Twice Upon A Sword

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Chapter 48- Turned Tables

--Eleanora POV--

“H-How...?” He was at a loss for words.

“You should also have done proper research if you were honestly planning on kidnapping a mage because right now, my energy is fully stocked,” I stood up and rubbed my wrists which had the light remnants of the rope.

“You bitch!”

“Oops, be careful,” I quickly ducked from the punch that Alpheus threw my way.

“I may look week and fragile but I’m the opposite of that. After all, I was trained by none other than Arturo, one of the greatest mages in all of history,” I ducked once more, crossing my arms behind my back with a smirk on my face.

“Conrad! The button!” Alpheus shouted, leaping towards me.

“Nope, I don’t think so,” I outstretched my hand toward the button and pointed at it with my index and middle finger then clenched my fist quickly and watched as Conrad pressed the red button not a second later.

When nothing happened, he pressed it again and when nothing happened, he continuously pressed it with a frustrated look.

“I deactivated it. It wasn’t very hard if you know how to do it. Good thing I put myself through the torture of learning everything there is to know about bombs. My hard work paid off,” I grinned, satisfied with myself.

It didn’t last long when Alpheus threw another punch my way. I grabbed his wrist and ducked when Conrad threw a punch then pushed Alpheus onto Conrad and jumped back as the two men collided and fell to the ground.

“I’m having too much fun,” I scolded myself, going to the window and opening it, looking down to see that we were currently on the top floor.

Vincenzo’s taking longer to get here than I thought.

“Ouch!” I hissed, turning to see Conrad standing beside me, his hand on an injection that he just put in me, the same one that knocked me unconscious a few hours ago.

“Go to sleep for a bit, little girl,” He chuckled.

I stared at him, deadpanned for a good few seconds and the smirk slowly began to melt off his face when he noticed that I wasn’t losing consciousness as he had expected me to.

“Are you dumb?” I asked and he took a surprised step back.

“The same thing doesn’t work on me twice. You’ve knocked me unconscious with the same drug once already, it won’t happen again since my body’s become immune to it before I even regained consciousness,”

“You-You witch!” He screamed, raising a hand to slap me but I sighed with rolled eyes and easily dodged it, crossing my arms and jumping up to sit on the window sill.

“I’m a mage. Not a witch, please stop mixing up the two because it’s really offensive. How would you like it if I called you a pig instead of a human or a cactus instead of a man?”

“You pesky, annoying, barbarous minx! I have not worked this hard on my revenge for an annoying brat like you to get in my way!” Alpheus screamed, lunging forward but I raised a hand and he froze, unable to move.

“If you lived a better life then none of this would have happened to you. You made your first mistake that you wouldn’t be able to turn away from when you decided to marry a woman you didn’t love,” I jumped off the sill and walked towards his frozen figure.

“Don’t blame anyone but yourself for your mistakes. Hate me all you want, I couldn’t care less... but you’ve wronged too many people and hurt them and took away the people they love for your selfish desires and I’m not going to forgive you for that, ever!”

I raised my hand and slapped him with such force that the freezing spell broke and he flew down to the ground, groaning in pain.

“I’ve had enough of you,” I glared.

Raising my hands from beside me slowly, I waved them forward quickly and pulled Alpheus and Conrad against one another as their backs collided and they fell to the ground together.

“Now, I have some questions that I need you to answer... First, where are the men that helped you escape the dungeons?”

Alpheus spat on the ground in front of my feet in answer and I felt my brows twitch.

“Ugh, fine. I’ll find out by myself,” I kneeled in front of him and placed a hand on his chest, right above his heart and the other on his forehead then thumped down with my palm on his chest then closed my eyes.

“Found them,” I mumbled.

I clapped my hands once and a summoning circle appeared on the ground in front of us.

“What is that!?” Alpheus shouted, struggling and trying to move away. “Don’t worry, it’s not for you,” I rolled my eyes then clapped my hands once more and flames emerged out of the circle. I stared at the animal that remained standing in the circle and smiled at it lightly.

“You really are a witch!?” Conrad screamed and I groaned, massaging my temples in pure annoyance at this point.

“Will you cactuses shut up or my finger might just slip and you’ll end up being set on fire,” I shot my head back to glare at them and Conrad flinched back but thankfully, didn’t say another word. Thank god for that because my finger really was about to slip.

I paused when the door to the room was slammed open and there stood my knights in shining armour with angry, terrifying death glares on their faces.

“Conrad you disgusting!... bastard... Nora?”

I smiled and awkwardly waved at Vince who stood at the doorway with a golden revolver in his hand and an equally surprised looking Donatello standing behind him. He thrust the gun into his friend’s hand and rushed towards me, outstretching his arms and enveloping me in them as he hugged me tightly and I didn’t hesitate to hug back.

“What happened here?” He asked, looking back at Alpheus and Conrad’s frozen selves that were struggling around on the ground.

“I got kidnapped,” I grinned.

“It doesn’t look like that,” Don spoke from the doorway.

“I taught them a little lesson,” I shrugged. “Things didn’t really go their way. As you can see,” I spared a glimpse to the two men on the ground. Oh, how the tables have turned. This was all far too satisfying.

“Well, I’m proud of you. As long as you weren’t... hurt... What’s this?” Vince placed his hand on my cheek which had gotten slapped twice and is surely going to leave a bruise soon.

“I got slapped but it’s okay since I got my... Um- Revenge,” I drifted off when I saw Vince temporarily let go of me and walked over to his grandfather, raising his leg he slammed it down and kicked Alpheus once, twice then thrice.

He moved over to Conrad and did the same and when the man tried to fight back, he earned himself an extra punch to the face.

What is one supposed to do in a situation like this?

It was a nice sight to see but surely it wasn’t something that I’m supposed to let continue on unless I wanted the men to eventually die.


“You should stop now, Vince. I’m okay. If it makes you feel better, I inflicted more damage on them than they did me,”

“It does,” He finally stopped and fixed the black gloves on his hands.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He was standing back beside me and observing my body, looking over for any more injuries and I nodded. “I’m fine, honestly,”

Pulling away from him, I faced the lion that was patiently waiting for my order.

“Where did that lion come from?” Don asked as he tied Conrad and Alpheus up.

“I summoned him to help,”

“With what?” Vince raised a curious brow as I turned to look at the animal.

“Lead us to the men that set off the bomb in the first place,”

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