Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 47- Bomb Threats

--Vincenzo POV--

“Where the hell is she!?” I shook the knight by the scruff of his neck and if not for my brother who pulled me away from him, his head might just have fallen off.

“You can’t expect to shake the answers out of him,” He said and I shot my head to glare at him. Eleanora’s been kidnapped and he had the nerve to-

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault for leaving her alone,” I turned to look at Don and felt my anger rise tenfold but breathed in through my flared nostrils a good few times to prevent my head from exploding due to the anger I was feeling right now.

“Yes, it is. I told you to stay by her side at all times but you left her! How hard is it to follow my orders!?... And now she’s missing and is yet to be found. What the hell did you do!?” I punched him on the cheek and he went stumbling back, falling on the ground.

“Brother! Now is not the time!” Silas gripped onto my arm but I shrugged him off.

“I want all my men out! Find her! Before the sun sets or I will have all your heads!” I screamed, going mad with undeniable fury.

“Enzo. What is happening? Why are you screaming so... much...?” Mother’s voice drifted off as she approached us and saw my current state, as well as Donatello who was sat on the ground with a bruised cheek.

“Not now mother, I’m busy,” I spun around and walked off, leaving Silas to explain everything to her.

Once in my chambers, where a few maids were cleaning up the room, I let my anger get the best of me and with an animalistic cry, shot my arm forwards and crushed through the glass of the mirror as it splintered through the air, either digging into my fist or falling to the ground.

“My King!” The maids squealed.

“Get out please,” I huffed, going to sit on the edge of my bed and stared down at my bleeding hand and breathed in more deep, ragged breaths, trying to control myself.

Now is not the time to lose your sanity, Vincenzo.

I have to find Nora.

Rinsing my hand and getting changed out of my suit and into some more comfortable clothes. I wore some leather pants and a loose white shirt, pulling a black cloak on along with some boots before I left the room.

The knights and other palace servants were scurrying around in fear of my foul mood.

“Any updates?” I asked my brother as he came to stand beside me.

“Not yet. We’ve got a few witnesses but they’re all the same. They got lost in the crowd,”

“Damn it all,” I spat under my breath.

“Do you know what bloody bastard had the nerve to kidnap her?” I asked.

“As of yet, no,” Silas disappointedly said.

“I do,” I turned to look at Don, his cheek now turning a light purple colour and I felt regret wash through me but quickly ignored it and nodded for him to continue.

“No normal human being would have been able to easily kidnap a mage unless they had something strong enough to knock her out,”

“Conrad,” Don nodded and I cussed once more.

“Find her now!” I stomped my foot, pulling my hood up as I pushed the doors open and stepped outside. “Ready my horse!” I shouted to one of the knights and he ran to do as told.

“You can’t just aimlessly wander around the whole city. That’s useless,” Silas shouted behind me, rejecting that idea and I would have agreed with him but I’m not in the right state of mind right now.

I simply wanted her safe and with me.

“I can’t very well do nothing!” I screamed back and he shut up.

“I’ll come too,” Don hurriedly rushed beside me and when I didn’t say anything, he waved one of the other knights over and asked them to bring his horse.

“What if you get caught!? You don’t have Eleanora to transport you back!” Silas desperately said and I scoffed. “Don’t worry about that,” I assured half-heartedly.

“Ugh, fine. If you’re going to be so stubborn then I’ll come too,”

“Me too,” I raised a brow at Tobias’s sudden entry.

“No. I need Silas to stay here and keep things under control and Tobias...” I tried to think of something as he waited impatiently.

“Go entertain my parents,” I waved off and not waiting for any of their replies, I whipped the reins on Deus and ran off with Don not far behind me.

Now, nearly half an hour later, we wandered through the busy streets in search of Nora and I was beginning to regret my choice.

“Does it hurt? Your cheek?” I asked my best friend.

“Yes,” He didn’t hesitate to reply.

“I’m... Sorry,” I whispered out and he was taken by surprise at my apology.

“It’s okay, I deserved it,” I smiled at him and we continued on our way but after hearing a familiar squawk I pulled over onto the side of the pavement where there weren’t many people and outstretched my arm.

Yoshi landed his talons around my arm and squawked in my face.

“Where did you come from?” I raised a suspicious brow.

“His wing, there’s something on it,” Don pointed out and I turned my gaze to his wing and almost fell off my horse in surprise.

There, on Yoshi’s wing, written with the ash of fire was something only one person I knew would have been able to do.

‘Follow him’

“Nora,” I whispered.

I touched the words and watched as it began to fade.

“What did it say?” Don asked curiously just as the eagle squawked once more, flapped its wings and began flying away and I quickly pointed after it, urging Deus to follow.

“Follow him,” I instructed Don.

We followed the eagle for a good few minutes until he landed on the roof of an old inn where only drunkards and poor travellers stayed in.

I stopped Deus behind another building and tied him up to a post before securely strapping Achilles to my waist along with my golden revolver.

“Let’s go,” I nudged my head and Don nodded, following close behind me quietly and avoided all the windows. Before we entered the building, I wrote a quick note and tied it to Yoshi’s ankle before sending him on his way back to the palace.

“Don’t bump into a lampost this time,” I prayed after him.

“And you don’t get injured,” I looked over my shoulder at Don and he rolled his eyes.

“I should be saying that to you,” He mumbled but I pretended not to hear. “And don’t you think I should be the one leading us, what if you get injured-”

“Now is not the time for that, Don,” I momentarily glared at him and he bit his tongue to bite back any more retorts which I was grateful for because this rescue mission was about to turn into a bar fight between me and my best friend.

I just hope Nora’s alright.

If there’s even a single scratch on her then I will lose my mind.

--Eleanora POV--

“What?” I spat out with a glare at his words.

“You heard me. In case of an emergency and in case things don’t go according to plan, I’ve planted a total of ten bombs situated around the city. If even one of them goes off, it’ll lead to a domino effect and by the end of all ten explosions, not even half of the people of this beloved city will remain alive,”

“That’s... Really messed up,” I sighed.

“It had to be done. If it weren’t for those annoying brats, then I would still be sat on that throne! Valentino didn’t even want to be King, he should have just let me be!”

“That just goes to prove how much of a terrible King you were,” I said.

“What!?” Alpheus spat.

“The fact that Valentino didn’t want to be King but still became King to get rid of you. He may not have wanted to be King but he didn’t want to see the people suffer in your hands either so he chose to carry the burden of the crown,”

“You have quite a big mouth for such a tiny body,”

“My body is actually above average, believe it or not,” I shrugged.

“Also, he was only King for quite a short amount of time. As soon as his son, Vincenzo, became of age, he handed the crown down to him. I thought this was quite obvio- Oh-” I reached my hand out and grabbed Alpheus’s wrist when he went to slap me again.

“Has no one ever told you it’s rude to hit a lady?” I threw his hand away from my face and delighted myself in the shocked look that was plastered on his face.

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