imprisonment in a sword, can live forever? How long is forever to you anyways? 1000 years? 5000? What lunatic would even want to live forever-”

I was once again, stunned into silence when his hand jumped forward and slapped my cheek.

“Did I deserve that too?” I mumbled, feeling the metallic taste of blood in my mouth.

“Yes,” Alpheus nodded.

“Lovely,” I rolled my eyes, realising that I wasn’t going to get out of this unscathed.

“Where have you both been hiding for the last couple of weeks? Most of the world is searching for you, from all the big Kingdoms to the small ones, how were you able to get away?” I asked the question that everyone’s been asking.

“There’s a place. A place that we’re not wanted,” Alpheus said and I raised a curious brow. “Somewhere that no one can find us even if we’re out in broad daylight-”

“Marlowe Island?” I guessed cutting him off and his silence was answer enough.

“You’re a smart young woman, aren’t you?” He chuckled.

“I’d call it common sense,” I dryly replied.

“So... How long are we going to hang out here before you let me go?” I moved back against the chair, acting like I was getting comfortable when in all reality, I was simply adjusting the ropes which I had managed to cut through and making it look like my hands were still bound.

“You should watch how you talk to me?” Alpheus stood back up and walked over to the window, looking outside and while he did that, I focused on cutting through the ropes on my legs but this one would be much harder to hide than the hands.

“Why?” I asked, faking curiosity.

“Because if you keep getting on my nerves then my thumb may just accidentally slip,”

“Slip whe-” I cut myself off when I saw him pull out an object with a red button on it. “Oh,” I finished for myself. I did my research for this. I’ve never seen one before but I knew what it was and what it could do and it wasn’t anything good.

“On the bombs that I hid around the city,” Conrad spoke from beside me.

Well, curse this annoying plot twist.

What am I supposed to do now?

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